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  1. i have still got quite a few lines to go in, the build is over 1.5 meters and is just as tall so the qty used soon ramps up
  2. Thank you Jon, she wont change much more now, the stun booms on top of the yards, Anchors, Crests, lanterns, not bothering with the ships boats and may be another 20m of rigging to complete her
  3. Good evening everyone still on track to complete this build, spending as much time as i can at the weekends, with all the other normal stuff that goes on there in real life the last of the main yards are now made and being rigged into position, LOL i now have to think about both ends when turning her around, most of the rigging should then be completed by this time next week these are the gaff and Driver boom
  4. Thank you for the comments and likes, very much appreciated
  5. good evening everyone, i have been quite fortunate to have had a 4 day weekend off, and the wife away, so just me and my doggie a majority of the rigging is now done, the after sheet block are still to be made, but i want to look at where i am going to put the ships boats first, then sort out/make the gaff i have done quite a bit of reworking on the beak head, and re-run some lines as i am finding that they were run incorrectly, and two lines were broken i have even replaced a few of the missing copper tiles with the plans i have now highlighted the lines completed, and lol some were found to be missing, but will go in this weekend and as as the stun booms lots still to do, but hopefully a few pictures will show what i have been doing´╗┐
  6. Thank you for the comments, Matt i dont read books, but so g;ad you can relate my build to the one you are
  7. good evening everyone, sorry didn't realise it was 3 weeks since my last post, the main mast is now rigged, with the exception of the lines that pass aft, and the stun booms, the Mizzen mast has been taking my attention for the last couple of weekends, i believe i am on track for an Easter completion still
  8. the bridge appears to be set back to far, over what i pesume to be the control room, or what ever the flared area is, possibly a remote periscope viewing area, as it seams to be external to the pressure hull, or maybe im just talking poo
  9. If underway, she may have the foreplanes extended out, even if she was shut of from diving, (no intention of diving and time soon),
  10. Good evening everyone since the last post a lot of work has been done on the foremast, but comparing the photos there is not a lot that can be seen, mainly the work involves braces. where the middle of the yards are first secured to the masts, and now the ends of the yards are being secured to other parts of the ship please ask questions if anything is not understood
  11. interesting question, so i went and tried to find out, using another dedicated ship building site i subscribe to this is the question i asked coming to the end of my 1/72 build of the Victory, and i was asked a question about it on another site, "how did 18th century sailors know what rigging went where" subject to the masters fine tuning, if two identical ship were built would each line go in the same position and tied off at the same point how were young sailors taught this as i quess very few could read so basically he is asking how would a young sailor know what rope to handle if told to do a specific job these are a few replies i got back They of course were trained to "know the ropes" as the saying is. Dont think of sailors as being just same untrained landsmen taken by the press gangs. Rigging design and fitting was done by experts and each ship would have some officers or petty officers who could rig their vessel from scratch if needs be. The crew was graded - able seaman was a grade for experience and would show the new hands what went where and the crews were organised by mast and where so there were groups to deal with thedeck of each mast the foretop men etc ectt ************************************************************* "Rigging Period Ship Models" by Lennarth Peterson shows deck belaying plans. There were standards to follow like most things in the navy at that time which could be modified to fit the needs and peculiarities of individual vessels (example- bomb ketch). ************************************************************* However, captains were free to change the rig such as belaying points, angles of the masts, etc. to maximize performance. ************************************************************* Whilst there was a degree of standardization, the bosun (I think, may have been another non-officer) and sailing master had great leeway with where running lines terminated (belaying points), obviously within the physical constraints of the vessel and total rig. Once the landsman learned his way around the vessel, including the riggong, he would "test" for his next rate. If moving to a different ship of same class, there was a shallow learning curve. A different class or size, though, could be quite different. There are no references (official or otherwise) from the period which I am aware of that specified the precise run for a line, but rather specified diameter, blocks, attachment points at fixed end and so forth. ************************************************************* Almost half the time, the rigging was handled in the dark. Crew was open to change at every port. Their nationality was varied. Navy crew altered. In severe weather the lines were handled under real stress. There was every reason for having which line was where be as standardized as possible. *************************************************************
  12. a few seconds ago Good evening everyone, im still here trying to get a few hours work on the build if and when i can, lots of new lines have gone in since my last post but still need to be put under a bit of tension and tied off
  13. Facebook has different account for all the hulls and a couple of general GMD sites also which i used a lot was the CCD site http://countyclassdestroyers.co.uk/design.htm
  14. i have made quite a bit of progress on the build in the last week, the fore yard is not finished with just a few lines to find homes for and then the fitting is the stun booms these are now fitted, more lines being secured this time to the channel and secured inside the bulkhead although still a lot of long loose ends most of the fitted fitted so far are now secured, i dont want to cut them just yet in case i have a need to remove them and a couple of how she looks tonight
  15. good evening securing ropes to blocks is not hard but can be difficult in hard to reach places, here is how i do mine, this example is on the end of a bookin (not hard to get to at all LOL) 7mm block secured through the securing rope another is passed through its this one we are going to secure feed through enough to work on thinner thread is tied in a half knot and rolled between the fingers to form the serve a tiny drop of c/a gule is applied to stop it coming undone, and not enough to soak through this can then be moved up the live to simulate the serve and pass the casual glance then just trim of the tail
  16. I like my ship builds as for the very same reason i can keep it to the bare minimum or find myself adding more and more, without the cost (lol after the initial kit expense)
  17. lovely work, I took notice of the fact that you look at qty of parts when deciding what to purchase,
  18. Ian, i dont quite agree with you, i dont think any build puts another one to shame, its just a matter of accepting what you are able to do, i dont regard mine as anything special, but have enjoyed what i have done, and still love looking at how others have tackled the same subject, the display case has not been thought about yet
  19. thank you Steve, i love you work, as well, you build a ship and LOL i might buy a flying thing Thank you Stuart, lol im giving me eyes a rest for 10 minutes
  20. good evening everyone well the first of the spars is fitted and being held under its own weight by the truss pendant and jeer block tackles (is also pinned) to keep it that way
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