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  1. Thanks Jeff, well it is important toget the basics right before advancing to anything more sophisticated, isn’t it? So I concentrate on that as well. My ships are very basic and take a loooong time to finish! Regards!
  2. Thanks John, will give it a good look and try. cheers!
  3. To be clear,..... I meant: a better site to use as host! Where my pictures are stored and from where I can make the link to my posts in BM. I have seen many other BM members using different hosts and will look into those options as well. I just tried to use instagram because I already had an account there (with only a few pictures of the Nimitz and nothing else) but it seems this is not going to be the way ahead. Albatros
  4. In that case it is certainly not what it should do or what I intended: show a picture continuously. Strange however, that I can see it when I click on the link in that post myself. There must be a better way and/or a better site to do this. My search continues. It is just trial and error at the moment. Thanks for checking out that link Corsairfoxfouruncle! Albatros
  5. I will keep following your progress. What else can I say? Modelling metal is beyond my capabilities, I can only mold plastic and wood. Keep going man! And let us know.
  6. Hi Guys this is a test foto upload via link USS Nimitz picture Please let me know if you can open the link and see my picture of the USS Nimitz 1:720 Thank you very much!
  7. Just a few days ago I came across the story of this build and it’s builder. An artist, a scientist, a modeler. I can only say (as it was impossible to read the whole story in such limited time) the story is one of outrageous beauty, comfort, consolation and solace. Is that not all we could possibly want from a great work of art or science, philosophy perhaps? Cheers, cheers, cheers! A. ,
  8. My apologies for the Typing error. I mean GREAT wisdom.
  9. Dear Me! Looking at this work of art and technology I can only conclude you must have driven the vehicle and lived in it yourself for a considerable amount of time, or you must have observed a trucker’s life from nearby, or have acquired your observations from hreat wisdom. It was like this when I drove them. Many thanks for posting it here. Inspiring!
  10. Very nice ignition leads indeed! And all the rest as well. Good repair works, when things do not go as planned. (happens more than once in this hobby!) Thanks for posting this here. Very useful! Carry on!
  11. Very inspiring work in progress! Splendid step by step pictures and explanations of the work done. A beautiful car as well (said the huge fan) and you are turning this slightly stubborn kit into a smashing miniature, with so much patience and problem solving creativity. Looking forward to seeing more. Cheers!
  12. Hi Scotsman! This brings back memories....a tube of glue (any would do), brushes and pots of Humbrol. Yes, sweet memories! I have had several gaps in my model building history and fortunately sevral returns as well. Back in 1983 (or so) my last build was a Tamiya Lancaster in 1:48. It was the first time I used Tamiya acrylic paints and discovered the miracle of quick drying paint, applied by brushes without seeing the painted surfaces collecting dust particles! What a bliss! After that a huge gap emerged and when I returned to the hobby more that 10 years later I entered a whole new world that had many more to offer and to choose from. Building afew aircraft in 1:72 and 1:48 was good fun but I did not care a lot about painting them. Then another gap. Then I made a lot of small models, due lack of space. A whole series of heavy goods vehicles in 1:87. Painted by hand and in matt colours, both Humbrol and Revell. After that another, more serious gap appeared for another 10 years during which very few models were build. An aircraft kit in balsa wood, modified to be used in flight instruction with moving control surfaces, a 1:16 Ferrari F40 which was a bargain when purchased, but not much more. The world has changed a lot since then and our hobby perhaps even more. Four years ago I started again and purchased the Tamiya CVN 65 Enterprise (1:350) and started hunting for PE parts. Only to find out that many “museum quality” builds had been made already by guys much more professional than myself. I just wanted to have this vessel again and get it right this time.....40 years ago or so I tried to build the Revell 1:720 version of it....with that tube of glue and the Humbrol pots. Anyway, to cut a long story short: The Big E has been put aside for a while and in the mean time I have tried my luck on a 1:720 Revell Nimitz. That one took me one year! (Lack of time, and sometimes lack of inspiration) but it is now finished. This time I used a lot of masking tape, even more patience and Tamiya spray cans. No dust particles in the paint and smooth surfaces, but the old brush proves handy for small parts, a bit of weathering and the odd corner you can not reach spraying. I would say: take your time, enjoy it and try something new once in a while. Good luck and good hunting! Albatros
  13. That’s great, Ian. Many thanks. I will keep trying to find a site to upload my model pictures to. May take sevral weeks....busy tines here in the new job.....flying airplanes. Once settled in, be sure I will upload a few nice ones! until then......the Blues! Markus
  14. Hi Jon, Nice to meet you. I’ve built multiple heavy goods road transport models in 1:87......never got any closer to train models, but I do like them! Hang in there.....hope to be in touch. Markus
  15. Sounds good. My apologies for asking how to submit pictures of work done. I have read it all now and it seems only possible from online pictures already submitted to other sites. I have never done that so I will try to find a way to get it done. cheers, Markus
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