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  1. Trig

    Space Marine Chaplain & Librarian

    Yep, they look great! May i ask also how you set them up for taking pictures?
  2. Looking good, alot of little details to paint on him. I like the bone colors and the red skin where the bone emerges.
  3. Thanks Rock. Didnt think about using washes on the rocks, ill need to give it a try as they do look a bit bland at the moment. I tried to paint the shadows in, but maybe a darker color would have worked better. I did a job earlier this year laying 2000m2 of kingspan flooring insulation, and previous to that one a bit bigger raft foundation with harder foam which was good stuff. But as per usual, when looking for some there is none about ! Hence why i was annoyed at having to buy some Gonna need to start stockpiling stuff.
  4. Thanks, wasnt sure what the difference was on the website. Im just starting off with some small diorama tests myself, so ill keep checking in to see how its done
  5. Looking good. I wouldnt like to clean up the mould lines on these models, seems every time i look at my figures ive missed another one, nevermind on stuff that size. All the talk of halfords primer, its something im needing to get also. Had a look on their website before going in tommorow and i see there are various types. Is it this stuff you are using? https://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/car-spray-paints/halfords-plastic-primer-spray
  6. Alright, making dioramas is a lot of fun ! Glad i went for a small scale version first though,means i can move onto the next one sooner. Still very much a wip. Intending to have flames coming from the flamethrower, not sure how it will turn out though.
  7. Trig

    M4A1 Sherman

    Looking great, the texture came out well. Im actually feeling a bit better about the state my desk is in after reading through this mind you
  8. Looking forward to seeing this,the diggers great. You will also need at least 4 figures leaning on shovels whilst smoking if you are going for the realistic look.
  9. Not sure its worth posting a thread for this small diorama, so ill probably keep it in here. My intention is several small diorama bases of diffrent environment types for practise, rather than one big one which i would likely make (more) mistakes on. So im starting off with a desert/arid landscape type, my next will likely be jungle or swamp. Quite small scale, so not alot of things i can add. Intending maybe 3 or 4 imperial guard surrounded on a rocky outcrop, figures will be attached directly into the diorama rather than on bases. Base is an old bit of shelfing with 10mm styrofoam on top, covered with Sculptamold. I let it dry this time, takes a surprisingly long time, and have painted it with some base colours to hide the white, which will be mostly hidden apart from the black rocks. Still trying to get a hang of drybrushing the rocks. Either not enough paint, or too much. I have various types of sand collected and dried from work, handy thing about working on a building site. Was annoyed that i couldnt find any styrofoam and had to buy it despite the amount of it ive layed in floors and foundations!
  10. So i finally got one tyranid figure finished, and started on a few more guardsmen. And started on my first small diorama base for maybe 6-8 figures. The seam line down the nose/muzzle/mouth doesnt actually look as obvious in person, but you can still see it slightly. Would you use filler on this? The head is 2 parts stuck together. And ive learned something new, something which should have occurred to me before. Write down what colours, washes and highlight colours you used if you want the next figures to look the same. Bit of trial and error to find out what colours i used before
  11. Thanks, i'll give that a try. The one pictured is quite bad as its been lying about my desk rather than stored, but the others sometimes get rubbed off just by touch when painting. Not as bad once another coat or 2 of color is on. Forgot to post these pictures at the weekend, but im still at the same stage.Still need to paint and attach the arms. The red skin didnt turn out great,i need more practice before i can make that look good i think. But rather than repaint over this one i think ill leave it be and move on to the next and try again from fresh. As for the diorama, ive decided to downsize it a bit. The one pictured is about 250x450, but i made a few mistakes. I let the sculptamold dry for over 24 hours thinking that was more than enough and then painted it, but it still felt damp and still does so i think ive sealed the moisture in it. So realising that i dont actually know much about making dioramas, ive decided to use the figures i have to make a few diffrent small dioramas, about 160x120 or so. Will let me try out various different types of landscape without getting bogged down in a bigger one. Plus at the rate im painting, id never get a bigger one finished
  12. Thanks Will. I gave the pinky red color a shot. I think you are right that you could get a cool effect from it, but i dont think ive quite managed that Its not too bad though, think i might have overdone the red a bit and its not really blending in that well, but i'll probably move onto the next one rather than try and redo this one till im happy with it, which could take a while.No pics of it at the moment, will post some when ive got them. My diorama supplies arrived today and i got the base sculptamold layed. Probably going to be a sandy type location, but i could always go with a snow world and its finished already The white primer (MIG acrylic) on my figures keeps chipping/rubbing off very easily, am i using the wrong stuff or is this just how it is?
  13. Great looking build Svedberg, i especially like the mud weathering on the tracks. Though for some reason the one i drive has far more bashes,scratches and broken mirrors
  14. Just about done with my first Tyranid, still got the main arms to paint and attach. Glad i forgot to attach them also, as its been a real pain to paint compared to the imperial guard. Hard to get into some of the areas, will try and paint some more of it before assembly next time. Not sure what these tyranids are meant to be made from. Fleshy bodies with bone armour/carapace, and the joints a sort of muscle/ligament? Couldnt really decide what colors to go for, but was decided in the end by what colors i had. Bonewhite for the body, and black for the carapace. Wanted to try a purple-ish colour for the carapace, but i dont have any, so black it was, with grey highlights for a battle damaged look. I did give it a flesh tone wash which gives it a sort of red tone, but it doesnt really show in the photos. I ended up having to paint the body again as i messed up with a sepia shade wash. Wondered what it would like if the whole body was done with it. Terrible it turns out. Sometimes a real life Undo button would be handy I would like to be able to paint the flesh transition into the carapace as if the bone is growing out of it, red and distressed looking around it. But not sure how to go about that yet. Have also ordered some stuff for making the diorama. Thinking a sort of arid type landscape with the imperial guard holding a trench/bunker against the tyranid swarm.
  15. Thanks Schwarz, I know what you mean about the pictures magnifying your mistakes. Ive taken pictures of my wooden builds before, and you think it looks great, untill the picture shows up every slight splinter of wood sticking out or slightly misaligned mitres. Im usually happy enough with it anyway, so thats all that matters really in the end. Thanks for the metallic info, will give it a wash on top and see how it looks. I have Flesh wash, Sepia Shade and Black wash, but not the Smokey Ink. Will keep an eye out for it. Not had much time for modelling recently, but i have managed to prime a Tyranid Hormgaunt, so will give that a go next i think. Need to decide on some colors for it.