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  1. Hallo Now you may see my camo colors. The cockpit was done with Quintas decals. The decals I had were for KH kit, therefore I had to make them fit for my HB kit. The extra side walls were omitted and some adjustment done. After installation in the fuselage I had to close all holes from the sidewall and to seal the cockpit tube. To prevent future spraying fogging. The fuselage was glued together. Tomorrow I will work on my intakes. The assembly. After installation some parts the wheel bay will be sprayed and finished. Ejection seats have to be finished with Quintas. Easy nice job. The glassing has to be widened. One millimeter by some styrene on the fuselage. The fit is excellent. I have some more things to add. Somehow anything which imitate the curtains. Well, so far. Happy modelling
  2. My model: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Russia-Air-Force/Sukhoi-Su-34/7159939/L Happy modelling
  3. Hallo Now, @exdraken, I looked for drawings, which could show me exactly this incorrections. Simple, I have the drawings about the Su-34 in by big book from Gordon about the Su-27 family. I could by my best will, not catch the clue about the incorrections of the nose cone! I could catch the entire incorrections from the peak of the forward fuselage highest point to the very end of the nose! Yes, but this would require a new kit. The angle is too flat for about 3°. See, I take this issue differently. Thanks for the hint, to erase all panel lines forward of the attatchment to the fuselage. Happy modelling
  4. Hallo Thanks for your input @exdraken. I will go on with the kit. The replacement nose is a good idea, but the shape makes a proper refit of the resin nose very difficult. I will orient myself on real pictures of the a/c at Russian airfields. I havr enough of each detail. As well all sensors. A much more important issue are the curtains! This are eye catchers!!!!! Happy modelling
  5. Hallo Now the big plastic job is done. But nothing is sprayed. One big issue arose once more. I had this matter already on my Su-27K and awaited it already. The camo colors. No matter which instruction you look on, no color matches! My way led me to get my own conclusion. So I searched the web for the best pictures. On airliner.net I found what I wanted. I found 47 pictures which met my requirement for a bright Su-34. I also found the aircraft HB relays on. And I had the chance to mix the colors as I wanted. A is underside and bright top color too. KH HB Begemot My option FS15200 light blue A light Blue 323 FS15187 sky blue B flat bright blue 34 : 314 2:1 FS15125 pearl grey C turqise blue 74 : 391 1:1 Actually, in all photos I saw, the camo varies quite a lot. I suppose it is a must, to take adequate pictures. Well, at the evening I will show you on a sample my choice. Happy modelling
  6. @Serkan Sen, hallo. Actually I did not know. I will have to take it as it is. When I arranged my kit and after market products, this issue was not known to me. I checked the form of fuselage and to my shame I did not recognize anything to complain. The absolute major issue is the cockpit. Here HB uses a second sidewall. So the horizontal console is a rudiment. This second sidewall I will leave out. It is possible and create a good nice cockpit. The ejection angle is too steep. This I can not correct. This issues are main issues for me. They are obvious. The sideward air intakes are also an issue to create a good looking sidewall of the intake. The curtains of the cockpit: Here I must grasp! Just to be open and honest, to tell you my sight of things. BTW: Where are you from? Happy modelling
  7. Hallo This build is my second Sukhoi of the 27 family. I have as additional the etched parts from Eduard and the resin nozzle from ResKit. The pitot tube from Master and masks from NewWare and Galaxy. To get a better understanding for my build, I relay on two sources: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/type.php?p=2364 https://www.flickr.com/photos/124748333@N07/albums/72157668657957124/ and last not least: My aircraft will be a bright camo a/c with white radom. Even if it is not quite accurate because of a lack of decals. But I like this scheme most of all. Happy modelling
  8. @Blimpyboy, great thanks. A mixed load looks good. I will use a tank in white at centerline. Two cruise missiles under the engine. At the wing tip the pods. The most outer station the R-73. At the wing inner station maybe the fast sleek missile, or just R-23 ET/R. This 23 with zebra! Anyway great thanks to Japan. Happy modelling
  9. Hallo Oh yes, it was a help. I thought about this matter as you wrote. But I was far from sure. I do not have the idea of building an aircraft in developement. My Su-34 will be an early batch one, with bright camo and white radom. Happy modelling
  10. Hallo Today I am confused by different paint shemes of R-27 missiles. No matter which version. R or T or ER or ET. On some pictures they are seen with black cross strips on the missile body a few inches of widths. Specially on the Su-34. I do asume, that this are not operative weapons. Just marked for filming or something like this. What is it really for? Happy modelling
