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  1. Are they? I think the D blades are correct and it's the N blades that are wrong...I think! Jon
  2. The main paint scheme is now done. There's absolutely no room for error when masking red and white! The main fuselage stripe, which is supplied as a decal, I decided to mask and paint. I used a scan and print out of the decal to get the spacing correct. The challenge will be getting the black edging to fit correctly; I'll use a decal for this. This is what it looks like now, with the intakes finished and stripe painted. The intake markings are too wide, but I compromised here to make the masking easier. There is some overspray around the intake
  3. Off of work until Tuesday, so with not much else to do, some progress has been made on the TA-4J. The red/orange areas have mostly been done. There's still a fuselage stripe to paint, and the leading edge slat bays need to be done in Insignia Red. The black areas have also mostly been completed, but there are quite a few black panels around the gun and refuelling probe that need to be masked and added., Once that's all done, the intakes still need to be blended in and the red and white repainted. I'll also use that opportunity to touch up the white in a few
  4. Mr Setter got me most of the way there. This is Mr Setter alone: This is after the Daco Red was added: The Cartograf decals I've been using recently are a little stiffer than the Microscale ones mainly pictured in my article, so a little Daco Red will help them melt into the detail a bit more. I still place the decal in a pool of Mr Setter and never use a cotton bud/Q-tip to press the decal down or wick away any fluid, so my basic method is unchanged save for the addition of some Daco Red brushed on top once the Mr Setter has evapor
  5. The A-4B is lovely (I built one in 2005) and IMO by far and away the best looking Skyhawk. I really wish Hasegawa had managed to release an A-4A. I think the Hataka lacquers are comparable to Mr Color in my experience, but I'm not that discriminating. I certainly can get them to spray as fine as Mr Color and they are nice and durable. Cheers Jon
  6. Thanks everyone. I hope you are all staying safe during these strange times. Already well on the way Jon
  7. Some progress today on the TA-4J. First, I made a new tail pitot from Albion Alloys brass tubing: Then my primer coat of Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 White needed sanding down to remove blemishes: The final white finish was airbrushed using Mr Color 316. This was intentionally patchy to contrast the warmer C316 with the cooler white primer. You can't really see it in the photos, but it's there to the naked eye. Some of the Insignia Red has also been started (Hataka lacquer) but I've realised the intake lips are wrong and
  8. Thanks again, everyone. I am only sorry I didn't get a correct nose gear door from you Jon
  9. Thanks everyone for your comments. I always appreciate people taking the time to write them. Jon
  10. The A-4L is finished: More photos in Ready for Inspection and even more photos and quite a lot of text at https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-douglas-a-4l-skyhawk/. Now to crack on with the TA-4J... Thanks for looking. Jon
  11. As I've been posting elsewhere on these forums, I'm making four Hasegawa 1/48 A-4 Skyhawks simultaneously and here is the second. This is their A-4L without any aftermarket and in the Cartograf-printed kit decals. Paint is mostly Mr Color. A full build article is at https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-douglas-a-4l-skyhawk/ and there is some WIP at . Comments welcome and thanks for looking. Jon
  12. Here's what it looked like after more Daco Red: However, all is not well. When poking and prodding the decal, I noted there was a 'spongy' section around one of the vortex generators. I decided to pick at it and, to my surprise, found that a section of blue backing paper had got under the decal - you can see it next to the decal on the wing. I have absolutely no idea how that piece got there. It's a shame it did, as this now needs fixing... Thanks for looking, Jon
  13. So the decals are now on: I need to do some touch up with the light gull grey around the hump. This was very difficult to mask accurately. The hump is airbrushed with Mr Color 34. It has to merge with the printed tail decal - the blue on that is all printed. The paint match is excellent. Unfortunately, the hump then needs to be lined with a black decal. I did not get the masking quite right at the front of the hump and the blue bleeds out on the wrong side of the black border. I'm nervous about attempting to correct this, but will
