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  1. Hallo

    Now the photos from Hermes are ready on DropBox. I just need an email adress, to make it for you available.

    Happy modelling

  2. dov

    Hallo, as answer of my Hermes, you saw

    Yes, of course I used the arestor hook. No other idea! Actually I it is for me very seldom, that a/c minded people have actually not the slightest idea about the UAV implementation in defense. As a hard fact. Just some glimpse somewhere on the news. I lived in Israel long time and I saw day by day what is on and how this technique was established. Since in 1973 the lack of real time recce brought the state of Israel close to loose the existential war. The answere from this day on was UAV. Can you imagine, just on a little glimpse, which energy and resources the State of Israel put in in the establishing of this tool? Just to get an idea about the story behind!

  3. dov

    Hallo Julien

    As a very new member, I want to show you one Walk Around.

    The a/c is the F-15 I Raam. Shots been taken in Hazerim at the Independence day 2010.

    All photos are ready at Imgur now.

    Let me know how to proceed.

    Just a few tests. Much more ahead!

    Happy modelling.XlhcbFJ.jpg




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