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  1. Easy. All parts fit. The parts fall nearly all together! Really this is WNW!
  2. Hallo again, This kit is a joy! Really. If anybody wants to know how to do the rigging, just ask. I will explain it! There is nothing to say, as the kit is perfect. Happy modeling
  3. Hallo again After a short brake, I am here again with some progress. What I actually did, was spraying, and getting some panel lines done for my ordinance. The pylon from the kit and resin parts from True Detail. The weapons are all from Hasegawa weapon sets. The decals for the weapons, here is some mistake in the weapon set. The color for the strips of the shrike at the tail should be brown. As I mentioned at the C version already the color system of the USAF is very simple. Brown is the rocket engine; yellow the warhead; black hoisting information. All to read in the weapon manual, I already posted in the C version. Pylon prior stenceling Just to add: At the pylon, the chaff and flare dispenser: The picture shows the pylon prior weathering. The dispenser boxes most time are partly without paint usually, after firing the boxes. The heat is the enemy of the paint. Air Show a/c are mostly fresh painted. Operative ones lack usually all paint. You see it as example on the model of the F-16A Netz from my wife, at the forum RFI. Now it is almost finished, but the gloss varnish coat is still missing. Tomorrow. When I start the cockpit, I will check out the ejection seat from brasin, since it looks good. I know, I have to try it, since Eduard is always ready for disappointment. Actually, I do not know, if my model ever flew with such a configuration. The config is logic. The sidewinder rails will be sideward of the inner pylon. Happy modeling
  4. Hallo again The weapon load I fixed yet. At station 1. AGM-45 Shrike 2. A triple of AGM-65 Maverick 3. Clear 4. ALQ-119 5. SUU-23A 20mm Gun Pod 6. Clear 7. Clear 8. A triple of AGM-65 Maverick 9. AGM-45 Shrike AS you see, most is prepared. The outboard pylons I will do once more in resin, since these I used I prepared for the C version outboard angled for a TER or MER. I will use them in vertically position for the AGM-45. The inner wing pylons will get the LAU empty for the AIM-9. The gun pod and the ALQ-119 pod needs some surfacer too. Ion my next session I will get ready than for spraying. It is my way, to get the configuration settled before I start the kit. Also the complete ordnance finished, just to plug in. When the model is on the way, I have no patience and no head for any such things. Happy modelling
  5. Hallo again This will be my F-4D, ZM kit in 1/48. As on my WIP from the C-version, I will continue with all improvement I noticed from the C-version. If anybody has pictures from this particular a/c, let me know. The weapon load I will use is not fixed yet. I think about an AGM-45 Shrike and AGM-65 Maverick. In addition, an ALQ-119 in station 4. Well, Happy modelling
  6. Hallo again, Now I finished the model. As I told you, stenciling was not so a straight way. The HGM wet transfers caused me some grasping. Sometimes the vanished in 100 little parts. This may have been caused by hurting the film with my scissors, when cutting a curve. The water temperature should just be hand warm. If the transfer stands on the surface, proper application, no bulbs and the blue Micro Set. You will be mostly successful, but never be sure for 100%. Look at the ejection seats from Hypersonic, early MB and the kit ones, the later MB, with HGW harness. This one I will use in my next kit. The D version. The main gear is one of the best design all over the kit. The main landing gear has stubs which are in real the pivot joint. So you get a perfect static joint. Hallo ZM guys, really perfect done! All the other parts, no complaint. Straight forward. As I mentioned, the ladder is the aftermarket. PlusModel. So I close this WIP from the C version and will shift to my D version from Austin in Texas. Happy modelling
  7. Hi Miroslav Wellcome. My D I will start tomorrow. I finish right now my C version. It will be posted at afternoon! So I will make my D version from Texas, Austin with a grey sheme. Just different. Anyway, an a/c never saw battle! Happy modelling
  8. Well, actually the transfers need to be careful. Water should not be hot or too warm. Handwarm or a bit more! Some tricky thing yes. Wing undersurface is always first after fuselage. Patience for the rib stribs. That is it!
  9. Hallo again, Now stenciling my F-4. The material I had was · Stencils from the ZM kit · Stencils from the Decals I used for marking · Stencils as wet transfer from HGW. The size of the stencils was definitely a miracle. Just HGW size of letters was according to scale. All others were bold and oversized. The trouble with HGW was, some of them disaggregated. So I lost them. Some others vanished, when I peeled off the foil. In the kit, the number of stencils is rudimentary. In the extra decal sheet it is not better. So HGW was the only solution for me. Does anybody know a good stencil sheet for Phantoms? Now the underside awaits me tomorrow. Happy modelling
  10. Wonderful job. Look, I am now finishing the C version. As you may have seen it. Some important remarks for your job ahead: · Carefully check the air intake parts. Because at the visible face you see the pushing area of the mold! Clean it. Do not oversee it as I did. · Strengthen the air intake with engine. It is all much too flexible, and you may loosen the gluing at the tail end, because of bending the wing when sanding! · Strengthen the fuselage laterally. It is too flexible and you may loosen the gluing area of wing to fuselage! · Take care when you insert the stabilizer. The tolerances my cause the stabilizer to point too far upward at the leading edge! · Care for the wheels as I mentioned in my report! Happy modelling
