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  1. Haven't posted on here for a while as life has kind of got in the way of modelling... However, over the weekend, between life and getting the house puppy ready... What have I agreed to!! I have managed to do a bit of basic building. There are plenty of better pictures of mine and as with the trailer there are plenty of bits of the kit that are fiddly! Engine: Engine and radiator, not joined as I'll paint them first: Chassis starting the build up: Its my annual work conference this week and
  2. Thanks for the comments, Its certainly an interesting learning curve getting this together! Got the the end of the trailer for now... Going to move on to the tractor and get that built up and then finish the trailer with rigging etc when its all together as one. I've roughed it up with the wheels as is for now, but I may still try and get some different ones. I have used some very light oil wash just to give an impression of a roughed up surface. Now back to building...!
  3. Yes the wheels are a bit of horror... In the instructions there are two tyre options. The first one is sort of straight through tyre tread and the second an off set type of tread which is what I have gone for. The first option would show and approximation of the tyres in the photo but even then it doesn't look like them. I think giving the two options for the tread is why the wheels are built in the way they are, e.g. a bit rubbish in the kit! I think when its all put together they will look pretty hidden, but I may also look at aftermarket ones if they look rubbish...
  4. Excellent! Good news, yours is looking really good! Where did you get the radiator from? I haven't actually checked if my kit has the old one in it, I assume so....! Richard
  5. Doing it with the wheels on would be a task...!! Having got more than a little bit obsessed with the US election and the CNN interactive maps in particular, I didn't really get much done this weekend... I have made a start at trying to show some wear on the trailer before clearing it is prep for some very minor wash effects. Couple of pics of progress: Wheels waiting of go on: Extra wooden planks and some wear effect (attempt) on the trailer deck: Ramps and deck with a bit of wear effect: Wheels, not fi
  6. The PE looks fine to me, its a tank, I doubt there are any in use that are not a bit knocked about! I really don't like PE, you have done a better job than I do with it!
  7. This is great and really good research! Tigers are epic things although as it turned out there were not lots of them and they could be temperamental! As an aside there is a great podcast which has a lot of tiger content, whilst being about ww2 more generally, called 'We have ways of making you talk'. Def worth a listen.
  8. Looks really good, you have done a brilliant job on the wooden floors, they look spot on. Its a pretty big thing all together and loaded up. No idea where I'll actually put mine when its done....
  9. Managed to get some paint on the trailer over the weekend. Its a bit of a mission with the airbrush because there are a more than a few hidden areas... I started by putting down some random brown areas and also to pick up the wood... The moved on to coat of desert yellow to serve as the main base coat Followed by some green added as camo. I roughly followed the pattern on the instructions but just free-handed it with the airbrush: Final bit was to do some work bring it together and working on the wood a bit. I will
  10. Trailer is now just about built... There are still some smaller bit to be added but it ready to start painting now. I have had some more PE traumas, I really hate the stuff, to me its useful for some things but in the main I can't help thinking that plastic parts would have been just as good... Anyway some pictures, before priming and initial painting begins. Underneath storage box: Underside done for now... Ramps on the back of the trailer: Ready to paint: Painting can now begin...
  11. A bit more building over the weekend. Reckon another evening of putting stuff together and then its time to start priming and painting bits in modular format. The kit is really enjoyable but I am finding it a bit fiddly in places, its more about making parts fit, its not terrible but I do think there is a bit of filling to be done in places. One thing I am surprised about is how square it appears to be sitting. When I first felt the parts I thought it may end up a bit flimsy but a it goes together it strengthens pretty well. More pictures Wheel bogie onto t
  12. Thanks all, I think it turned out OK, lots that can be improved but the main thing is that it was fun to build. I think the figures in part photograph better than they actually are! I'm on to another one now... No figures but as a kit much more fiddly... And, I think its going to take a while to get anywhere near finished.
  13. That looks really good, chipping is not something I have done before but that is really effective. Are you are painting this in a modular way and then piecing it together before weathering etc? Both the trailer and the truck seem to have quite a lot of hidden detail so its balance, which I am pondering, when to stop building and start painting!!?
  14. I think that looks really good, especially after the break! I'm in the same position as you having got back into things after a similar break... Things have moved on somewhat and its great fun catching up on the missing 3 decades... Richard
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