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  1. Jon Bryon

    Mig-25 kits

    Another vote for the ICM kit here. I built their PDS in 2019 and wrote about it here: https://jonbryon.com/icm-1-48-mikoyan-gurevich-mig-25pds-foxbat-e/ Jon
  2. Jon Bryon

    Model Shops UK

    Dorking Models, Dorking Surrey. Small but crammed. I'd go in more often but I'm in uniform and it's a bit unprofessional. Roxley Models, Great Bookham, Leatherhead Surrey. Used to be only railways, but they stock some Airfix now. As for the London area, AJ Aviation in West Drayton (formerly The Aviation Hobby Shop) are still trading and I'm pretty sure they still have the shop. Jon
  3. To offer another perspective: I bought my first modelling magazine, Scale Models International, in Feb 1993, when I was 14. I knew no other modellers and had never met or communicated with anyone else who built models. What I absolutely didn't need were models aimed at the 'beginner' with tools and techniques I already had and knew of. What I absolutely did need was to be blown away by how models could be put together. For me, the point of modelling magazines has always been inspirational: to have my horizons expanded and something to aim towards. I realise everyone's path in modelling is unique, but I am so grateful for SMI and how it pushed me, at that age, to get an airbrush, buy photo-etch (the good old way, with my mum writing cheques on my behalf to obscure shops dotted round the country), resin, modify kits to improve accuracy (I'd never been aware a kit could be inaccurate!) and try a hundred and one different new techniques. Yes, those early steps were faltering, but also exhilarating. I'm now 42 and that journey is mapped out on my website. I'm still on that journey, I still buy two magazines a month for that inspiration (Airfix and SAM) and I'm pretty sure that had I read articles when I was 14 aimed at 'the beginner' I would have felt patronised rather than encouraged. My advice to younger (by which I mean mid-teens) modellers would be this: you're young, you're adaptable, you've got time and energy, so throw yourself into every new technique and tool that interests you and you can get your hands on. It's never too early to learn to airbrush or do anything else. Dictate your own pace and don't let anyone else's opinions of how things 'should' be done hold you back. Jon
  4. Bit of a thread resurrection! Thanks all Well it was May 2017! (where do the years go?...) The red dots are automatic pressure relief doors...I'm not sure what that actually means... Cheers Jon
  5. A few years ago I was stood by the HPH stall at Telford and observed a Dutch guy try to buy one of their 1/32 C-47s. I think it was around £400. HPH were insisting on payment only in cash (!). He was trying every way he could to pay by card, by Paypal, via their website, etc., and HPH stood their ground and insisted on cash only. That did make me wonder about their supply/demand situation and how much they need the business. An attitude like that does not, IMO, engender confidence in their commitment to the customer. You, OTOH, let me buy an £11 set at your stall via Paypal, for which I was very grateful... Jon
  6. Sierra Hotel Models do make separate fans/nacelles in resin, and correct some of the errors in the kit. Sadly they have no UK distribution. I've looked into getting a set, but it would cost about £35 including postage from the USA Jon
  7. The next five years looks like this: 2020 Revell OA-10A Catalina AMP HUK-1 Huskie Hasegawa F-16A 2021 Kinetic F-16B Hasegawa F-2A Academy T-50 AFV Club F-CK-1 Classic Airframes Duck Revell F-84E Kinetic F-84F 2022 Tanmodel RF-84F Revell A-6E Kinetic EA-6B Hobby Boss A-6A Czech Model Yak-15 'Feather' Mikro Mir Yak-23 'Flora' Hobby Boss F8F-1B Bearcat Sword T-38 Classic Airframes F-5C 2023 AFV Club F-5E AFV Club F-5F Airfix Hawk T.1 Airfix Hawk Mk.127 Kinetic T-45C Hasegawa F-104S Hasegawa F-104D Hasegawa Phantom FG.1 2024 Academy F-4B Trumpeter F-100D Revell F-101B Kitty Hawk F-101C Kitty Hawk RF-101C Trumpeter F-106A Roden JOV-1A Mohawk Revell Learjet C-21 2025 Classic Airframes Seahawk Hasegawa Harrier GR.7 Hasegawa Harrier GR.5 Kinetic Sea Harrier FA.2 Kinetic Harrier T.4 Revell Falcon 10MER Academy CH-46 Sea Knight Subject to change. The mission is to finish the stash... Jon
  8. It was a bit of a hodge-podge really. The basic metallic colours where airbrushed (from my article): The model was painted in stages over a primer coat of Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black. The intention was to try and get a patchy, layered silver finish. I airbrushed Alclad White Aluminium, Steel and Magnesium in various mixes, Mr Color 8 Silver, 104 Gun Chrome and 211 Chrome, and also threw in a few areas of KColors Steel. Some of the darker areas were masked using liquid frisket film dabbed on with a sponge around the leading edges of various items before paler shades were airbrushed over the top. I also made good use of some Artoolfx and Uschi van der Rosten stencils to get more a more blotchy finish. The weathering consisted of a pin wash of Abteilung 502 Smoke mixed with some Neutral Grey. Over this I then brushed on various shades of the same brand of oil paint: smoke, neutral grey, engine oil, sepia, dark mud, and kept working it with a dry brush until I was happy. Some AK Interactive odourless thinners was also used for blending. I also got some of the brown shades from an AK Interactive weathering pencil which I applied wet and then dabbed away. The oils took a long time to dry as the metallic paint was very smooth. There are no clear coats on the model. HTH Jon
  9. Thanks all. Nope - they're just made from Albion Alloys brass tubing: Cheers Jon
