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  1. I seem to recall you making one of these with the PP Aerokits upgrade set for SMI back in the mid 90s. Would that be correct? It made me lust after that upgrade set, but I could never afford it...
  2. Thanks again guys! Yep. Yellow tail is just Gunze Mr Color Yellow (329). The black scallops came as decals from Aeromaster. Easy-peasy! Actually, the decals were okay, but if I were to do it again I'd try using them as a template for a mask. That way I'd get rid of the carrier film which is necessary so they don't just fall apart when applied. Cheers Jon
  3. As a frequent visitor to HK, it might be worth mentioning that Trumpeter kits often make it to the west before HK, and certainly before my local model shops in China. So whether they've made it to HK is not necessarily the best indicator of their availability in the west. Certainly the Trumpeter Panther, for example, was in North America and the UK two months before Lucky Model (and other hobby shops) in HK got them. Jon
  4. Yep, I'm a fan of those old Monogram kits too, but I was very disappointed by their 1/48 F-105. The nose is completely wrong. So they weren't perfect
  5. Thanks once again guys. No Alclad in China. Used Gunze Mr Color Silver (8) with a little Aluminium (218) on some panels. Post shaded with highly thinned Gunze Smoke. Glossed with good old Klear (specially sent from the UK). The wash is super-cheap oil paint thinned with Zippo lighter fluid. I'd use nothing else :-) Cheers Jon
  6. Thanks guys. I appreciate your appreciation! Cheers Jon
  7. Hi all, These have just rolled off the workbench (figuratively speaking!): Tamiya's P-47M Thunderbolt, done as a post-WWII F-47D in custom markings, and Academy's F-47N in Hawaii ANG markings from Aeromaster. More details and photos can be accessed from www.thebryons.com/model_index.html Feedback welcome
  8. YES YES INTERNET NO As someone who reads ARC, Hyperscale, Modeling Madness and Cybermodeler daily, I find I recall practically nothing about new products through the internet. Only big announcements (like a Hasegawa Draken) stick in my mind. I think this is because information on the internet is too transient. ARC might have a product review on one day, but that product will be quickly forgotten (by me) the next day, when the next new product is reviewed. Magazine ads and reviews stick in my mind longer and I can read them anywhere. I am not conscious of having heard anything about Heritage Aviation through anything other than the magazines. I don't recall having seen a single product review or ad on the web, so all my knowledge about your products comes solely through the printed press. HTH Jon
  9. As an ex-pat I am *so* grateful that me mum and dad send me three modelling mags each month: SAM (Scale Aircraft Modelling), SAMI (Scale Aviation Modeller International) and MAI (Model Airplane International). I used to buy them and others when I was back in the UK. My (highly personal and somewhat strong) opinion of these magazines is: *SAMI: The one I most enjoy and, for me, the best value, since it takes me the longest to read. The writing (which, as an English teacher, is the most important thing for me) is witty and often rather clever; a nice combination of approaching the hobby with serious irreverence. The quality of the builds themselves is variable and relatively few are inspirational. There's the occasional typo but at least the editor has a good grasp of the English language and uses it well. There are other interesting articles which other magazines rarely cover (such as a recent 'behind-the-scenes' look at Czech Master Resin). *SAM: Also a substantial read but not often that much of direct interest to me (I only build post-war aircraft in 1/48). However, I always enjoy the Aircraft in Detail article (which has nothing to do with modelling) and the modelling articles can be pretty good. The quality of the review models can be very questionable (another criticism that can be levelled at SAMI as well), but not all of them. Mike McEvoy's departure (as a columnist, not a reviewer, at least in my opinion) is lamentable, but T.E. Bell's attempt at Tailpiece in the latest issue I have was a worthy effort. *MAI: Has the best models and the best photography (by far), but is also the most irritating for its terrible editing (in terms of grammar, spelling and layout errors). This makes it the least interesting to me and it is the 'lightest' in terms of text - I read it very fast. But it *looks* great (except for the recent tendency to take pictures of models being held by someone). The focus can also be a little narrow - the March issue, for example, is WWII only. Has, in my opinion, a slightly condescending tone. Having said all that, I wouldn't be without these three mags each month! Others I would consider if I were in England: *FSM: A little too shallow for me - not much to read. The 'How-to' articles are usually of minimal value since they are brief and not well-illustrated enough. I buy this when I am in Thailand and desperate to read anything about modelling! *Model Aircraft Monthly: I always buy this when I am in Hong Kong and quite like it. The articles are a little too historically focused for my liking and the editor has some writing idiosyncracies which sometimes grate with me (mainly his use of italics and quotation marks, although this seems to have abated a little since his tenure at SAM). But it's a substantial read and always interesting. *Military In Scale: I like this mag, but they don't usually have enough aircraft articles to make it worthwhile for me. *Tamiya Modelling Magazine: Somewhat superficial, but nice eye candy and broad-ranging. I was a great fan of Scale Models International back in the day when people like Ted Taylor, Ken Duffey and Jonathan Mock wrote great articles and Geoff Prentice wrote the Icarus column. However, it hasn't had much relevance to aircraft modelling for years now. Of course, there are as many opinions of magazines as there are people who read them. I recommend you find a Smiths (or a bookshop like Borders) that has a Starbucks/Costa/whatever and take a stack of magazines for a good browse over a coffee/tea/whatever to find out which might be of interest to you. Cheers Jon
  10. I agree. How many reviews have a go at Tamiya for extremely annoying and difficult to remove ejector pin marks on their P-47 and F-16s? Or at Revell for their generally hopeless and error-strewn instructions? Or Eduard for their slipshod QC on the Mirage kits? This is hyperbole, but the point is no kits are perfect, even the very good ones. All have faults glossed over. I can't remember the last 'negative' review of a kit I'm interested in on three of the 'Main Four' sites (HS, Cybermodeler, and ARC, although, to be fair, ARC doesn't really do reviews; MM seem to have a little more of a maverick streak). I don't see any evidence that some manufacturers have an easier time than others; they all get positive reviews. Now on the forums...that's another matter. And I'm in the 'don't care what the box looks like as long as it's strong' camp Cheers Jon
  11. I agree with Jens - ignore the instructions and it goes together well. Very well, actually (IMO!). I give a blow-by-blow account of my construction sequence on my website. If you go to www.thebryons.com/model_index.html and find the two AV-8Bs (near the top of the list) you can see what I did and the results and judge for yourself. I hope it helps... Cheers Jon
  12. Hi Bill, This website has a lot of info that might be useful...some really interesting diagrams on differences between the various types: www.blackburn-buccaneer.co.uk BTW, I just completed an Airfix Bucc S2 - you can check it out here: www.thebryons.com/buccaneerS2.html Cheers Jon
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