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  1. Thanks Z - fully aware that this was a Gavia kit - their name was all over the sprues - might be wrong but think this was the first kit eduard released although it’s a rebox - the decals are by eduard - and they were pretty thick though they seemed ok until I started putting down washes . If I had cut the carrier film from the edges like I should have, they probably would have been fine. You live and learn. Thanks guys
  2. Thanks Opus - that's just thinned down oil paint applied with a brush - then used a dry brush and cotton buds to blend it and create the patterns - I used a gray colour which worked quite well.
  3. Hi guys - finished this off a couple of days ago - Bandai X-wing in the Blue Squadron scheme - painted with Mr Color and alclad lacquers.
  4. Thanks mate - yes I’m enjoying 1/48 but still have a few 1/72 in the stash which will get cracked open at some stage. The x-wing will be blue squadron in honor of the best Star Wars movie since empire. Looking forward to it even though i suspect there will be a lot of masking
  5. Nice work - I also ended up doing the landing lights with clear sprue but only after failing to get the kit lights to insert correctly. This is a nice kit but it's tricky in places and wouldn't recommend it to a beginner - your resulting model came out great. Well done
  6. Thanks guys Thanks Sam - I've been quite busy with work so haven't done any WIP's in a while - still doing lots of sanity modelling though Thanks guys Thanks Nikola - I thought so too - a bit different to usual yellow nose. Thanks Dunny Thanks Jack - I was worried about weathering that white nose and some of the effects I tried here didn't really come out but I was pleased overall.
  7. Thanks Sam - I've started a Bandai X-wing - going for some simple easy construction after 2 Eduard kits - I love how Eduard models come out but getting there can be a challenge Thanks mate Thanks Woody Thanks Andrés - I've done alot of modelling over those 2 years - I'd say my average is 2 hours a day so I'd say that's the main reason I've improved. It took me quite a few attempts before I started to get nice results using oils - for me it was about finding the correct method that worked for me. There are hundreds of ways of working with oils so i
  8. Thanks Wulfman Thanks Andrés - weathering with oils has become my favorite part of the build - it's very relaxing and great fun.
  9. Thank you Gary / I will keep them coming Thanks - I loved this scheme when I saw it - had to do the kit. Thanks guys
  10. Hi all - This is the old Eduard La-7 in 1/48 - I struggled a fair bit with this one - I think it's been my longest build to date, not helped by my attempted modifications - adding extended landing flaps and few others additions. I had a few fitting problems which required many hours of filling and sanding, especially around the wing roots. I attempted to create a fabric wing effect with paint and weathering which I'm more or less happy with. I also needed to grind down the sides of the canopy to allow an open cockpit which I'd never attempted before - this came out quite nicely I think. I als
  11. Hi all - this is the Eduard E-3 - a very nice kit if a little tricky in places - I did make a few little little mistakes during the construction but nothing I wasn't able to sand and fill my way out of. I replaced the gun barrels with some turned brass aftermarket but otherwise it was all out of the box - though being a profipack, it came with masks and some PE. Painted with Mr Color Lacquers and weathered with Mig Washes and Oil paint - it was an enjoyable build. Battle of Britain scheme. This build kind of
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