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  1. I work for Michelin North America and am a railyard operator.
  2. Just a quick observation from across the pond here. My local Hobby Lobby (a chain crafts/sewing/home decor store) has more Airfix kits on the shelves than I have ever seen in one place in the flesh. Apparently the Airfix folks are indeed pushing into the US market. Hobby Lobby offers a 40% discount which means my P51 and P40 were both bought for well under $20. That puts Airfix kits in the hands of the masses. Both of the kits are well molded, and have first class packaging and instructions. Just from watching the stock these kits are in fact moving. Cheers to Airfix for building
  3. How about some 1/48 IJN IJAAF bombers to compliment the Ki-48? I’d love to see a G3M “Nell” or a Ki-67 “Peggy”. A Yokosuka E14Y Glen might be nice too...
  4. I’m thinking you should hang around in the armor section they (we) use a ton of filter techniques that would really work well. Basically hit it with very thinned paint to give everything a washed out look.
  5. You know building it up and weathering it just like the one on display would be interesting
  6. Tank nut eh? Me too but I have one tank 43 planes 1 truck in progress right now. Welcome aboard!
  7. Heaps of styrene shavings... every type of clamp known to man... brassy bits... and she’s one of the prettiest girls to take to the sky.... I’d say we have a stunner in the works!
  8. Very compelling diorama. It’s sobering to think how many men of the cloth paid the ultimate price on both sides.
  9. I definitely admire his commitment to it. As parts have rotted away he’s fabricated his own. Keep in mind this thing is road legal!
  10. Thank you Greg! I’m going with a dark grey for the panel washes. Weathering is going to be minimal on it too.
  11. Another masked Japanese fighter! I’m liking this!!!
  12. I couldn’t resist! I split the difference fleshed out the green and took the tape off as soon as the paint was dry to the touch....
  13. I had to run and buy a moisture trap for my airbrush i was getting water in the work. Do you think I should consolidate same of the green for a more tortoise shell look?
  14. I have started the green mottling and am having some self doubt. My Maru Mechanic book has an excellent close up of the nose of a Nick showing a fairly (actually very) sloppy application of the green. Im sort of trying to replicate that here. I am doinv the Green freehand. Have a look comments questions threats proposals and haikus all welcome! I think I may “flesh in” some of the green and connect some of the smaller sections.
  15. Nearly all of the A6m2 production was carried out by Mitsubishi. Early Zeros like yours (and mine ) had a dark green color. In the Mr Colors range it is 126 or 127. Since I dont have reliable access to the Gunze range I ordered some and mixed my own out of locally plentiful Model Master enamel. The best match was FS34079 with a touch of yellow in it. The bottom cockpit photo is a later A6M5 Nakajima example. For that color I use Vallejo canvas. Bellow is my nostalgia build showing my home brew Mitsubishi green
  16. They’re back. Come get them. Seriously. Help yourselves.
  17. Did someone say Ki-61? Might do one next!
  18. You’ve really done great things to this kit!
  19. Since Nichimo’s decals are horrible I have masked the IFF bands and the homeland defense bands. IJAAF grey green being sprayed tomorrow!!
  20. Svedberg, you may need to order the Aoshima kit directly from Japan hobbylinc Japan is a good site for that. They (Aoshima) make some pretty wild food trucks that are worth looking at.
  21. A6M2s were Mitsubishi birds keep that in mind when painting the cockpit. I’m impressed with the detail on this kit, it even has the charging handles on the receivers. I have elderly 1/48 Fujimi and Tamiya Zero kits that lack that little detail!
  22. http://www.modellversium.de/galerie/20-lkw/9320-mitsubishi-fuso-great-dump-truck-aoshima.html Aoshima makes 1/32 scale trucks. Might be ok with the 1/35 kit. I found this tipper you might like. Its a Fuso (Mitsubishi) which may or may not be thick on the ground in your area.
  23. Beautiful work! I love vintage Tamiya kits!
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