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  1. The latest issue of SAM popped through my letterbox this morning. In the editorial, Chris Meddings announces it's his last issue and is moving on. There's no mention of who's going to take the reins. A shame, I think, as I liked what Chris was doing (although I was a Gary Hatcher fan as well). Anyone heard who might be his replacement? Jon
  2. Thanks everyone for the comments. Cheers Jon
  3. Thanks all Yes, an HH-43B/F would be great. However, there appears to be very, very little commonality between them and the early piston-powered Huskies. As far as I can tell, a turbine powered 'Pedro' would need an entire new fuselage, engine and tail. Since it would be basically a new kit, I've no idea if AMP intend to release one, but maybe if they sold enough of these they'd consider it! Cheers Jon
  4. Hello all, This is my latest finished model, AMP's HUK-1 Huskie in 1/48. It's the most fun I've had building a model in a long time. There's no aftermarket and I only made some small changes to better reflect this particular airframe. Paint is Mr Color 365 and the decals are from the kit (although I replaced the national insignia). It's a tiny model (excluding the rotors, about the size of a 1/72 WWII fighter) with lots and lots of parts. The close-ups show a much rougher finish than I would like, although in real life it looks pretty smooth. Comments welcome and a full build article is at https://jonbryon.com/amp-1-48-kaman-huk-1-huskie/ Jon
  5. You're right that operational RN markings for the FG.1 in 1/48 are very, very hard to come by. I'd have been very happy with the kit decals, but I've got an FG.1 in a special boxing and have been unable to find any aftermarket for a bog-standard 892 aircraft. I've had to settle for an Aeromaster sheet with a 700P example. RAM Models make this sheet with an eye-watering price of almost £25: https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/ram-decals-148-early-british-mcdonnell-douglas-phantoms--48001-83748-p.asp Jon
  6. Undercarriage failure as soon as this was completed... Oh well, it was a tail sitter anyway! Revell 1/48 Catalina. Jon
  7. Me too, except I'm exclusively 1/48. Jon
  8. Thanks for the reply. Any photos would be much appreciated. Cheers Jon
  9. Hello, In relation to the 1/48 Rug Rat Resin (AIM) Cessna U-3 series, has anyone got one of these kits, or even better, built one? Some basic googling throws up nothing in terms of build articles. I'm quite interested in the quality of the resin, clear parts and decals. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/rugratresins-rr4803006-cessna-u-3b--1229282 Cheers Jon
  10. I'm assuming option #7 should be labelled #6. I'll be waiting for an aftermarket sheet with a GR.3 in the white winter camo, but I'll be buying this kit as soon as it's out! Jon
  11. I have a very rigidly defined collection that was started by reading Jonathan Mock's article in SMI on the then-new Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer in 1994 when I was 16. Until then I'd built 1/72 aircraft and 1/35 armour on an ad hoc basis, but the Bucc became the first in a collection that endures to this day. The rules are: 1. 1/48 only 2. Aircraft only (fixed wing or rotary) 3. Must be manned (i.e. no drones) 4. Must be in military markings 5. Must have been operational (no prototypes, experimental, etc.) 6. Must have been operational after WWII (i.e. 1946 onwards) 7. Do not build the same designation of aircraft more than once (e.g. I've built an A-4L so I will not build another, although I have made the A-4B/C/E/F/H/K/M) 8. The USCG is excluded (a completely arbitrary decision) This has led to a current collection of 142 completed models (displayed here) and a stash of 170, which is quite reasonable, I think, as at current build rates I can finish them all by the time I'm 67. It also leads to a surprisingly limited selection of kits to buy from. I pretty much have everything out there that I would want - the only item on my wishlist is an Italeri Wessex - although there are about 20 kits that have been announced that I'll buy once they're released. I've also put a stop to buying very large 1/48 models (one C-130 is enough for me; I don't need more) but if I came into significant money I would get the HPH B-52 or B-36. Jon
  12. MAI was reprinting articles from previous issues well before BG became editor. Admittedly they were usually preview articles, but that and the fact the content had become so thin were still the main reasons I stopped subscribing in 2019. Jon
  13. People who've built this kit know how much pain is involved. Well done! Jon
  14. I am going to have a simple stand. It's too big for a display cabinet, so it will sit on top and get dusty, but still be on show Yes, I did design all the masks myself. I use Inkscape to draw them and then a Silhouette cutter to make them. Thanks Jon
  15. I don't care enough about Catalinas to consider that. The 1/48 B-52 on the other hand... Jon
  16. It was actually the Italeri 1/48 C-130 that put me off big kits! I built one (an AC-130) in 1996. When I finished it the fuselage centreline seam split due to the weight of the wings and the insufficient wing spar... Jon
  17. I can confirm this model will survive! Working on some kind of Lego stand for it... I thank you all for your concern Cheers Jon
  18. Thank you all for your kind words and concern over the model's fate! There are several factors here at play: 1. It's huge, to the point where I'm going to struggle to get it even through the loft hatch were I to store it. 2. It's very heavy - about 500g. That doesn't sound a lot, but it is! 3. It's immensely fragile. I cannot replace the gear because I can't remove what's there without breaking a lot of other stuff. I wouldn't be able to get replacement gear in either... 4. It's a tailsitter - despite an awful lot of steel and lead in the front fuselage (I even stuffed that big football antenna with liquid gravity). 5. SAC gear is made from soft white metal with a tendency to deform over time. My wife agrees that I shouldn't bin it, so I think I'll find a way of making a stand for it to sit on on top of the display cases Cheers Jon
  19. Hello All, 1 collection, 26 years, 142 aircraft, and this is the biggest failure. This is Revell's 1/48 Catalina with Belcher Bits resin tail, Quickboost resin engines, Eduard Brassin wheels and PE undercarriage. As the kit decals were pretty inaccurate, all markings are masked and sprayed - there are no decals on the model. The finish is mainly Mr Color with some MRP and Hataka lacquer thrown in for good measure; there are no clear coats. Quite a few little additions and alterations were made to better represent the real thing, from Hamilton AFB in 1949. The real problem is that the day after completion, the undercarriage collapsed. It was a tail-sitter anyway, and will probably sit in this stand for about a month and then get thrown away. A real nightmare build in the end, which you can read all about here: <Sorry Jon, no links to blogs etc.> Comments welcome. Thanks for looking. Jon
  20. Are they? They haven't always been with Cartograf. The two Mirage IIIs I've built from the original runs (c. 2005) did not have Cartograf printed decals and I was always under the impression (going by the register and colour problems with those kit sheets) that Eduard printed them themselves. Jon
  21. Jon Bryon

