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  1. Good evening everyone having asked a few people i have decided to change the way i post my updates for this build. i so wanted to keep it clean and tidy, but as it is quite a big build there are lots of little projects that can be progressed Wheel house continues to hide the wiring i am trying to put it behind panels, the three lights under the bridge are in a position of my choosing as it is being built for my wife, and thats where she wanted them MAIN DECK so far i have used 50m of lime strip 1x5mm and need about the same again to completed the fordeck the hatched took me a while, as the kit just reuired them to be fixed the the lined deck, so i had to plank around them paint used for the hatches is MIG IDF green i bought for the D9R that i never finished they will later on fit like this
  2. wheel house with radar tower this was then changed again and the railings left of for now HULL Bilge keel and foredeck several options to fit this i went for the drastic one and drilled the hull with a 2mm bit the length required and pushed the over sized keel into position, set it with 2 part epoxy and when set took it down the the correct size, it is now solid as a rock Sream Winch about 50 pieces make this up, but hours spent cleaning up, so much detail, but needs to be found, even i was impressed
  3. Good evening everyone i put quite a bit of thought into the bridge roof last night and eventually fell asleep with no solution, then whilst walking the dog came up with this, now i have a way ahead (small steps) other than that today has been spent on the hull with the bilge keels, will cover that this week so now i have a removable roof panel which will allow access after the interior is fitted out
  4. Good evening everyone well until i have a weeks holiday, when i will have the opportunity to build the dock diorama to finish the Victory, i was left with the decision of what to do next, and for the same reasons i will delay the start of the Amerigo Vepucci (the mess) so yesterday i made a start on the trawler Grimsby UK has a museum dedicated to the builders of all hulls made by the company, and they reckon they will have some plans available for me this summer, so that i can sort out the internal details, but that leaves me plenty to do Wheel house LOL i cut out the the bridge window panel (took hours and then snapped it in 1/2 as i tried to fit it so made another in plastic card the radar tower is just some bits of wood from my stash
  5. Thank you everyone for the comments, its very much appreciated
  6. Thank you Amarti will one day bring out the 1/64 version designed by Chris Watton, however the 1/100 plastic does make into a nice kit and there is aftermarket PE for it nowadays, i will never build everything i served on and i sold the Fife 1/2 way through the build, that leaves the Sheffield, )maybe one day, BUT I WILL NEVER EVER, build a Submarine LOL
  7. wonderful work, was great to catch up with the builds i follow on here
  8. i am for now calling the build FINISHED i need a to build the stand in the form of number 2 dock in Portsmouth, for which i am collecting reference material, as a result of doing this i am going to delay putting any more rope coils on incase any lines are damaged during the transfer, when done i will do the final reveal 
  9. Had the grass been drier and the table taller i could have achieved something better, but i didnt risk it anymore today as it was quite windy, and lol would have showed even more things to correct
  10. Good afternoon everyone still tidying things up at present, the set back was that i had put on all the top spars but forgot the lifts on them (sorted) The pendants obviously went on when the masting started, and nothing was ever done to them, so they are being trimmed back but space is very tight to get them right, upper deck cannons have now been removed, never did like them spars/yards have been reworked to get them all looking fairly level (sorted) i am still hoping she will be finished next weekend, but i now have a caveat to go with that i am presently planning on a representation of number 2 dock to display her in, that is going to take some time so in case any damage is done i dont want to put on any rope coils otherwise they might be in the way if a line gets snagged and needs replacing things i know that have to be done 4/18 pendants to be finished off replace 20 copper tiles and then apply a salt wash to tone it all down rope coils lanterns 2 tucks on mizzen mast kedge anchors check/ and secure any loose ends bowspit netting obtain at lease one ships boat rig port stun boon general tidy and touch up mast tops change the title to COMPLETED lol
  11. Thank you John, the colours looked quite washed out with the flash, lol, i hoped it would look better in the photo
  12. Good afternoon everyone, dreaded doing the fine painting, but it wasnt something i could put off any longer
  13. good evening everyone thank you everyone for the likes and comments, sorry i have bored a lot of my followers over the last 7 years, but it is coming to an end, Honest this weekend the quarter davits and been finished and rigged , with exception of the running gears, im not sure if that was fitted if no boats were embarked, the Stun booms made and fitted both fwd anchors on port and stbd completed and oooo whats these 3 items in this box ( mast pillars) long lost and forgotten about, now found painted and fitted
  14. Thank you Andy then go for it, bur i am now coming to the end of this build, LOL about time to considering i started her over 7 years ago. for you want to try a wooden kit, you wont go far wrong in selecting the Caldercraft Sherbourne https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/caldercraft_cutter_sherborne.html
  15. im sure i will get something better for the final reveal
  16. lol yes, im sorry that i have few pictures of her with an uncluttered work bench, or decent lighting, the size/ sticky out bits makes it difficult to get in natural light,
  17. good evening everyone with the exception of a change in my next build, i have been continuing with the rigging all the braces are now fitted, still have a couple to secure all cluelines and tacks are now fitted all blocks put in at the time of making the spars are now in use forward anchors are finished on the stbd side missing Chesstree made and fitted tomorrow it is hoped to finish of the vangs, fit the rudder and secure more loose ends
  18. Carefully its not actually that heavy, the height , is the problem, that she is almost as long as she is in height
  19. funny thing is that its fun, each line is different, even if it is doing exactly the same as the line on the opposite side of the ship, and the order it done is logical, AND if it evokes comments then its justified (im happy)
  20. some better (maybe) phots from today, taken for me to see what still needs to be done, re-worked and the opportunity to blow more dust off her, i have truly fallen in love with this build again
  21. i have still got quite a few lines to go in, the build is over 1.5 meters and is just as tall so the qty used soon ramps up
  22. Thank you Jon, she wont change much more now, the stun booms on top of the yards, Anchors, Crests, lanterns, not bothering with the ships boats and may be another 20m of rigging to complete her
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