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  1. Last one for 2019: Airfix's 1/48 Seafire F.XVII with markings from the kit. Only additions are an Eduard PE harness and Master gun barrels (I know, I know, wrong for shape for a Seafire...). Paint is MRP (top) and Mr Color (underneath). First attempt at hairspray chipping and first real attempt at using oils over a flattish clear coat. Full build article and more photos here: https://jonbryon.com/airfix-1-48-supermarine-seafire-f-xvii/ Comments welcome & thanks for looking. Jon
  2. You can do it! Just take your time with the tail and rescribing in the detail. Jon
  3. I did not remove much plastic and just did the whole thing with Milliput. I don't think I went that far up the tail. In the subsequent sanding I would have removed some of the plastic base. Jon
  4. Yep, that's what I did. Only technique tip I can offer is to rescribe in the Milliput using a razor saw. My modelling has improved a lot since then, so the final model was not great, but that joint did tidy up rather well Good luck! Jon
  5. I used this set back in 2015 on the two-seater and found exactly the same problem. I wrote about it here: https://jonbryon.com/mig15uti-html/ In the end I used Milliput Superfine White to smooth the transition and it looked like this when done: I agree that it's not worth the effort. Jon
  6. New fuselage correction set by AMUR Reaver: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/310913-which-148-su-17-fitter/&tab=comments#comment-2983960 $11 + P&P sounds good. Jon
  7. F-22 in 2009. That GR.5 is bound to be popular. I guess when I bought it in 2005 as a 'Limited Edition' it wasn't so limited after all...the boxart is identical and I assume the contents will be too. Jon
  8. I actually think that, compared to the 1990s for example, the current variety in the various magazines has never been better in terms of scale, era and subject matter. WWII is also much less dominant, which I think is a good thing. However, the exception in my opinion is MAI, which I have lost patience with and won't renew my subscription. By their own admission in the latest issue, they've published three articles on the Eduard 1/48 Tempest in the past calendar year, and the number of P-51s, Eduard Spitfires and Fw190s that have featured becomes boring very quickly. Even worse, th
  9. Collectaire made one, I presume in the 1990s, and Czech Model came along with an injection-moulded one in 2002. The current definitive T-28 in 1/48 is that made by Roden. Jon
  10. Thanks. I have the Crowood book and have seen that image of SX277. What is TSS? Jon
  11. They certainly were! Fortunately Hannants sold them off at a 75% discount in 2003, which is when I bought this one Jon
  12. Well here's a kit I've not seen finished very often: Sky Models' 1/48 Beech T-34C Turbo Mentor. It was produced in 1999 and they never made any decals for it. This is finished in a mix of Mr Color and Hataka laquers with (rather inaccurate) decals from the later Czech Model kit. It's all resin aside from the poorly made vacformed canopy. It's rather crude, and one of the most challenging paint schemes I've ever undertaken, and I've written an extensive build article here: https://jonbryon.com/sky-models-1-48-beechcraft-t-34c-turbo-mentor Any comments welcome Jon
  13. Good points. I've played around with the contrast and brightness quite a lot, and I'm convinced both wingtips are painted the same way. I guess I'm leaning towards Dark Slate Grey in the absence of any better options. Thanks Jon
  14. Thanks for the responses - definitely food for thought! What do people think about the possibility of red wingtips? In B&W the red markings look very similar in tone to the Dark Slate Grey - the red part of the tail fin flash is hard to make out against the camouflage colour. It's just that if they've gone for bright yellow control surfaces, maybe the wingtips were a bright colour too? I'm tending towards yellow for the canopy frame, but what colour would the primer have been? I'm assuming that might be the colour of the panel on starboard wing over the roundel.
  15. Next month I will start Airfix's 1/48 Seafire F.XVII, which I intend to finish in this kit-supplied scheme for SX273 from 1947: Airfix would have the modeller paint the wingtips in the same yellow as the ailerons and elevators. Am I alone in thinking that doesn't look right? The wingtips to me seem clearly to be a different shade to the horizontal control surfaces, although also distinct from the camouflage scheme. If anything, the wingtips look like they might be roundel red, as the tone is similar to the roundel centres. One suggestion on Hyperscale was that th
  16. My experience is written up here: https://jonbryon.com/trumpeter-148-mikoyan-mig-23m-flogger-b/ Jon
  17. Oooh I bought one and didn't know about the width problem. Bit of a bummer. I assume it's a bit more complicated than just making the nacelles thinner... Jon
  18. The description says it's a resin kit. US trainers are one of the great neglected modelling genres in 1/48. No T-37, effectively no T-34C and no real option for a decent T-41. The only choice for a T-2 is the limited run and difficult to build SH kit, and we are waiting for a mainstream T-6A Texan II. Jon
  19. I was there all day on Saturday and it seemed more subdued to me than previous years. I spent more money than ever, but I overheard a few disappointed traders. There seemed to be fewer traders and fewer Europeans, too, but I may be wrong. I look forward to seeing what the numbers actually were in an upcoming IPMS magazine. Jon
  20. Is it just me, or do those panel lines look pretty chunky? Still, if the canopy is improved, there's a good chance I'll try and pick this up. Jon
  21. I was dismissive of your first comment, but now you've clarified it, I agree with a lot of the above. Jon
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