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  1. So say we all! I blame you; unknowingly, you got me started in all this. Particularly this. Down the garden path of possible.
  2. right? Felt same and I’m working on it. Who Knew. Ta for help, man. Not a wood boat but about my level.
  3. Yep. New here and already off to a great start...managed flikr, my notes, forum whatnot and....post in the wrong - like, really wrong - area. ”Herr Bartlett, your French is good. So is your German. Your hands UP.” As Charles Bronson would say, I need a vawsh... thanks for looking, Big X -
  4. I’d do Guynemer’s early 13 as the wingtips are already rounded in the kit and incorrect for later. Finding decals is likely impossible. Also might do it anyway and skip all the mayhem. ..
  5. Right? Take a look instead at Voss’ Fok F.1. It’s easier. That SPAD is on my list, too but, it makes these other two seem easy. Office and struts are pretty intimidating. Rigging, too. Steve Perry did a real nice build article for Internet Modeler, now years ago. See if I can find it. here it is instead on Large Scale Planes: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=141 well done that man. In some ways, Fok F.1 may be easiest of the lot. A few things and some tube in the office and on your way. Streak is a thing but, other than that -
  6. There’s a lot of fake all over the place. A lot of eyeball - and, it shows. It’s not that good. But, it really is fun to visualize, plan and work it. Am looking fwd to OOB after this one but another part of me thinks that’s mostly a paint and rig job and, rigging is my least favorite. It will be nice to work on a kit that falls together with perfection but, at the same time, this is thoroughly a pleasure. That's Eduard's '48 top image. Referenced that kit as rough guideline plus a lot of squint online. Copper State PE, some scratch and those are real copper fuel lines....and a carved joystick, second try. The Blob is behind it in photo. Used the kit engine. Added brass pushrods. Seat is totally fake as is floor - Rattan came from an onion bag. Innit great Wing cut out and fillets. Which I find won't be needing as not used on 6313. How the main fuel tank and filler caps were facilitated. - big ol' alu tube. Holds the nose together. correcting the engine pan, dry fit other bits opening up four vents in cowling and Milliput pie crust: trim around with a sharp, curved blade (ignore the color; weird artifact) to this: btw, Ive been doing tapes and painting little dots for both screws and stitches. Yes, it's certifiable. Hope it works. Top wing surface is understated, using decals instead of paint thickness. want to share these, just for fun - If you go back up to the top and take a closer look at mid-version 6313, black nose, you'll notice a field mod at intake pipes. Apparently, it was a Thing and, particularly in places like Italy. This is what they'll be made of, c/o my better half's jewelry. Everyone donates to the cause around here. The tiny clasps at necklace ends. For real - f'... me, it worked. No idea how to attach but something will work. That's all for now. Once I paint white dots all over the top tapes, it's to the paint shoppe. Thanks for looking.
  7. The aircraft The one I’m going for, Wm Barker’s 6313, is both a nod to Sopwith Company, him and that particular aircraft. Final version had been re-skinned, cowled, repaired and field modified. This will be that version. Far as I know, this one has bragging rights to length of service and victory count. I admire Sopwith Company in general and, this aircraft especially. Far as I know, that’s not available in a kit. There are things over my skill but, really nothing here is. Discussion of plastic and parts Plastic is almost perfect for working. Thought it might be brittle but, it takes a drill or patient knife just right. Sands easy as hell. Really an ideal base for about anything up from that. Started with the wings, to see if it would be either gummy or a rock, continued with the middle cut out and, from there, it’s really been easier than I prolly deserve. Rest is fiddle. Everything is there except: All three filler caps need correction. Center one is really just to the right of top stringer rather than dead center. Both casing chutes and intake pipe openings need relocating. Cockpit needs gutting and starting over. Engine pan is correct for a Strutter, Pup or Tripehound but incorrect for Camel. Wing surface detail is overstated, wants sanding. Undercart wants flexed axle. Odd box shape of all four struts wants separation and gap filling in wings. Other mods include addition to surface detail, cowling cut outs, aftermarket Vics and a PE sheet from Copper State. Instrument panel is recreated from flat stock and PE. Joystick is brass rod and carved blank. Rudder bar is also a carve job. Intake is alu tube, carb intake is tape to rod stock and paint. Seat cushion is milliput, as is engine pan.
  8. Some of us may recall Revell’s 1964 trio of Sopwith Camel, Fok F.1 and SPAD 13. Did those three as a ten year old. Found them again on eBay forty years later and am finally into this one again, fifty plus years later. All three are not “1/28 scale”. But, made the assumption this was, compared it thoroughly using a pair of dividers and an online converter to 1/32 and WnW’s kit to find this surprisingly accurate. That, from an original 1957 mold and pop. The Pilot Best few years of that man’s life. Look on his face tells a lot.
  9. Hello, folks. Figuring out flikr, upload, download, overload and Help and FAQ...article soon to folly. (and, no visits to chat, ifyouknowhatimeanandithinkyoudo.) or, as Gene Wilder said in Blazing Saddles: "Help? oh - all I can get."
  10. Ken Shabby

    Hello all

    Been admiring everyone’s work here for a number of years. Finally decided to re-join the fun. Am back into WW1 aircraft after about a decade layoff. Those are all ‘48, from Eduard, Chris Gannon, a few Dragon kits from eBay, Roden and, Aeroclub. Use brush not airbrush, acrylics and am terrible at rigging. But, excited to try EZ line. Currently clubbing a 1957/64 Revell pop Sopwith Camel into submission and its almost time to share progress pics. Think it’s likely that and WnW got me back into this. After Camel, have a small selection of those to enjoy after refining that kit. Figured you lot would enjoy looking. You can find my builds over on WW1 modeling list. Their webpage. Two articles in Internet Modeler; Gabriel’s Fokker D.7 and a Nieuport 28 in 95 Sq. Livery. Been fascinated and fond of this era since I was a child. I have a rude sense of humor and will try to behave myself....happy to be here. Another forum member here states that it is a nice gathering of nutters and that I’ll be right at home. sounds like my kind of mob -
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