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  1. I just wish Kinetic would release a Mirage 5. I cannot justify the Wingman prices, and I want a French one anyway. Jon
  2. I don't think it's possible to make such a correction with a vac-form. You'd struggle to get the master out. Jon
  3. Yes, I meant the omega shape. I know no other kit is better; I was just adding to the list of problems with the Kinetic kit. It's solely because of this issue that I've not bought one. Jon
  4. The Kinetic canopy has the wrong cross-section as well, and that's pretty noticeable. Jon
  5. Thanks everyone! I'm hoping to have an F-4G done by the end of the month. Jon
  6. I'm still hoping they'll use their research to make a 1/48 Swift, but that hope is fading as the years roll by Jon
  7. Thanks everyone - it will remain unloaded! The markings are from the kit. Cheers Jon
  8. Hi all, In a fit of madness I decided to build four 1/48 Phantoms at the same time. Here's the first: Hasegawa's 1/48 F-4E from a 2001 boxing in the kit decals. Paint is Mr Color and applied freehand. The seats and pylons are True Details resin. The engine exhausts are from an Academy F-4. A full description is written up here: https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-mcdonnell-douglas-f-4e-phantom-ii/ Comments welcome and thanks for looking. Jon
  9. The writing errors annoy the hell out of me. But comparing things to the past is, IMO, just looking back through rose-tinted glasses. I've been looking through old magazines from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and except for the standard of writing, everything else was universally worse back then, IMO. Jon
  10. Ciro Models and Aires/Quickboost do resin intakes for the MiG-23 in 1/48. Metallic Models do a resin nose. Ciro Models do a resin rear fuselage to correct the errors with the airbrakes. Jon
  11. Yes. At the time the speculation was that it was in 1/32, but I think this was because people misunderstood how big a Buccaneer is in 1/48. Using the designer's hand as a scale it was clearly the same size as Airfix's 1/48 Bucc. Jon
  12. That's very kind words I'm working on 4 1/48 F-4 Phantoms at the moment, simultaneously, so it will be a while before the next update...hopefully before Christmas. From my perspective, there are two main disadvantages to contributing to a magazine: 1. You lose control of the content. I like having my stuff available on the internet, mainly because I like occasionally viewing my collection from wherever I happen to be! 2. The need for in-progress photos. I don't have a dedicated area to take these, and setting up and tearing down the photo equipment is very time-consuming. I'm not sure the small financial rewards available outweigh these downsides. Cheers Jon
  13. Good info. I meant to call them today, but ran out of time. I wonder what effect this has on their business? The next issue is due out 2 weeks today! Jon
  14. Still not in Smiths either, as of yesterday, so I'm assuming this is a repeat of the printing problem. When the editorship moved to Spencer, I thought that was a massive step forward and made me subscribe. Content seems to have tailed off of late - I'm not particularly interested in Mustangs or Fw190s - and the writing style has become a little grating. There is a general overuse of gerunds. Before someone wonders if I can do better, I did offer when contributors were solicited in an editorial, but never received a reply... Jon
  15. Skyknight also saw service in Vietnam, so might move up the list.
  16. Has anyone who's a subscriber received their copy of this yet? I've seen the front cover online and see that there's yet another build article of the Eduard Fw190. The diet of this magazine is becoming rather thin... Jon
  17. Yes it does but I don't put weapons on my models in general. Jon
  18. They do, but this one was from 2011 when they had been in service for only a year... Jon
  19. If you go for the AMK in 1/48 you need to get the updated one with this boxart: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1104745-amk-88001-a-israel-iai-kfir-c2-c7 They changed the fuselage from the original boxing to make it more accurate and updated the ordnance. Jon
  20. Thanks all Nope, and sadly the canopy is the weak point of the finished article. There's some kind of fogging on the inside of the canopy which has highlighted a fingerprint or two. No CA was used (I use Tamiya Extra Thin) so I'm not sure what has caused this fogging Cheers Jon
  21. This is Kitty Hawk's 1/48 AH-1Z in kit markings for HMLA-367. The only aftermarket is Werner's Wings resin gun turret. The paint is Mr Color 308 and 337. The contrast between the panel line wash and the paint scheme is a little too stark for my liking, but I'm calling this one finished. A full build article and more photos can be seen here: https://jonbryon.com/kitty-hawk-1-48-bell-ah-1z-viper/ Cheers Jon
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