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  1. Alright, I made some progress. Still a loooot to do and I can't wait for the dirt and blood work as final touches. Right now, all the holes are closed, the original stuff is back on and a lot is painted. I still need to add the rest of the chainmail, cape, teeth/bones and sword (and paint them :D). I nocked down the skin a little bit, so it's more greyish like the original paintings and comics. I really have to finish this project, cause the next one is already waiting. I won't rush it though. Till next time, Cheers
  2. Hi Will I completely missed the "release"! What a great collection. Very nice coloring and details. I love the shading. Very cool! Stefan
  3. Hey Konstantin, I really like both, the design and the paint job! great job. Stefan
  4. Hi Pete, what an outstanding paint job! I really love it, what else can I say? ^^ Stefan
  5. Major Uff...Sorry I wasn't here for a long time and din't touch this project for even longer. I neither had time nor motivation to do so. I was not happy with the bare legs and the quality of the orc head didn't match the rest of the sculp. So I sculpted a new head, trophy teeth, chainmail, a sword and a cape and 3D printed it in resin. Now the motivation is back. Here are some pictures of the prints. The Head is already primed and ready to go. However, I will paint it at the end so I will get a feeling for the color scheme (human skin or green skin). The left Head was the prototype. The final one is 4 cm tall (1.57"), the neck included. So its slightly bigger than the Head of the DD, because I assume orcs would be bigger ^^ till next time Stefan
  6. Well the dead looking skin was always the plan. I wanted to go more off the rail than just copying it, since the whole sculpt is not very close to the original. BUT, I wanted to keep the mood of the original. I think i mostly dislike the fact that he has naked legs instead of chain mail. I started with the metal part over and wanted to hear what you think. Better this way or changing it more? It's hard to get a picture with the exact colors. You sure know the problem. Stefan
  7. thank you very much Will! This is actually the very problem I have with the metal as well. I will repaint the metal parts (everything but the ax) in a grey color with maybe copper details. I'm also thinking of modeling a cape. He still looks too much of a gladiator Stefan
  8. I smoothed out the cloth because it didn't fit the rest of the sculpting style. And I started with the metal work. I'm not quite sure if I'm happy with the color tone of the metal. maybe more silver than copper. I don't know. I will decide after everything is colored if I will redo the metal Stefan
  9. I don't necessary mean the height by itself. I love the idea of a broken tree. It's the scale of the bark, the mushrooms and the texture. They are all too big for 1/35. It is obvious that they are real life sizes and will suggest that the figure itself is a miniature. Don't get me wrong, I love the diorama, the tree just breaks the illusion. For example, if you would replace the tree with a 1/35 tree or tree stump, whatever, and it would be perfect. But it's criticism on a high level I really like it and the figure fits the scenery very well. Just an input for the next project, which I'm looking forward to
  10. Hi João I really like this piece! I love the dirt and weathering. Also you didn't just fill the folds with dark color, so the wrinkles look more natural. The base is beautiful too. I love the muddy path. The only thing for me that makes this scene look like a miniature is the tree. It's a wrong scale and it makes it look small. Other than that, a really nice scenery! Stefan
  11. Is it 80 bucks worth? I was in the middle of the ordering process, when I realized it would cost me around 80-90. That's quit a lot for not a lot of details. I'm not sure yet.
  12. That is a good idea, but still. I can't imagine to hit those lines I will definitely try this technique.
  13. Thank you very much. It took me 3 attempts, but now I'm almost happy. I will correct the mistakes later.
  14. You're welcome. That looks great! Are there more coming?
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