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  1. Wow

    There are a lot of intereswting details.

    So I can asume, that the top camo of the wing is not standard, the camo border lines are free hand!

    If the same aircraft was so long operational, some repairs were done fore sure.

    Thank you very much.

    Still open and awaiting some more infos.

    Happy modelling


  2. Hallo

    I am working on two 109 Emil flown from Wick. In BoB only.

    One a/c from October,  one from November, when he was shot down.

    The kits are in 48. One from Tamiya and one from Revell, ex Hasegawa.

    The interior from Eduard and Yahoo.


    The painting details I seek for. The fuselage I will do as I did it already before on my Halberstadt in 32 with sponge.


    When anyone has pictures from the wing top side, tail plane and others, I would be very happy. 


    Thank you a lot in forward.


    The same issue, two Emils a/c from Galland, the early  and late one. Both BoB!


    Happy modelling 

  3. Ha, this is a never ending srorry..


    In early days the man fought with a sword. If the sword is broken, it is a matter of the smith.


    In old days and new days in aviation: There is the pilots and mechanic and general view.

    If you are beaten by number, than you have a problem. No matter of type. This happened after 1943.

    If you are winning, and are superior, it is different.  But here the loosing starts. Because you will not start improoving a winning type. The looser will rapidly start improoving.

    Only a short swift war freezes the technology. Happened so in Israel.


    Each advantage can be tomorrows disadvantage.


    Happy modelling 


  4. Great photo!

    Here one question came up; Does annyone have flying experience with a typical black british cockpit of any jet? Tell me your experience! plese! On day and nigjt duty please, or with the bright sun at 12 o'clock or from the rear!

    Happy ist 

  5. @Smudge, your question if the Ace did really exist:

    Your answer may be possible,  if you take in account the US losses in dogfight and add them from both sides.

    In each conflict from each side you will find discrepances. In any conflict there is never any truth, so believe nobody. 

    At this time, I was a child. I never understood this reason of war, as in the prence.

    Happy modelling 

  6. Hallo

    Each mystery has a time frame. How long was this a/c airworthy? Could the camo change? Dur to better knowledge of the crew? Due to overhaul?

    If you can respond this question,  you may answer the question anyway by yourself.

    Happy modelling 

  7. Hallo 

    To add:

    BoB Heinkels or later? This question must be answered, otherwise you get in the wrong lane.

    BoB: Interior RLM 02. As well Heinkel as Dornier. Also Messerschmitt 109 E-4. Here 66 was partitially used for the dash board and some other devices. Mixed colors interior.  Junkers came already in RLM 66. The shade of early 66 is not so dark! Lighten it  From latest sources from Germany. 

    Bomb racks internal for BoB Heinkel. The plastc exterior racks were later on.

    In later raids of 1941 onward the interior changed to RLM 66.

    Maybe of some help.

    Happy modelling 

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  8. Oh, this is a sad subject. 

    We had it on the IAF Sufa and the D version too.

    At the end we got the pylons. Same issue again for the F-15.

    No idea today, which manufacturer it was.

    Happy modelling 

  9. Full of photos of origin and Messerschmitts 109. Museum birds are no matter in this book, because all of them have more or less differences from the original. Full of drawings. Explanations are short and precise as it should be. No stories, no tales. Full of facts only!

    Best book I ever have seen about this subject. There is a second volume about developement only!

    This guy is an aircraft mechanic and engine expert by profession from the Bundeswehr. 

    Happy modelling 

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  10. Here an update:

    I bought the book from Helmut Vogt the 109 Einsatzmaschinen.

    This book is about all versions.

    The early versions, he says no motor canon was installed in early versions until the Friedrich.

    Here in opposition to Spanish Eagles.

    Many myths are obsolete now. In other books, I have, the same myths exists.

    Maybe for   @Troy Smith and @SafetyDad an important book. It is in German,  but I could translate sections.  My offer!

    Happy modelling 

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  11. Hallo


    This Japanese Emil is an Airfix kit. I used Eduard etched parts and masks for the canopy. 

    The decals are Japanese ones, an unknown company. But the color matched much better as from the kit.

    This aircraft was stationed in Gifu, close to Nagoya and Kakamigahara.

    My painting may not be correct, but it is an assumption.


    Happy modelling




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  12. Hallo

    I never had anything to do with the Mirage F1. I have a kit for the trainer version from Kitty Hawk in 1/48.

    Which book, or website you suggest to get a reasonable idea what this a/c is?

    Happy modelling

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