  11. Hallo Yesterday I finished it. Weapons are loaded. All probes installed and all antennas installed. All control surfaces installed. Seat and details in the cockpit installed. Hope nothing is forgotten. Happy modelling
  12. Hallo Some steps forward. The missiles are done. The 73s and 27s. As well as the Moskit. Launchers and pylons I started today. You can see some examples. Just one side done. The quality of stencils is excellent. Some days more until I can finish my model. Happy modelling
  13. Hallo Some days past. In meantime the weapons and the launchers and pylons are finished. And all parts painted. Weapons, expect the Moskit missile I still have to stencil. Corona stopped me for five days. Not bad, no fever but tired. Today I stenciled the Moskit. To install this weapon is evil. The tollerances on the fuselage to the centerline pylon makes the installation to a nightmer. Really. The installation of the missile requires two steel pins, since there is just one shallow plastic pin. You need your brain and you must avoid the instruction. Painting the missiles was a joy with all the masks I had! Tomorrow stenceling. This week I want to assemble the model and finish it. Pictures during the next days. Happy modelling
  14. Well,, it is sad! So, the flat etched wires I never achieved a good result. I use my rigging technique I often refered to. Please check my posts. I have a detailed description on how to do. Check also my WNW models. Happy modelling
  15. Hallo Your question: short answer. Any black you desire and just bear in mind to give this cowling cylindrical area a smooth flat finish. The exhaust area is something different. Some strains in brown could be added. Every gloss color has smaler pigments than flat colors! Use clear varnish to achieve the surface of your desire! Happy modelling
  16. @Giorgio N, you may look at one of my RFI. I built this a/c in 32 scale. My Interpretation. Happy modelling
  17. Hallo Decaling & stencling is done. Gloss varnish & fine flat varnish is done. Gear is assembled, not so the doors. All other steps for assembling are left over, to be done later on, according with the installation of the weapons. Also the doors, where I am looking forward and do not whant a collission with the weapon load later on! So have a look. The assembling of the gear has some hazzards. I saw them comming. The accutator of the rear at the main landing gear leg is such a thing. To find the rear hole! The front gear: The stubs of the axle is quite long, so you get in collisision with the mud guard. So far, next time more. Happy modelling
  18. The technology at this time was far away of making a devestating air war. The enormous will and acceleration in technology, radar, navigation, optics etc. and enormous mass of military equipment gave a chance of a brutal air war. None of these was thetr 1938. As well on the German or any one elses side! Germany could never recruit and train enough aircrews too. Not to forget: Germany never switched to war ecconomy! Happy modelling
  19. In the book, I read some time ago, there is also a Ju-87 for getting to his airfield! And some Klemm, which his parents hold. Happy modelling
  20. Hallo Now over three days I was stencling. Not finished yet. It will take some days more. Happy modelling
  21. Hallo Now, today I completed the front cockpit. The front glass was also attatched. After getting the smal gaps filled with CA and grinded, I put on a the whole aircraft and all not applied parts as rudder and so on, a base varnish of clear gloss coat. With GX 112 from Gunze. Afterward I started with the panel lines. Far from finished now. This will be quite a few days untill I got my panel lines done. Afterward I will place all stencils. When the aircraft is finished I will start with the weapons. Happy modelling
  22. May I ask you to look on all my figging threads! And some of my examples. Use low cost materials. I opposition to the answer you got, I do absolutly not recomend Uschi material, since theycget such a heavy electric load which pulls on your nerves! Avoid them. Use monofills. The web link from WW1 models is quite good too. My way: Save money and nerves! Stay away from expensive aftermarket products, for bigger models with 120 eyelets! Happy modelling
  23. Hallo The painting process of the airframe is now finished. The cockpit glass, some detail interior of the cockpit has to be done. Also the antennas and probes. At the end a gloss varnish will be applied. Happy modelling
  24. Hallo Now after finishing the camo, I had to tread the other non camo surfaces. Here are man grey panels as well as the large hot area and the leading edges of the wing and forebody strakes, with metal surfaces. I use Galaxy masks, as written in the introduction. 1st and 2nd post on this type. This masks are color seperation masks. This company also produces decals and masks for MiniBase kits. The masks are well designed and easy to use. Well cut and easy to find and work with. So far for today. Happy modelling
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