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  1. Thanks for the reply! just so you know I've used a humbrol primer, which works well with the paints i mentioned above. The vallejo i used was 70.735 Magenta
  2. Hey Guys, I'm trying to mix a specific shade of colour using acrylics - I've tried myself but I cannot get anywhere near. I was wanting to do it with Tamiya Color or Revell Aqua Color Acrylics. I did find the shade in Vallejo but it just went rubbery and came straight off, so now want to use the paints I know work. I've attached a photo of what I'm trying to do - basically I'm trying to paint the figures helmet in the same shade as the chest (its darker in the photo but its magenta). Basically I want to reverse the colours the head is - i already have the grey for the face, but its the magenta that alludes me - any help and suggestions of how to mix and what shades to use would be very much appreciated.
  3. Hello, i was looking for an opinion on a little amendment i want to make to a model kit. Basically the thundebirds firefly model kil is a lot more snub nosed than it should be, and i was wanted to make it a bit more pointy. I was wondering if gluing the top of a plastic bottle for instance to the front of it then coating with putty would work? If not how could i do this?
  4. Thanks guys for the advice, sorry for the late reply, i completely forgot about this. I've managed to find the fonts as per one of your suggestions and got some decal paper so at least i could make my own. Thank you again
  5. Hello All, I'm new here and looking for some advise - does anyone know if there is anywhere i can find replacement Decals for IMAI / Aoshima Thunderbirds models? I have a thunderbird 4 that came with no decals, and a thunderbird 1 that could do with some more logos.
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