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  1. Hello, I'm late to the party and have only just acquired Kinetic's 1/48 Two Seat Harrier. I would love to build this as a T.4 with Snoopy nose and tall fin, but I've got a bit confused. Did such a combination exist? Or were all T.4s with the laser nose fitted with the shorter fin? I'm specifically interested in the nose/tail combination as I'd like my Harrier to be as different as possible from the GR.1 I also intend to build (when Kinetic release it). Any assistance would be much appreciated. Jon
  2. It was their first kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k4801-f-84f-thunderstreak--105489 Jon
  3. Laurent's point is a good one: Italeri don't seem to have reboxed a Kinetic kit for a while. Jon
  4. He means the 'tradition' of Italeri reboxing Kinetic kits (E-2, S-2, F-84F, etc.). Jon
  5. Thanks chaps for all the comments. Much appreciated Jon
  6. Thanks everyone It was a fun kit to build. The matt finish is Gunze GX113. It's not as even as I would like and I've managed to get some Mr Rapid Thinner which should produce a more consistent finish in future. Jon
  7. Thank you Two of the '0's on the tail serial came from RAAF markings for the Hawk! Jon
  8. Hello all, Here is my latest completion: Hasegawa's 1/48 AH-64D Longbow Apache. Additions are a Master gun/pitots/tail aerial and decals cobbled together from ArmyCast, the kit and an Airfix BAe Hawk. Paint is Hataka laquer. I've very unhappy with my effort on the canopy sealant and there are a few other issues which became apparent after I looked at the photos, but overall I'm pretty happy with the final product. The aircraft modelled is from http://www.b-domke.de/AviationImages/Apache.html#AH-64D_US. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. A build article and more photos can be seen at https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-boeing-ah-64d-longbow-apache/. Cheers Jon
  9. I really enjoyed reading the write up in AMW and thanks for pointing out yet nose is not quite straight enough! I'm looking forward to getting round to mine in due course along with the Yak-28PP version. As a minor correction, this is not really their first 1/48 kit; that was the Tu-2T. I know that was released under the 'Xuntong' brand, but it's the same company - they just changed the name (I imagine because outside of Chinese-speaking countries, no one knows how to pronounce 'Xuntong'!). Jon
  10. Doesn't this set fix the problem in 1/48? https://phasehangarresin.com/collections/48001-1-48/products/48034-ee-canberra-tail-correction-all-airfix-1-48-kits Jon
  11. I was struck by the same observations and they give me cause for concern over the future of the magazine. One of Gary's great strengths was he evidently knew how to write and typos clearly were typos, rather than ignorance. I'm also struck by the increase in white space and a return to some of the Jay Laverty style of editing. It's not as bad as SAMi (which verges on the unreadable quite often) and I appreciate this is the first issue, so I am optimistic things will improve. On another note, I am flabbergasted there is still a market for yet more magazines! Jon
  12. The UK rrp for this kit is £45 for the A and £50 for the upcoming A/B which I just think is insane. I would genuinely like to know who's happy to pay so much for so little. Jon
  13. I've not used Alclad high-shine finishes, so I don't know how those compare. The Kcolors gives a far superior finish to regular Alclad, but is more difficult to use. Jon
  14. I got the paint from a UK company called Model Inovations (yes, with the spelling mistake). Jon
  15. Thanks Hobo. The lights are just from the kit. The rear surface was coated in Molotow chrome. Jon
  16. Thanks everyone I don't have much to say I'm afraid. I simply use as much light as I can get my hands on, shoot only in full manual mode (and in RAW), set the aperture to the maximum F-stop (somewhere between F22-F29 usually) and then set a correspondingly long exposure time (usually somewhere around 0.5 seconds). Obviously I use a tripod and I also use a remote release. The camera is a Canon 800D with the standard kit lens. Jon
  17. Hi all, Here's my latest finished kit: GWH's 1/48 Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star with Caracal decals and Eduard seat belts. It's finished in Kcolors 60 Steel. It's a nice straightforward build and I have many more photos and an extensive article here: https://jonbryon.com/great-wall-hobby-1-48-lockheed-t-33a-shooting-star/ Comments welcome and thanks for looking. Jon
  18. You are, but you've said his opinion is undermined by his lack of modelling ambition. Two minutes on his website shows that's foolish. In what way does it not do him credit? The images speak for themselves. I might have been interested in the Spitfire Mk.XIV (I can take or leave the subject matter), but with moulding quality like that I'll be giving it a pass; who needs the aggro? Jon
  19. You need to see more of his stuff. The man machines landing gear from brass. I doubt many on this forum, if any, could match his model-making abilities. Jon
  20. It's not mentioned in the review, but he states it over on Hyperscale: he bought four kits (from two different sources) and says they're all the same. FWIW. Jon
  21. I really wanted to buy one of these, but the need for replacement rotor blades is putting me off. KH did not mould the correct blades for the N: Jon
  22. Thanks everyone! Now to finish GWH's T-33....not in foil! Jon
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