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  1. 6 hours ago, Stephen said:

    I've just seen on FB last night that the following companies are suspending direct sales to UK customers due to post brexit VAT 


    Flying Leathernecks

    Fightertown Decals

    Reid Air Publications

    Sprue Brothers Models

    Mr Paint



    I'm quite surprised there's a significant market for buying direct from the USA to the UK. In my experience the postage charges are pretty horrendous plus the pound has been weak against the dollar for a long time. For example, I did order some OOP Two Bobs decals which arrived this week from the USA. Postage was $14.50 - for a single decal sheet! I've wanted to order some Sierra Hotel resin A-10 intakes. These are not large and cost $15, but postage to the UK is $25. Werner Wings, Lone Star Models and Nautilus Models have all been similar experiences for me and so I've only ordered from the USA in recent years as a last resort.


    There are exceptions, such as Caracal, but in general companies that distribute via outlets like Hannants seem to be much better value.



  2. For sale:


    AFV Club 1/48 F-5F Tiger II US Air Force AR48106 - this boxing https://www.scalemates.com/kits/afv-club-ar48106-f-5f-tiger-ii--114095.


    Box opened but all sprues, PE and decals still in sealed bags. As new. £35 including second class RM postage to UK. Payment via bank transfer - please PM me. Payment can be via PayPal for an extra £2.


    Thanks for looking



  3. It was a pretty good year for me, exceeding my current target of 8 finished models per year. All in 1/48 and with extensive build articles and bazillions of photos at https://jonbryon.com/


    Hasegawa A-4E in Fights On decals:




    Hasegawa A-4L:




    Hasegawa TA-4J:




    Hasegawa A-4H with ArmyCast decals:




    Special Hobby G.55A Centauro:




    Revell SA-10A Catalina with Belcher Bits resin tail, Eduard etched landing gear set, Brassin resin wheels, Quickboost resin engines and all markings airbrushed (no decals on the model):




    AMP HUK-1 Huskie:




    Hasegawa F-16C with Kinetic decals, Eduard resin main wheels and Quickboost resin seat:




    Kinetic F-16B with Wolfpack resin seats and Eduard resin nose wheel:




    Hopefully 2021 will be similarly productive!


    Thanks for looking









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  4. On 11/27/2020 at 11:21 AM, Antti_K said:

    Let's hope that Airfix do something about it. They have already released 1/48 scale Gloster Javelin, Hawker Hunter, Meteor F.8 and FR.9. It would be very nice to have Scimitar, Swift and British Phantom next. Please, Mr. Airfix...





    Plus they released it relatively recently in 1/72, so presumably they've got the research material somewhere. Every year I hope (in vain?) to see it on their release schedule.


    Likewise the Jet Provost...



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  5. 5 minutes ago, Lord Riot said:

    Are Kinetic kits always tough to build? Given how expensive they always are I assumed they were even better than Hasegawa! 


    This is my first one. It was only the second kit they made in 1/48 and I expect things have progressed significantly since 2008. I got most of their 1/48 range in the loft and most of it looks better (in some cases, a lot better) than the F-16.



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  6. Hello all,


    This is the last kit to make it to the finish line in 2020. It's been a productive year.


    This is Kinetic's 1/48 F-16B made from the F-16A/B NSAWC Adversary boxing. The decals are from the kit, although I did not like the 'TOPGUN' marking (too wide) so masked and sprayed it. The blues are MRP and the greys are Mr Color. I've really struggled to photograph this one and it's not quite blue enough.


    The only aftermarket are some Wolfpack resin seats and an Eduard resin nose wheel. The pitot is brass tubing.