  14. I continue to buy and read magazines. The value to me is not in whether they have long-term use - I throw 90% of them away as soon as they've been read - but the pleasure I derive in reading them when they arrive. I think the blanket comment above on the lack of impartiality of magazine contributors is unfair and demonstrably false. The most recent issue of Airfix Model World includes an obviously critical build of the Clearprop 1/72 Gloster jet by Mike Grant. It's not written with any histrionics but the shortcomings of the kit are made clear. That's not too say *some* editors and
  15. I am struggling to see this replacement fence on the real thing: What am I missing? EDIT: Silly me: it's for the underneath of the wing... I'll leave this here in case anyone else is as dense as me. Jon
  16. Main scheme is now done. Some touch up with the light gull grey will be required tonight and I think I'll attempt the decals tomorrow...directly on the paint The blue is a bit too light and electric compared to the real thing, but unfortunately the colour is set by the tail decal provided in the kit. It's too complex to mask and spray, so I'm hamstrung by what's been printed by Cartograf. It will be fun attempting to merge the painted hump and the tail decals... Thanks for looking, Jon
  17. Being in isolation (extended by a week today!) has its advantages. I've made good progress on the A-4L, although there is some touch up to do. I wish I'd put the Mr Color 315 Light Gull Grey over a white primer as it's very fragile directly on the plastic. I hope it survives. Tomorrow I need to do the blue trim (hump, wing tips, rudder ribs) and the black anti-glare panel and nose, and then the main scheme should be finished. Quite boring photos I'm afraid, but definitely progress. Thanks for looking. Jon
  18. MLT works with the Hataka lacquer acrylics (the orange line), not the regular acrylics. It also works with other lacquer paints (e.g. Akan - again, the lacquer version) and MRP. Jon
  19. Sadly you'll have to wait a fair bit longer. The TA-4J has got to this stage and is now going into storage while I focus on the A-4L: The A-4L has had the white applied. It's a base coat of Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 White covered with a variable coat of Mr Color 316 White. You can't see it in the photo, but the 316 is a bit warmer than the primer. Tomorrow I should get the white finished, fix a moulding flaw in the rear fuselage, and make a start on the Light Gull Grey on top. This aircraft had a soft demarcation between the white and the grey
  20. Pushing on with the A-4L, and since it shares quite a lot of white paint with the TA-4J, I've got that ready too for some Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 White. You might notice the intakes have yet to be attached. I intend to fit them much later in order to get good coverage behind the splitter plate on the TA-4J and to ensure a good internal demarcation between the red and the white. They will require so paint touch up after they've been attached, but I that will be easy enough to sort out. Thanks for looking. Jon
  21. The main issue is that the trace tool cannot tell the difference between the paint demarcations, the panel lines and the markings (like the national insignia). These all needed to be removed manually, which took forever. Jon
  22. I had a copy of that photo, but at much lower resolution (and one of the other side as well). I wish I'd had the one you posted - you can see a few more details on it that I could have incorporated. Thanks - glad it's of some value! Yep, it did! In a couple of years I intend to do a USN F-5E in a tiger stripe scheme and will use a different masking method that will hopefully be quicker. I spent a long time deciding if that was a change worth making and now it's finished, I'm glad I did it. Many thanks for everyone's kind comments
  23. The first of these is finished! Some photos over in Ready For Inspection for the aggressor A-4E: A full build article on my website: https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-douglas-a-4e-skyhawk/ Work will start soon on getting the A-4L done next. Thanks for looking Jon
  24. I'm making four Hasegawa 1/48 Skyhawks concurrently (WIP thread is here) and this is the first to be finished. It's the Hasegawa 1/48 A-4E in aggressor markings from Fights On decals. The only major change I made to the kit was to fill in the leading edge slat bays so there is a smooth transition to the wing. There's no aftermarket other than the decals, and the paint is all Mr Color. A full write up can be found here. Comments welcome, and thanks for looking. Jon
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