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  1. Hi guys, Could any one give me any tips on the best way to apply this decal on the bonnet as it’s one piece but also need to go in to the bottom bonnet vent: https://app.box.com/s/3j07vhg1okws00zob8euv8fvc1sv3ha0
  2. Hi guys, Where would be the best place to get hold of all 3 Tamiya polishing compounds in the UK? many thanks Jez
  3. Hi guys, I don’t suppose anyone knows the closest match to the Gulf orange with either Humbrol or Revell acrylic paint? Cheers Jez
  4. Thanks @Steve Noble. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay for a new sheet of decals?
  5. Hi guys, just finishing up the decals on my Airfix Aston Martin DBR9 1/32 l, and I’ve broken one of the decals. It’s the tiny vents that sit above the rear wheels. I don’t suppose anyone knows where I can get a spare decal sheet? Thanks and Merry christmas!
  6. Hi guys, Wheb your applying sunstrip decals to your model car windscreens, can you still use microset? Or does it cause problems with the clear plastic? cheers jez
  7. Jezleaman

    Cloudy lacquer

    @Steve Noble thank you for this. I take it the only option is to wet sand the areas back and spray another coat of clear lacquer?
  8. Jezleaman

    Cloudy lacquer

    It’s been a good 3 weeks since body colour. I’ve even already done a coat of clear lacquer and it went on really well. Just had a couple of specks of dust so I had to wet sand and then apply this next layer of clear lacquer which seems to have gone a bit milky/cloudy at the bottom of the model. Could it be too cold?
  9. Jezleaman

    Cloudy lacquer

    Unfortunately I haven’t got an airbrush kit so I’ve had to use Halfords spray cans for the body colour and the clear lacquer. The cloudy case after application - I noticed it once I went to check it about 10mins after spraying it. I’ve read only that it can happen if there’s too much moisture?
  10. Jezleaman

    Cloudy lacquer

    Hi guys, does anyone know if cloudy lacquer can be polished out or if it will need another layer or clear lacquer? cheers! Jez
  11. @Steve Noble I used Halfords clear lacquer as I had to use Halfords for the body colour, and I don’t have an airbrush kit etc.
  12. Hey guys, just applied first 2 coats of clear lacquer to my model car. How long do you usually leave the clear lacquer to dry before wet sanding? Also will the wet sanding usually get rid of any dust particles within the clear lacquer? many thanks! jez
  13. Jezleaman

    Clear Lacquer

    Hi guys, I’ve painted the body of my model car using Halfords spray cans but I’ve touched up some minor areas using the humbrol or Revell acrylic paints. Will I experience any problems using Halfords clear lacquer over the top? cheers Jez
  14. Hi guys, I don’t suppose any of you know where you can purchase tow eye hooks for 1:32 model cars? cheers Jez
  15. Hi guys, I’ve sprayed the first few coats of blue on to my model car I’ve been working on and really happy with the results. Today, I’ve masked off areas and spray painted some black detailing/car markings. I’ve just removed some of the masking tape and there’s some bits of black overspray and areas where the black has over run a little bit. When the paints fully dry, will wet sanding remove the overspray black and keep the blue underneath? Also, should you wait until the paint is completely cured before removing the masking tape? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks Jez
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