    The kit is a pig that was no fun to build whatsoever. You can read my diatribe at https://jonbryon.com/kinetic-1-48-lockheed-general-dynamics-f-16b-fighting-falcon/


    Comments welcome and thanks for looking.






















































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  7. 2 hours ago, Jon Kunac-Tabinor said:

    As for its content, the writer did say he was trying to do minimal changes I think. As many modellers would probably build the kit 'as is', I think it is occasionally good to see a model built just like that. Although I can also see how something that's not totally accurate will annoy the heck out of those 'in the know', so my apologies if you felt it was A Patchy Apache … My solution as ever of course, is to ask you to contribute! :)


    In relation to the duplication I have no complaints - these things happen. It was the best issue of SAM for a while (not that there was anything wrong with recent previous issues - just more aligned to my interests in the January edition) and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. But in relation to the accuracy I feel a little less sanguine: it's completely the wrong model! The differences are massive and obvious, not subtle and obscure; one might say as clear as the differences between a Tempest II and V ;) . I have absolutely no problem with the magazine featuring a grossly inaccurate model because, as you say, it does cater to a segment of the market, but I think it does also affect the credibility afforded to the author to not even mention this at all, especially when he made a point of the research he did.


    As for contributing, I would be delighted. My photography and writing have been around for all to see online since 2004. Feel free to PM me if I can contribute in any way, but I suspect we'll run into problems given I write a blog that I would like to keep going.


    I hope none of that came across as snarky - it certainly wasn't intended to. SAM is one of the two magazines I continue to buy, and I hope it's around for a long time to come. It's definitely better off for having people like you on board.





  8. Their website is closed at the moment for the holidays and says it will reopen on 6th Jan. You can order from them direct - I have several times without issue, including the 1/48 version of these decals. I've not seen them stocked by many other places, if any.



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  9. 59 minutes ago, Flankerman said:


    There is no such magazine......


    It's either ......


    Scale Aircraft Modelling (published by Guideline Publications)




    Scale Aviation Modeller (published by SAM Publications) (which, worryingly says 'Address Not Found' when I click on it...(?)


    Have a Happy and Safe Christmas...


    It's in Scale Aircraft Modelling. It's not only the repetition that might be disappointing, but as Greg pointed out, the model is inaccurate to the point that really should not be ignored in a magazine.



  10. 53 minutes ago, Greg B said:

    It gets better, this months (January) has an article by Rafal Lebioda about the Hobbyboss 1:72 AH-64D Apache dressed up as an Israeli machine. Tidy build but missing all the indigenous lumps and bumps for the Saraf version (I can’t find any images of vanilla AH-64D in Israeli service so I may be wrong). 
    However, the exact same build by the same author, exact same pictures, exact same text is in this months Scale Aircraft Modeller. I know the magazines are supposed to be short of reviewers but you would think that they at least deconflict......


    This has happened before and I wrote to one of the editors about it (I can't remember the magazines or author involved). The response I got was that the magazine would not accept contributions from that author again, and IIRC no more articles did appear by that person. I think editors depend on contributors being honest - I'm not sure there's a realistic mechanism to deconflict articles.



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  11. What happens to international sellers who sell though Ebay? Will Ebay do the VAT bit on their behalf? It seems in Ebay's interest to make this work (and to some extent Amazon's) given how much of their UK selling business comes from companies outside the UK.


    I am fed up about this. A large fraction of what I buy simply can't be sourced in the EU, let alone the UK. Just this week I spent £20 on some Model Monkey 1/48 Panther tip tanks because they only sell in the USA. I don't mind paying a bit more but I will be annoyed if I can't buy it at all.



  12. Hannants took delivery of new Iroquois stock on 20th Nov 2020, so he is still in business.


    Mr Laverty (who I believe is a Canadian living in the UK) has what might be described as an 'interesting' reputation. You can find various bits and pieces on the relevant forums with some Google searching. Leaving SAM under a cloud did not do his reputation much good. 


    I am on his blacklist on Ebay because I ordered some Quickboost items through his online shop earlier this year. The items arrived late and I gave the according feedback (i.e. the item did not arrive by the quoted date). For everything else I gave him 5 stars. I got a message complaining that I did not write a proper positive review of the service I received, which apparently showed my lack of appreciation for the sweet (candy) that was included in the order. For this transgression I am no longer welcome to buy from him.


