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  1. Well, thank you so far. Just to mention: New kits of thos a/c I will do some time later. They are a different world. Wingsy and Eduard. Old kits lack some details, but the paintjob specially on Wick's a/c was the challenge. On Galland 's the camo challenge was to get the same impressionen like on photos. Happy modelling
  2. Hallo Four Messerschmitt 109 Emils of these two aces. Hasegawa, Tamiya, Revell kits in 1/48. All kits are about 20 years or older. I also had Eduard etched parts, barrels from Master and so on. Masks from different producers. I used Gunze C-colors for the paint shop. Some MIG stuff for weathering. I tried to be accurate. It took me some time to finish them, vacation in between. This old kits have some inaccuracies. For instance the instrument panel outline does not match with the cross section of the fuselage at this exact position. Just wondering! The time range of this 4 models are the fall of 1940 to winter. GALLAND And now the a/c from WICK: Happy modelling
  3. My sarcastic answer: It's the highest possible praise for the American designers. Because only if something is really good will it be copied. It is a honor. You have to earn envy and attention! Happy modelling
  4. Hallo I have no idea which kits you have. Carrier based a/c had also some othrr equipment beside hooks. The spools. 4 of them. If you know it, it is fine. Otherwise lots of folks in the forum are FAA specialists I could mail you material. Let us know! Happy modelling
  5. The filter for getting air sideward in, when the 109 was still at ground or in a low ALT. This item had to be changed or cleaned quite frequently. It is a steel mesh with eventually filter paper inside. No color, steel! Front cap mooveable, like lips. Happy modelling
  6. The matter slats: Many wings were modified in later years, and their slats were called maneuvering slats. They are than fixed ones. For dogfight. All wings had lots of modification. Any discussion must start at the point of delivery. There were 5 or more different deliveries. Aircraft were also different in version or sub-version within the E. Happy modelling
  7. Hallo It happened that the decal from version B, aircraft of pilot Wick. The decal for the kill markings on the rudder. Left side perfect, rightside split in 1000 small parts imediately after entering luckwarm water. Well, I reported to Eduard an hour before. Did it happen to anybodey else? Happy modelling
  8. Hallo All Israeli F-4 are not a F-4 standard from factory. All Israeli aircraft changed and change their outfit and internal life swiftly. If you may rely on any picture, just with date. One day or one year afterward this a/c look very different, Beside this, there are some areas which never change. Some stuff all aircraft have. The F-4 in Israeli service is like Pandora's box. Really, I am quite firm on this subject in real and modelling. There exists lot of books. No book can cover all differences. All of them have the refuling probe. Spefific questions I can answer. Number of a/c required. Happy modelling
  9. Impossible! Because of dynamic forces of the engine. Because of geometry In case of same number of cylinder many dynamic forces resullt in a ZERO vector. Otherwise not. Each twin radial runs smoothly, in opposition toi a single row one! Geometry: How to lead the pipes of inlket or outlet? Symetry too! Same question you can ask for propellers. On a multi engined a/c to get the number of propellers changed from inner to outer engine! Basic: Make all things as simple as possible! Happy modelling
  10. Hallo Actually not, when I built my fleet. I managed to get in contact with the producer and he sent me a full set of clear parts for each kit, for some Euros. This is already 10 years ago. Try it! Happy modelling
  11. Hallo Basically there are areas on each airframe, where raised rivets never occur. There are also areas which are most stressed and raised rivets may occure. Even on todays jets you can find them or head cap screws. On old airframes collected after the war, sometimes they were 'restaurated' as thought. Not at all by todays restauration levels. Such matters occurred all over the world. Happy modelling
  12. Nice built! Perfect done. Do you have an idea about the starting procedure? For the ground crew? They had to turn the flywheel on top of the forward cowling! Two men, the pilot seated already. Happy modelling
  13. Nice done! Perfect! Happy modelling
  14. To resume: the Minibase kits for Su-33 and Su-27K are the same. Just the weapons in resin. Minibase kit #1 and #2 are the same? Happy modelling
  15. Hallo Can anyone tell me the difference or distinction between the two versions? Or types. Is it not actually a renaming process only? The Minibase kits in detail. Where is the difference in airframe or wings? Or cockpit or engine? Let me know.
  16. Check the slat position. Must be extended on ground. One of the kits mentioned, has there a flaw! Happy modelling
  17. Hallo Now that I'm working with kits from Hasegawa and Tamiya which are 30 years or older. With lots of aftermarket products from arond the year 2000. I have the comparison with the new Eduard Profipacks kits. To be really honest, this is a new world. Exakt details in cockpit and engine and gewar. It doesn't matter whether I take a 109 Emil or Gustav, a Zero, a Mustang, these are really great kits. Although I am one of the very critical modelers, I am simply enthusiastic about this. Hence the question to the modelers community: Am I missing something? So Eduard published Gustav twice, once with a dimensional error or other inconsistencies. In addition, the current Gustav. So my question to you? Are the current kits ok? Happy modelling
  18. Hallo I have two Hasegawa kits in 1/48 scale. I have two options of kill markings: 57 (in red &black, or on white background) 82 in red & black Both of them I want to build. The a/c with 82 kills is the overhauled Emil in 76/75/74 colors. The a/c with 57 kills is this still the a/c with original colors 02/65/71? The spinner? When did it change to the pointed version? Which details I have to be regarded too? Happy modelling
  19. Hallo Thank you all for your posts. Specially thank you to @Jochen Barett for some details I would have overseen for sure, The Eisvogel, @Ingo Ritz and @Troy Smith with all your ideas and photos. My model will be finished after my vaccation in August. The next one will be the issue of Galland's Emil 5819. Happy modelling
  20. Oh,thank you all. I will edit my camo. Still time to do so. Happy modelling
  21. My effort: Now guessing, if all stencils are vissible? Happy modelling
  22. Hallo @Jens The wing topside photo of the yellow 2 is not ident with the wing of the later photos. All seen here. I asume replacement wings and or subject to maintenance. The colors shoud be 02/70. Demarcation lines are not straight, curved somehow. Thank you @Ingo Ritz! Happy modelling
  23. Wow There are a lot of intereswting details. So I can asume, that the top camo of the wing is not standard, the camo border lines are free hand! If the same aircraft was so long operational, some repairs were done fore sure. Thank you very much. Still open and awaiting some more infos. Happy modelling
  24. Thanks. At this photo you can see the wing camo id not standard. This is what I seek for. Anyone who has information on this subject is welcome. Happy modelling
  25. Hallo I am working on two 109 Emil flown from Wick. In BoB only. One a/c from October, one from November, when he was shot down. The kits are in 48. One from Tamiya and one from Revell, ex Hasegawa. The interior from Eduard and Yahoo. The painting details I seek for. The fuselage I will do as I did it already before on my Halberstadt in 32 with sponge. When anyone has pictures from the wing top side, tail plane and others, I would be very happy. Thank you a lot in forward. The same issue, two Emils a/c from Galland, the early and late one. Both BoB! Happy modelling
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