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  1. Elkin

    Airfix 2020

    Airfix did the Swift but have neglected to produce a far better candidate, The De Havilland Venom ! No decent 1:72 kit available, why ?
  2. Its a mix up in the pics, the Shavit has the pointed nose and enlarged fin top among other things. Both kits have the relevant parts.
  3. Bit of a mix up in the pics, that's the nose and tail for the JSTAR, decals for the Shavit.
  4. Elkin

    234 Squadron

    Good evening Guy's, I am trying to find out some information regarding 234 SQN RAF for a friend who is an ex RAAF Mirage pilot. His father was a pilot with 234 during WWII and his family have his log books. What is puzzling him is there appear to be quite a few entries where the squadron escorted 617 SQN, he is trying to find out if this was a coincidence or there was some sort of association between the Squadrons. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance. Pete on behalf of Ex SQN LDR Halloran RAAF
  5. Would like the YO-3 but at nearly £50 at the rubbish exchange rates I think I will carry on scratch building one.
  6. I don't know about anyone else but I can't be bothered to look anymore.
  7. Typical, wait all your life for a decent (will judge when I have the kit in hand) 1:72 scale Mirage to come along and suddenly there is a flood of them ! At the moment I like the HPM kit, I have corrected the nose and cast some off so I am quite happy, its just the cost of them that holds me back from purchasing them by the dozen.
  8. Good evening Petr I have never been so excited about seeing a new release as I have over your Mirage III/V family. It is my favorite jet of all time and I have already built over 30 of your F.1's, the III/V however in all honesty I have lost count of how many I wish to build on top of the 50 I currently have ! My wife on the other hand just says oh no, good buy moor money! Still it will be easy for her to choose presents for me. Only two points regarding the Swiss Mirage, some aircraft had a different nose cone because of the American radar and the nose u/c leg and cover were different. Can't wait for these and hope to see a South American boxing, Asian boxing, African boxing, European - oops sorry getting carried away, so excited!!!!!
  9. Very nice build sir. I have this on my to do list.
  10. Very Nice sir. I am just in the process of converting 1 to a C10 and another to a C COD of the FAC. Just having a little difficulty with the decals at the moment. Peter
  11. Good evening This is my first posting on Britmodeller and I just wanted to share a couple of my builds. They are a Venezuelan AMD Mirage III EV, RVaircraft kit, and an Ecuadorian Kfir TC, AMK kit crossed with the twin seat parts from a Highplanes Mirage IIID. Both are 1:72 and the colour schemes are applied freehand. The TC was great fun and just needed a bit of cutting and thinning of parts to make it all come together. I hope you enjoy them and welcome any comments. Elkin
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