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  1. Thanks everyone! Very interesting. Cheers Jon
  2. At about 7.15pm last night a P-3 (or variant thereof) landed at Cambridge airport as I went by. Some pretty excited watchers. I was driving, so no idea as to the operator, but it was in very dark colours; definitely not a standard USN paint job. Within the next 15 mins a Eurofighter made lazy turns for 10-15 minutes at fairly low level over the airport end of town. Connected?
  3. If you're looking for a build article, I wrote one at www.jonbryon.com/attacker.html Jon
  4. Just out of interest, aside from the wingtip tanks, what's wrong with the CA one if I were to build a USAF F-5A/C? Cheers Jon
  5. Jon Bryon

    The list

    Croydon Modelzone has one. It's £70.99...
  6. I'm not sure it's a fad; it's been around for at least 20 years (going by Hasegawa catalogues) and shows no sign of disappearing, so I'd consider it a fairly well established style of finishing. As others have said: personal choice. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all that. Personally, I'm not interested in trying to replicate reality or fool the viewer into thinking my model might be the real thing. Just as it's trivial to distinguish a photograph of an aircraft from a painting, I don't mind that it's obvious my models are models, and nothing else. Each to his own! Jon Edited
  7. Yeah, I agree. But I find myself looking at it and wondering if it is a quality problem or a personal preference problem.
  8. I was in the Croydon one and rather than leaving empty handed, left with the new Airfix Seafire, which at £18.99 is not bad (not good, but not bad).
  9. I first thought Italeri pricing was going awry three years ago when their new 1/48 Hawk was twice the price of the Airfix one. Things have only got worse since then. I was in ModelZone last week and saw the Prowler at £55+ and just couldn't imagine who's going to pay for one of those (let alone the Hasegawa F-14 at £70.99 ) Of course, right now the dollar is strong relative to the pound (taken over the past 5 years), so I guess we get hit like you guys, and then again...
  10. Do you mean mixed in terms of accuracy or quality? As for the OP's complaint, it's completely invalid in my opinion. It's not billed as a review in the magazine and simply sits alongside other 'build feature'-type articles in the magazine. Furthermore, it was a very widely available kit, must still be easy to buy, and he used some aftermarket, which some people would say immediately invalidates it as a 'review'.
  11. That's incredible. A beautiful finish and flawlessly built.
  12. Thanks everyone! Encouragement (and critical feedback) always welcome. Pop on over to my website! It's got the good, the bad, and the ugly (otherwise known as 'A Modeller's journey') Cheers Jon
  13. Thanks. I think I'll just go with the green. Cheers Jon
  14. Are there any general rules of thumb for cockpit colours for RAF & RN operated aircraft in the 1946-1955 time frame, for example whether an interior should be green or black? I'm specifically interested in whether an RN Avro Anson in 1952 most likely had a green interior, or perhaps was repainted in another colour. Any advice much appreciated. Jon
  15. And you'll have a heck of an easier build! It really is a kit that fits together beautifully.
  16. Thanks guys. I've made a note for the next time I photograph a model: dust it first! Cheers Jon
  17. Here's my latest finished model. Took less than two months, which for me is lightning speed! Academy's 1/48 Spitfire FR.XIVe with about half of the resin from the Daco Productions correction set (nose, spinner, props, guns and radiators). Aeromaster decals. Paint is all Mr Color. For a full rundown of my experience building the kit and a lot more photos, visit my build page. Thanks for looking! Cheers Jon
  18. Thanks for the reply Greg. My personal feeling is that it hadn't yet degenerated to the above in this thread, but maybe we all have different tolerance levels. If you want to take it further regarding my own comments, feel free to PM me. Cheers Jon
  19. From my perspective I think this has been a pretty intelligent and civilised conversation. We haven't been criticising a person, we've been critiquing a magazine (and if anyone thinks I've been objectively criticising SAM then they've misread what I wrote; I was stating a preference and supporting it with some analysis). I don't think most participants in this thread have been treating it as a soapbox, but as a forum for discussion, which is what we've been doing. Jamie has been giving an alternative viewpoint and others would, I think, be most welcome to join in. I personally feel this t
  20. Yes, I did notice that and maybe in my post I should have inserted a caveat that entertainment and reviewing are not mutually exclusive. Last night I read your article on the NZ 1/72 Corsair. This is a great build, no visible seams, smooth paint, no silvered decals, great photography, etc. This article has made me aware for the first time that I might be able to add an F4U-1D to my collection of Post-War aircraft, and is an inspiration which may see me buying the 1/48 Tamiya kit and trying to find suitable NZ decals. But (and I fear this 'but' may be misinterpreted, but anyhow...) the arti
  21. QFT. IMO, the humour is what makes SAMI so readable and entertaining enough that I can forgive the generally lower quality of the modelling (notable exceptions being noted, especially towards the sublime Mr Grant).
  22. One thing that I think has helped me a bit is reading this from Jamie Haggo's blog: 'A magazine article is not just a review of a kit, it's there to entertain the reader, to show case what is possible with the kit. It's there to inspire, to make the reader think I can do that or, I can't do that but I'll maybe use some of the techniques and advice in the article and I'll aim to try and get close.' If I shift my expectation to understand that articles in SAM are there primarily for entertainment, rather than to primarily provide insight into how the model builds and its accuracy, then I find
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