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  1. yes the circumstances coul;d be a lot better, lol i dread the letter saying i am being reenlisted to the RN, i dont fancy doing crowd control in a local Asda supermarket ty for the comments, it is coming on quite well now, another week or so and the superstructure may be finished, then its time to get the bath tub (hull) out and get on with that but need some dry weather
  2. good evening everyone well im not 100% sure i have achieved what i wanted, but it look far better than it did, at present i have lost the wire rope effect, and some of the ratlines are not laying down correctly, they can be sorted with a pva wash, i may try drybrushing to get the steel effect back the plans for the booms are very vague so they are in position for now, until i find a decent reference yesterday the stanchions above the ladders were completed,sprayed with white primer and a grime wash put on top the big parts that were made up a few months ago and now being fitted, another week or so, i may have to put her on hold, as the hull will then require work and its just too wet/damp to do it,
  3. good evening everyone yesterday i finished rigging the main mast today i ripped it all off including the mast and did my first big rebuild deck hole made larger made the mast base hole larger metal tube from the Bismarck build cut lager than required wooden dowelling to firm up the top section of the mast resprayed and back on the boat within an hour he extra metal tube is secured under with a washer c/a into place new shrouds made as before but now toned down with a flory grime wash i even converted a photo to black and white to help me make a decision to do the rip out, obviously that didnt change my mind
  4. good evening everyone Main mast this has now been set to the correct rake, as per the plans the shrouds took a day or so to get right, as they are steel, i had noting in the correct amounts to do this, picture hanging wire was about right so i cut lengths of thread and dipped it in silver paint, wiped it through, bees waxed it and the found some plastic tube, this was from cotton buds, pained silver, to represent the steel tube surrounding the fold in the wire this wasnt right, try again getting better, but still rong nope, to complicated thats much better nothing is fixed, as i need to make sure everything is in the right place, it is going to get crowded behind the wheel house The funnel being a big lump. i decided to find a system where i could pull the funnel to the superstructure rather than just glue it and hope its in the right place 10mm x 10 mm brace in base of funnel same again secure under the funnel area and a 3rd loose bit under the superstructure with a screw through it into the base of the funnel brace allowed me to get a tight fit , and adjust it till in the right position stays going in for the funnel and mast and outside for some brushing off and photos
  5. Good morning everyone to bring you up to date lining up the Davits with a bit of weathering the reels were in position as per the plans, but as i have found on other builds they are to far aft, and have since been re-positioned . a piece of wire to stop any sagging, then covered in cling film to protect the boat, and held in place with elastic bands instead of tissue paper i used some sail material from and old kit again held in place painted with a pva/water solution with a few creases deliberately in place i have used lifecolour grey paint for this (left over from the Bismarck build) after letting the paint dry overnight, i then masked around the boat to get a cutting line after trimming the cover fell away from the hull and allowed me to remove the bands and cling film i have cut a few tabs from the off cuts to make a few securing positions next will be to paint it again to cover the cut line and put a different colour on the tabs, then do it all over again on the other boat this was my first attempt at the handle lines MK1 and MK2
  6. Otter Boards i loved this project, but they needed a lot of work to make them presentable two halves with a wooden filling stain shades paint used was IDF Green set aside for the D9R dozer i have a a rough position where they go the Gallows there to take the weight of the otter boards again a lot of flash clean up but make lovely kits and quite weighty as well the funnel i was not able to find out if these trawlers had any funnel top protection, so i decided it would have, just scratched a few bits of plastic together and mesh from a washing bag, that i used to take to sea, then sprayed black so at Christmas, she looked like this booms are just dowling with a few brackets attached hand rails roughly in place winch drums, awaiting a decision what to do with them and a temp mast hand rails going in ash chutes more work on the rails, still not completed and then to do some toning down, using a Flory grime wash, the difference is much better. to me nothing is fixed into position tomorrow i will bring you up to date with the work on the boat deck including the completion of the davits and life boats
