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  1. Those models are amazing, how do you laminate it can i ask? Do you just literally put two sheets or two pieces in a laminater?
  2. That's it .. My brain was starting to hurt thinking of the name of it ! You have to change the blade quite often . Sand down the edges if needed along the edge and not across it . Depends on sheet thickness too. I imagine curved edg Sorry for the late reply, I thought I'd already replied. Could you recomend a thickness to work with for a sturdy model? I have a very thin sheet and quite a thick sheet and i don't think either would be great for making the model.
  3. I've always loved the deisigns, but wanted to make them a little bit more like the cartoon design - the pontiac one in particular is very different to the toy. I was thinking of cardbaord as i mentioned, but plasticard could be a better medium? How do I cut it well, because when I've used an exacto on thin sheets before its been an absolute nightmare to cut. Also I had the boulder hill as well - it was a brilliant set.
  4. I've Attached images - they're vehicles from an old cartoon I used to watch called MASK. They were normal vehiicles that transformed into armoured versions of themselves.
  5. Hi All, I've been thinking about building some models out of cardboard, and just wondering what cardboard is the best for modelling? I'm not making huge models, was looking for something that is quite still, does not fray or tear when cut, and is ok to paint on with acrylics (or do so with pva first). Can anyone give me some advice?
  6. Thanks for the reply! just so you know I've used a humbrol primer, which works well with the paints i mentioned above. The vallejo i used was 70.735 Magenta
  7. Hey Guys, I'm trying to mix a specific shade of colour using acrylics - I've tried myself but I cannot get anywhere near. I was wanting to do it with Tamiya Color or Revell Aqua Color Acrylics. I did find the shade in Vallejo but it just went rubbery and came straight off, so now want to use the paints I know work. I've attached a photo of what I'm trying to do - basically I'm trying to paint the figures helmet in the same shade as the chest (its darker in the photo but its magenta). Basically I want to reverse the colours the head is - i already have the grey for the face, but its the magenta that alludes me - any help and suggestions of how to mix and what shades to use would be very much appreciated.
  8. Hello, i was looking for an opinion on a little amendment i want to make to a model kit. Basically the thundebirds firefly model kil is a lot more snub nosed than it should be, and i was wanted to make it a bit more pointy. I was wondering if gluing the top of a plastic bottle for instance to the front of it then coating with putty would work? If not how could i do this?
  9. Thanks guys for the advice, sorry for the late reply, i completely forgot about this. I've managed to find the fonts as per one of your suggestions and got some decal paper so at least i could make my own. Thank you again
  10. Hello All, I'm new here and looking for some advise - does anyone know if there is anywhere i can find replacement Decals for IMAI / Aoshima Thunderbirds models? I have a thunderbird 4 that came with no decals, and a thunderbird 1 that could do with some more logos.
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