  10. Hello all, This is Special Hobby's 1/48 Fiat G.55A Centauro. It's a mixed bag and what you'd expect from a 2008 moulding: variable fit, lots of clean-up, chunky mouldings and multi-media parts. The undercarriage is particularly terrible. The decals are excellent. It's meant to be painted silver, not NMF. Various metallic paints used with oils on top, which was difficult as they tended to get little traction on the smooth surface. Canopy is vac-formed and was designed for a different kit so unsurprisingly, in my view, is the biggest weak point of the finished article. The undercarriage actuating arms and pitot have been fabricated from Albion Alloys brass tubing. This is the first model I've made in the past 25 years (I think) with no clear coats on it. I finished it in under four weeks, so that's the fifth for 2020 and I'm on track with my build schedule More photos and longish build article at http://jonbryon.com/special-hobby-1-48-fiat-g-55a-centauro/ Thanks for looking, Jon
  11. This complaint will always be true. Aside from assigning an arbitrary value to how many people are in 'increasingly difficult situations' I'm not sure how Covid-19 changes things much in this regard. There will always be a substantial number of people for whom buying and selling kits is trivial compared to what's going on in their lives. Jon
  12. I've no experience of interpreting these sort of documents, but if I've understood them correctly, the two companies are effectively the same (run by the same people) and HMRC and G Hatcher are left out of pocket? Jon
  13. I freehanded it on a 1/48 F-4E and will probably do so on other models again in the future. I used Mr Color highly thinned with Mr Leveling Thinner and sprayed through an Iwata Custom-B with a 0.18 needle. All four main colours were applied without masking. It looked like this: More photos and explanation here: https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-mcdonnell-douglas-f-4e-phantom-ii/ Jon
  14. The AH-1Z and UH-1Y are also pretty good. I'm interested to see how the KH version will stack up against Zvezda; I'm solidly on the fence thus far. I've seen some photos of the Zvezda plastic on a FB group where there is quite a rough texture on some of the main fuselage parts. I'd be interested to know how prevalent that is. Jon
  15. I found the AH-1 and AH-64 volumes invaluable for making models of these helicopters. I also kept them in good nick so I could sell them afterwards, which I did. Jon
  16. Thanks all. I'm ordering the vac canopy and will see what happens. Cheers Jon
  17. Hello all, I'm making the Special Hobby 1/48 Fiat G55A and I don't like the canopy. I think the framing is significantly wrong. I am contemplating sanding all the framing off, but that's high risk given the potential for fracturing the plastic. I see Falcon make a vac-form canopy for the Classic Airframes G55. Has anyone tried fitting the Falcon canopy to the SH kit in the *closed* position? I know people have done it with an open canopy, but I don't want it open. Or, failing that, does anyone have both kits and can comment on how similar the cockpit openings are? Any help much appreciated Jon
  18. Thanks everyone for your comments - appreciated Cheers Jon
  19. I like it for very fine airbrush work as it flashes off quicker and reduces spidering. It also makes the flat clear dry quicker, which is useful. Cheers Jon
  20. Apologies for the lack of updates. I've been busy at work and moving this forward, so now it's done: Full write up and tons of photos at https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-douglas-a-4h-skyhawk/ Many thanks for coming along for the ride. All four are now done and my stash is now Skyhawk-free! Till next time, and thanks for looking, Jon
  21. My project to complete all the Hasegawa Skyhawks in my stash is now complete. This is their A-4H with Quickboost resin cannons (although the barrels were replaced by Albion Alloys brass tubing) and Armycast decals. A longer build article is at https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-douglas-a-4h-skyhawk/, but the TL;DR is: Built mainly from the box with some small modifications (filled in leading edge slat wells, some parts removed/filled in, fin on leading edge of tail added from plastic card). Paint is mostly Mr Color except for the green, which is MRP. All of the camouflage is free-handed, not with my usual Iwata Custom Micron, but with an H&S Evolution for a softer demarcation. The finish is Tamiya XF-86 that was thinned about 50/50 with Mr Rapid Thinner. There's lots wrong with it - I wish I'd faired in the intake lips properly, the canopy isn't installed very well, and there are the faltering first steps of doing some oil paint rendering - but I'm happy enough with it in the display case. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. Jon
  22. My point is that Zvezda specifically said they omitted pretty important details (rivets, interior detail) to produce a cheaper kit, and at that price, they haven't. Zvezda list price on their website is ~£22. Their Yak-130 was a highly detailed kit with lots and lots of parts and costs a lot less than the Hind. I'm not saying it's expensive in this day and age (I just paid £42 for an AMP HUP-2 Retriever, although that won't need any aftermarket), just that ~£40 is what I'd expect to pay for a new-tool mid-sized helicopter with more detail than Zvezda are providing. Of course, when all is said and done, when they release the Hind-A I'll get it and all the additions necessary (but probably via Ebay given the savings available from Russia/Eastern Europe). Jon
  23. I'd say that given Zvezda's stated philosophy of going for lower detail in order to reduce the base cost, that's far too expensive. Jon
  24. There weren't too many complaints about the 1/48 Sea Hawk when that was released, too. However, with the passage of time, more may have come to light... Jon
  25. Not especially. This kit is from 2004. The lower wing also cracked along a flaw near where it meets the nosewheel bay. My A-4E from 2001 also had a similar flaw in the intake lip which cracked. Cheers Jon
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