    I fear you may not get your items and you are now beyond the usual 6 month Paypal window for raising an issue :(


    I wish you the best of luck



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  13. Hello,


    I've realised I'm unlikely to build this and since they're going on Ebay for £100+ and I fancy a Minibase Su-33, I thought I'd offer it up for sale.


    Box has quite a lot of shelf wear and a concave top. Box is intact.


    Decals are intact.


    All parts are present, but quite a few have become detached from their runners. I have not removed any parts intentionally; these have come adrift presumably during transport. I bought the kit new from Modelzone in 2006 and kit has been stored in two lofts since then. See photos for which parts are loose.


    Bags for main sprues are opened.


    Clear parts are still in sealed bag.


    I'm asking £75 including postage within UK. It may take me a little while to post as I will need to source a sufficiently large box. I'm near Biggin Hill/Croydon if anyone wants to pick it up in person for £70. Payment via bank transfer (or cash if collected).


    Thanks for looking 

























  14. On 11/8/2020 at 12:03 AM, Blacktjet said:

    Was hoping someone might know a retailer that has X007-48 in stock, assuming Hannants didn't up scale their more recent 1/72 offering.


    I could probably make up the main markings but the stencils are Blake Mike specific - all red!


    I have X007-48. From memory (it's in the loft as I type) the envelope has been torn open but it is all complete. I can trade for X48-155 or will have to sell for £10 (inc. postage) to cover purchase of another sheet so I can build the Hawk.


    Or you can have my sheet from the Hasegawa boxing for free (I think I still have it...)


    PM me if interested and I'll go and have a look.



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  15. 9 hours ago, Acinonyx Jubatus said:

    I wonder if this announcement by Pilot Replicas has in anyway influenced Airfix not to produce a Sea Venom

    As said much needed, and one of the few British cold war jets not yet done by Airfix


     I doubt it. The list of British early/mid-cold war jets not done by Airfix is about the same length as the list of the ones they have done: Vampire, Venom, Sea Venom, Armstrong Whitworth Meteors, Swift, Scimitar, Attacker, Sea Hawk, Jet Provost vs Lightning, Meteor, Hunter, Sabre, Javelin, Sea Vixen, Canberra, Gnat, Buccaneer...and I think that's being generous!



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  16. 5 hours ago, mirageiv said:

    Fantastic build Jon, I love the crisp finish with subtle weathering and the colour selection is just spot on. I'm pondering about getting the Kinetic kit also for the decals to do one of the blue F-16As, the Fightertown and Two Bobs sheets seem impossible to find!




    The Kinetic kit box is a bit misleading. You get three schemes: a brown single-seater, a blue single-seater and a blue two-seater. The decals are designed by Fightertown and as I made comment in my article, are not quite right for the model I made. Kinetic also got the actual camouflage scheme wrong in the instructions. Fortunately, you can find the Fightertown instructions online if you look. Another option is the Eduard kit (if you can get hold of it) but I have some accuracy concerns in relation to the markings there, too.





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  17. Hello all,


    My eighth completion of the year is the venerable Hasegawa 1/48 F-16A. I believe this tooling originates from 1983, which makes it kind of sad that IMO this is still the best kit of the F-16A available in 2020! Aftermarket is limited to a Quickboost seat and Eduard main wheels. The nose pitot is scratchbuilt. Paint is MRP and Hataka lacquer and the flat finish is Mr Color GX113 thinned with Mr Rapid Thinner, which has resulted in a grittier finish than when I use Mr Leveling Thinner. The decals are from the Kinetic F-16A/B kit and are not quite accurate in detail.


    Thanks for looking and a more thorough build review is at https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-lockheed-general-dynamics-f-16a-fighting-falcon/.


    Comments welcome.





































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