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  1. stunning build!!, another for the get list Andy
  2. Hi guys, does anyone make FuG 202 antenna In 72nd? Cheers Andy
  3. Nice, I like the black & white effects Stunning kit to build Andy
  4. thats coming along well pits good for its scale too.. Andy
  5. Hi guys, three tone on now NATO brown sprayed free hand unlike the black that was masked....
  6. Hi guys, going together really fast this one!!!, Hull ,superstructure & gun built up & sprayed Army painter black primer.... Hi guys, build breakdown, seats base sprayed NATO brown....
  7. Hi guys, forgot how fast Tamiya armour builds... hull built ,fighting compartment on the way too....& yeah the Commander is Putin!!!
  8. Hi guys, picked this up yesterday Tamiya's brand new SU-76M assult gun nicknamed bitch by its crews
  9. Looks great, what colour are you using for the office? Andy
  10. Looks great, Trumpeter really have nailed Soviet heavy metal Andy
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