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  1. good evening everyone as i progress through this build i am deviating more and more from the instructions, and spending more and more time on research designing and making my own bits foremast radar cage, still need to make a radar Bowsprit made made collets fwd raft location stern anchors i am presently working on the side entry's and ladders not my phot but looking at something like this
  2. i think you have become one of my top 5 modellers that i follow, stunning work
  3. its actually a fun build as well, i need a mast in early to check the revised rigging works, as i am hoping to make my own rope on this one, also will allow me time to get some aerly practice for making the sails from scratch i am try to achieve this file:///C:/Users/testuser/Desktop/all%20my%20builds/Amerigo%20Vespucci/f477t1284p142224n8_iSgdhECY.jpg
  4. very nice indeed but 1/200 i small enough for me, and i am not in a hurry to do another one of those looking forward to following your progress i
  5. @MeneMene good evening does the hatch def drop downwards, and not raised upwards?
  6. good evening everyone good god its 2 months since i last posted here, def time for an update Balcony completed after cabin stripped back and rebuilt forward cabin was binned and i made a new one derrick mast made up, will be rigged at a later date funnel cleaned up after left unpainted, as will all brass bits after awnings scratch built along with the davits a reminder of how she looked forward fittings, lots of them foremast being made up to ensure that i can gety everything in right place, with a revised rigging plan
  7. lovely build, and i have just reread your log what i do like very much, is the way that @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies made a comment, and reasons given wrt paint scheme, if all comments about builds were like that, we would all be happier modellers, i appreciate you took his comments and changed your colour scheme, as a result you have something to be even prouder off, well done
  8. good evening everyone i redid the derrick mast, 40mm to long was something that was going to look a bit stoopid, one on the right is the correct length the funnel has been stripped back of colour the stern railings are now in position, although the capping has still to be sanded down the stern lifeboat davits have also been made up and inplace but not fixed
  9. Sorry Arjan i never saw you post until tonight, my boi is never far from me or the wife when we are crafting etc here he is on the grooming table next to me a couple days ago
  10. good morning everyone thank you for comments and likes well the forward wheel house is finished for now, im happy with the way she turned out, thats most of the big stuff done, still a a ton of smaller stuff to remake, scratch, find or repair
  11. adjustable was, very much so, in fact they were constantly adjusting themselves lol, all my boats will be moved this summer into a dedicated display area, so no doubt i will have to put them all back into place
  12. good evening everyone thank you for comments and likes the forward wheel house is still getting attention, having learnt to solder on the bluebell build it has paid dividends on the brass canopy the raft for the midships boats have been made up, still to be painted
  13. Amati Models - buy in our online store thank you for comments and likes
  14. thank you everyone this was a Mountfleet kit, i have been looking Sirmar next for a 1/96 HMS Hermes, or try to get a Rover auxiliary kit HMS Blue Rover (sirmarfittings.com) HMS Hermes (sirmarfittings.com)
  15. on and off the table between June 2020 and finished march 2021 given as a retirement gift pretty well OOB
  16. completed June 2020 13 months on and off the table, enjoyable build, but requires a lot of cleaning up off the 1300+ white metal bits
  17. oooooooo i would volunteer at least i would be recognised for something in the future, rather than a grumpy old EX maelot who builds kits badly
  18. hello Martian looking at some online plans, i see nothing about the ballast tanks being open to the inside, that would be just silly, it seams the most plausible reason for the loss of life, was running out of air, as it appears everyone was at their posts but other theories exist Top Possible Theories – The Friends of The Hunley
  19. love to see subs being built, but having served in them for 30 years i dont think i will be building one any time soon
  20. Good evening everyone this cabin i think is called the chicken coup, no idea why, and i dont think chicken are involved i still have to purchase some smaller portholes to finish it off and paint it the fwd house has had to be scratched, as it kind of exploded, after several attempts to salvage it i gave up and made a new one, not brilliant but looks ok apart from the mast, these deck fittings will now be used
  21. Good evening everyone the the after house is completed with the exception of the aldis lamp front (lost for now) lots to do but some of the work will be delayed whilst i replace some of the lost/used bits, annoying but my fault
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