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  1. Steff84

    Cap. America - Royal Model 1/35

    I don't necessary mean the height by itself. I love the idea of a broken tree. It's the scale of the bark, the mushrooms and the texture. They are all too big for 1/35. It is obvious that they are real life sizes and will suggest that the figure itself is a miniature. Don't get me wrong, I love the diorama, the tree just breaks the illusion. For example, if you would replace the tree with a 1/35 tree or tree stump, whatever, and it would be perfect. But it's criticism on a high level I really like it and the figure fits the scenery very well. Just an input for the next project, which I'm looking forward to
  2. Steff84

    Cap. America - Royal Model 1/35

    Hi João I really like this piece! I love the dirt and weathering. Also you didn't just fill the folds with dark color, so the wrinkles look more natural. The base is beautiful too. I love the muddy path. The only thing for me that makes this scene look like a miniature is the tree. It's a wrong scale and it makes it look small. Other than that, a really nice scenery! Stefan
  3. Steff84

    Racing Rupert Rabbit 1/12? Resin kit

    Is it 80 bucks worth? I was in the middle of the ordering process, when I realized it would cost me around 80-90. That's quit a lot for not a lot of details. I'm not sure yet.
  4. Steff84

    Girl sitting on a Votoms Scopedog 1/24

    That is a good idea, but still. I can't imagine to hit those lines I will definitely try this technique.
  5. Thank you very much. It took me 3 attempts, but now I'm almost happy. I will correct the mistakes later.
  6. Steff84

    Zarbag's Gitz

    You're welcome. That looks great! Are there more coming?
  7. Steff84

    Zarbag's Gitz

    I like him. For the hat, I would probably go with red so it matches the arrows and the other mushrooms. I hope you don't mind, I quickly painted over. Even though all your color ideas look somewhat cool, the red fits it the best (as you mentioned). Keep up the great work
  8. Steff84

    Zarbag's Gitz

    Ahh, now I see. Well, ash would surely help. And maybe adding embers? some spots. Looking forward for the next one
  9. Steff84

    Zarbag's Gitz

    Yes! Now it's perfect. That is exactly what i meant with the shadow. I know what you mean with the gloss. I too, like different top coats. You are right, on the pictures you see the back of the mouth and it takes away from the illusion of a deep mouth. I don't know how dominant it is in real life since he is so tiny. For the base, if you don't play with him and don't have an overall theme, I wouldn't mind, having the base like this. The only thing I might do in this case, is probably give some bright highlights to the wood on the ground, like you did with the stones.
  10. Steff84

    Zarbag's Gitz

    Hi Will, I really like it! I As you said, I probably would just touch up the face a liiiiitle bit. I would probably adding a little bit more green under the nose. It looks like a too different color. Other than that, a very nice paint job! Stefan
  11. Okey I redid the skin (3 times so far) and now I'm pretty happy with it. I know that a lot of details will get lost, but I know they are there Sorry about the bad lightning and pictures. Also, I added a piece of cloth, so he won't look like a gladiator anymore. To blend this piece in, I added rough edges to all the cloth pieces. (sorry, no picture from the back piece). Stefan
  12. Steff84

    Girl sitting on a Votoms Scopedog 1/24

    very cool. How did you get the eyes so good on this scale? I'm very impressed!
  13. @rockpopandchips and Silenoz, Thank you guys. I'm still figuring out the colors. First time with MIG colors and somehow they separate if mixed together, no matter how long and good I mix them. As soon as I put them into the airbrush, I already see the separation. Stefan
  14. I decided to go into the direction of frank frazettas color scheme. I got the first layer of skin down and I'm thinking about doing it again. Even though I like the look of the veins and blood vessels under the skin, I don't like the splatters. And the top color is not exactly what I wanted. It's better if I start new now, instead of when I'm done with the skin. Stefan
  15. I couldn't stop and changed the position of the horns The helmet was just too small in my opinion, so i added another 2-3mm and changed the shape at the bottom a little bit. Also I wanted the beheaded to be an orc, so I remodeled the head and neck. For finishing the remodeling process, I added a scar and a fresh cut to the death dealer. And of course I did a oopsie. To cover the eyes I used a masking clay. After priming, I wanted to take it away, but I couldn't get it out. It stuck to the LEDs and the inside of the eyes. I had to rip off the wires (because the damn superglue was so strong) and take out the LEDs. I will rewire the whole thing AFTER the painting like I first planned. Now hes ready for painting. Stefan