  11. Awful. But I had to do it with deadline for the exhibition. Well,that is it.
  12. Hallo again Here is my Gotha Vb in 1/72 from Roden. It was a challenge for me this huge bomber and the first time the decaling the wings and fuselage. Some years ago for our special exhibition at the Austrian Army museum. Today my AEG from WNW is in the pipeline. Fun to build. Nice the task of the rigging. Happy modelling
  13. Hallo again Here is my Fe2b. From WNW in 1/32. I did all after I did the Dh2 in 32 and 48. Therefore, I was a little more experienced. Well, WW1 a/c are a challenge and I like it sometimes more as a jet. Depends on my mood. Fun to build. Nice to grasp the rigging. Happy modelling
  14. Hallo This model is from Planet 1/48. Resin kit. All interior was upgraded and improved. At this time, it was our very summit of modelling. Since Hannants sold them cheaper for whatever reason, we bought two land versions and two sea versions. Again my wife and me. We did again all four models. She was Greek and me was British (from Abukir in Egypt), ex Yugoslavian. Happy modelling
  15. Hallo This model is from Monogram 1/48 B-24. Old versatile kit. Interior mostly self-made. This model was a shared occupation with my wife Ruth; she is also very active on the forum with her F-16 yet. Anyway, the challenge was the second time use of Alclat. Happy modelling
  16. Hallo This model is from Monogram 1/48 B-17. Old versatile kit. Interior mostly self-made. This model was a shared occupation with my wife Ruth; she is also very active on the forum with her F-16 yet. Anyway, the challenge was the first time use of Alclat. Happy modelling
  17. Hallo Orion We did some years ago an exhibition about naval aviation. All wing folds on the world I studied. Many I build already. The best british one is the Skua. I did not do it. But in engeenering this is a masterpiece. If you are interested, check it out. The Firefly is the next one! Happy modelling
  18. Hallo Here is my little armada ready for a visit to Tirpitz! Happy modelling
  19. Hallo again I did the oil job. Well, I am not satisfied, some panel lines I hurt during modeling. I do not dare to carve it by myself. I am worried to hurt the model. Now the decals: It is most time the same truculent awareness: The geometry of the decal does not fit with the instruction and do not fit with the model either. This is the reality. I really get mad about such an idiocy. On the photo of the real a/c there are the small letters used. I cannot show it to you, because of copyright matters. Most times, it lacks on geometry. Angles of panel lines does not coincide. At my F-35, I had the same situation at the ruder. The walkway is cruel. Wrong! The complete modelling process makes me alert about fitting troubles with aftermarket products. Happy modelling
  20. The Gloster VI in 1/48 A fellow member of IPMS Austria friend of mine designed the kit. And for some kit I gave him, I got this kit as Thank You! This kit is from the Wiener Modellbau Manifaktur Gloster VI how to buy It is resin with etched parts. Nice made and a unique model too. Happy modelling
  21. The Barracuda Actually, it was the type of RAF a/c, which caught my attention early. No kit was available. At the beginning of my scale modeler’s second life, 25 years ago, the RAF was my focus. When Special Hobby released the High Tech version, so I wanted to build it. My wife got additionally the Mk. V and so a third kit of the early version shifted to me. Three kits I had. The target was the Tirpitz. By some asking, I got in contact with a person in New Zealand, whose father was part of the striking team. Therefore, I got access to operational data and original bomb loads. These models are as authentic as possible. The build was at this time the absolute maximum of my level and skill. You may see something interesting. These models are not perfect at all. The entire resin undercarriage was done with steel pins, to get a correct and stable fit. Happy modelling
  22. Well, planehazza I used authentic source. I found it in the website of Englin AFB, and their associated sources. ENGLIN AFB From there I got all the stealth panel line issue from shape and colors etc. All other sources I do not trust, since many mock up exists too. If you follow the real a/c by serial and date, you get a plink of an idea how the color changes. Even the shape in the 3rd dimension of the sealing is interesting. My kit was Kitty Hawk. The Dreammodel etched parts are highly recommended. Happy Modelling
  23. Hallo, yes The kit needs a modeler with patience and love of detail. No kit for a beginner. Many hours under and with the original a/c in Duxford I spent. The kit works! Realy good one! Happy modelling
  24. Hallo again Here is my F-35B. The kit is from Kitty Hawk. Scale 1/48. The etched parts are from Dreammodel. These are the finest etched parts I ever worked with. Highly recommended. All masking was hand done. Happy modelling
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