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  1. good evening everyone some of you may have seen a recent post wrt to a 1/12 Tudor mansion that the wife found thinking i had thrown it out 10+ years ago to cut a story short a couple of hours discussions about what to do with it then perused thoughts of putting in a display case then turned into a diorama idea, which in turn made me look for a royal mail British horse drawn carriage, which i have ordered, however i saw this and it arrived first this is the box contents, looks quite good value for the money, off Amazon, actually it was 1/2 the price of Cornwall Model Boats and fleabay 5 sheets of plans all 1/1 at 1/12 scale
  2. good morning everyone and now for something different BRIEF HISTORY Originally, the wooden or metal framework over the coffin was called a hearse. It was decorated with numerous spikes to hold burning candles. Sometime in the 17th century, people started using the word to refer to not only the construction above the coffin, but to the vehicle that carried the casket to the grave. Early hearses were hand-drawn. As time went on, families started to choose rural cemeteries instead of traditional church grounds. Caskets had to be transported greater distances. People wanted to go out in style and ordered elaborately decorated coffins in exotic woods. The hearses became fancier and heavier. They needed horsepower, not manpower. The first American horse-drawn hearses date back to the mid nineteenth century. A typical horse-drawn hearse of that period cost about $1,500. KIT FEATURES Historically accurate, highly detailed model Laser cut basswood parts Basswood wheel rims & spokes Cast Britannia metal axles & shafts Machine turned aluminium wheel hubs Photo-etched brass ornamentation 5 sheets of detailed plans 48-page illustrated instruction manual Instructions & prototype model by Ken Foran MODEL SPECIFICATIONS Length: 13” Height: 8” Width: 5” Scale: 1:12
  3. that has turned out very nice indeed, well done
  4. good evening everyone well most of the foremast is complete now, brackets for navigation lights, and placing some of the blocks, along with rope ladders still to be made although temp in place for now i then run a few of the lines from the bowsprit through and im quite happy with the result next im thinking of making up the main and mizzen m getting used to just making bits, they are not always pretty
  5. that deck looks fantastic, hope they resolve the matter for you
  6. lovely build i moved mine the other day as it was being moved into a new display cabinet, a little bit of damage, oh and the amount of dust on her, is going to take a while to clean up
  7. if this is what you are referring to, known as fish ponds, deck ponds, areas for sorting the catch before dropping down into the fish room
  8. good morning everyone although it has been quiet on my AV build, i did create the display area Display case for my large scale builds - Work in Progress - Maritime - Britmodeller.com but i have been learning new skills as well taught myself rope making using the @Alexey Domanoff rope maker and have now started to get some nice results, using Guttermans Mara threads and serpia ink im using 4 sizes of thread 30, 70, 100, and 120 ( 30 is the largest i have) its attached to one of the roof beams, i will try for a better photo
  9. i might get the Amerigo in there , and possibly another there is room to extend to the left if i move the carpet tile on the wall, which is covering the letter box
  10. good evening everyone as some of you are aware i do like building larger scale static ships, im happy when i have at least a 4 foot + build on the table But where do you put them? my mancave used to be the garage, but i moved out when we got a dog and it became a duping room (the garage that is, not the dog), my conservatory is where all my building takes place now as i retired at the start of the pandemic, several builds have been completed and they do take a lot of room the decision was to adapt part of the garage into display area, and wondered if any one was interested in how i did it new garage roof fitted garage cleaned up and work top cut back a foot print of 2.3 by 1.5 the height of the partitions was decided by Wickes and there 2mm acrylic sheets chipboard was wallpapered and painted T&G floor i stole the kitchen lights and put gu10 LEDS in we have light St Nectan 1/35 Mountfleet Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck 1/72 Caldercraft HMS Victory and 1/20 Amati Dorade more pictures when i can stop the reflection by putting up blackout curtains on the windows
  11. i have only seen crowsfeet on one other build,, but was interested in a conversation recently on Model Ship World, but before i say anything, it is not to upset, annoy or take away anything from your build, which has been done very nice Crows feet do not appear in any books of reference, James Lees, in his book, "The Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War" states that crows feet were generally not in use after the end of the eighteenth century and they are certainly not rigged on 'Victory' as she is preserved today - supposedly as she was at Trafalgar.
  12. good evening everyone well the 4 accommodation ladders have been taken to about 95% complete still need to be rigged and adjusted i need to get the bowsprit in now, before i do any more hull work, as this has now become a scratch build i want to make sure everything fits over a couple weeks i set the chains and rigging to make any adjustments required, then yesterday i ripped it all al out to set it all in place, im quite happy with how she looks, lol just so painfully slow
  13. wow, sorry i missed the first year of this build, it has made great reading
  14. good evening everyone most of the two lowered stbd side accommodation ladders are complete now, hope to finish them tomorrow as the port side was a test, these went together much better and faster and in my eyes look better made a set of jigs to ensure the platform supports were the same size, lol its the danger time when i say to myself is it time for a redo of the port side
  15. thank you agreed but i am a social moderator for another forum and therefore she appears quite often on FB
  16. good evening everyone i have been fairly quiet on the build in the last week, the 2nd AZ Covid Jab really knocked the stuffing out of me, but glad i had it and im fine now it took a while to do the port side ladders but i need to work them out, i think they came out ok the name will have to change soon, the rivet counters dont like the colour, suggestions are welcome supports pin the platform to the hull in reality, these would work, but the pins would have to be replaced with a hinge/pivot making the stanchion supports brass tube in a rotary drill and scored using xacto blade made 4 of these not sure how many will be used gangway tent cages then did the same for the after ladder but this one in the stowed position
  17. what machine did you purchase, i just recd the Domanoff version VR 3.1 Rope making machine | <br>(HD adaptable rope making machine. Former Ropewalk "Prosak") | Domanoffs Workshop (shipworkshop.com)
  18. lovely work, i see this and think of Dafi (Daniel) build dafi daniel hms victory - Bing images
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