  7. Good evening everyone, a apologies to everyone for not posting more often on here a lot has happened in 4 months, but the biggest change was over Christmas was the decision to retire, which happened at the end of January after a few weeks i am getting into a routine that is something that im not used to having been working since the late 60's aged 11 anyway for me life is good, my self the wife and dog, are getting used to it St Nectan i put the Snowberry/Bluebell build to one side, and it will be completed one day, I went back to the stern of the boat and did some work around the Cod Liver house, these are the rudder chains that run alongside the superstructure fitting the Whale Back this is one of those jobs where i could have done with being outside with plenty of space and another set of hands, but it was pouring with wain and on me own lol thank god for superglue and activator/accelerator i had earlier fitted a sheet roughly the right shape to the underside and strip wood on the inside of the hull to double the amount of contact area i spread ca on the white plasticard and held it against the hull and bonded it with a quick spay, 1/2 hour later all done, the sanding down has revealed a gap at the bow, other than that im very happy with it Bulkhead Braces stern light then boat deck supports, these are now ready to be fitted much later in the build photo taken and then removed
  8. just recd an update of the build, 95% complete and looking far better than anything i could do
  9. Good evening everyone the steam winch has now been completed, still needs a lot of weathering
  10. good evening everyone i have a weeks holiday, so have put the Corvette away and got the steam trawler back out, here is a brief update of what i have done since the last update
  11. good evening everyone the main deck has been fitted now so i have a solid non flexing hull, the gross beam were reinforced with brass rod the 1/4 deck was also fitted, i got a brilliant fit, but when i tried the superstructure it seams the 1/4 is to far forward, if i correct it where it needs to be the deck will be 1/2 way up the depth charge exits in the stern, so may have to file some away at the same time thin the stern bulkhead down this afternoon i made some of the mast up with the lookout cage, this is all soldered, i just need to straiten som of it out to look more presentable made the engine room cowls as well, yes its some kit plastic nothing on the deck plates has been fixed into position i have decided on her final colours, they are colour coat enamels supplied by soverign Hobbies and will represent her 1945 image the ladder, 3 piece PE set with a shaped ring Ladder need to go forward at the base in line with the steam pipes the new steam pipe does not look rifht, infact it looks like it being forced into position, i will have to sort that out during the week
  12. good evening everyone some of the work that has been completed i moved from aft again to the bridge area, and progressed onto the the twin guns (20mm) i think, one went together ok but the other one became a disaster, not helped by dropping it and not finding it because it caught in the dogs hair as later found in the garden the platforms have to be adapted, to allow for the guard rails, the etch has a scribe line where it is to be cut if required ( as this gun was used in many builds) and it may not need to be adapted then i cleaned the platforms with the etch cleaner, and for the first time i mixed a tiny amount of the etch primer let it sit for 3 hours and applied it, i impressed with the results, but also learnt not to put the etch cleaner in plastic yogurt pots
  13. Its bad enough being in a sub in rough weather on the surface without a carrying handle lol,
  14. i read the other day that Revell have/are dropping the ship from their list, but not to panic as there are lots on the shelves
  15. Here is the link https://www.djparkins.com/home.php?cat=303&page=1
  16. good evening everyone i have tried to get into a routine of doing something on any of my builds every day, its surprising what can be done in a couple of hours, and it is weening me off the PC (that can only be good) most of the big bits are now started, so at any time i can go from one piece to another most of the hedgehog launcher is done and protection screen NOT MY PHOTO wip on the engine room skylight and now the depth charge racks are on the go
  17. Good question, and i have a very good answer As for the soldering, i prefer it to glueing now, i am still making a few mistakes, but overall im happy, its just the photos make it look awful my next build i may look to use thin metal rather than plasticard the St Nectan or this build will be finished before i start the 1/48 Paddle steamer Talisman
  18. yes, i have been discussing doing one in 1/48 or 1/24, but other options include a minesweeper like the RN Ton Class or a large scale MTB
  19. Thank you Tom About 36, that includes the bits i have not yet fitted, like sights, footplates and hand wheels
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