    Mig-25 kits

    Another vote for the ICM kit here. I built their PDS in 2019 and wrote about it here: https://jonbryon.com/icm-1-48-mikoyan-gurevich-mig-25pds-foxbat-e/ Jon
  22. Jon Bryon

    Model Shops UK

    Dorking Models, Dorking Surrey. Small but crammed. I'd go in more often but I'm in uniform and it's a bit unprofessional. Roxley Models, Great Bookham, Leatherhead Surrey. Used to be only railways, but they stock some Airfix now. As for the London area, AJ Aviation in West Drayton (formerly The Aviation Hobby Shop) are still trading and I'm pretty sure they still have the shop. Jon
  23. To offer another perspective: I bought my first modelling magazine, Scale Models International, in Feb 1993, when I was 14. I knew no other modellers and had never met or communicated with anyone else who built models. What I absolutely didn't need were models aimed at the 'beginner' with tools and techniques I already had and knew of. What I absolutely did need was to be blown away by how models could be put together. For me, the point of modelling magazines has always been inspirational: to have my horizons expanded and something to aim towards. I realise everyone's path in modelling is unique, but I am so grateful for SMI and how it pushed me, at that age, to get an airbrush, buy photo-etch (the good old way, with my mum writing cheques on my behalf to obscure shops dotted round the country), resin, modify kits to improve accuracy (I'd never been aware a kit could be inaccurate!) and try a hundred and one different new techniques. Yes, those early steps were faltering, but also exhilarating. I'm now 42 and that journey is mapped out on my website. I'm still on that journey, I still buy two magazines a month for that inspiration (Airfix and SAM) and I'm pretty sure that had I read articles when I was 14 aimed at 'the beginner' I would have felt patronised rather than encouraged. My advice to younger (by which I mean mid-teens) modellers would be this: you're young, you're adaptable, you've got time and energy, so throw yourself into every new technique and tool that interests you and you can get your hands on. It's never too early to learn to airbrush or do anything else. Dictate your own pace and don't let anyone else's opinions of how things 'should' be done hold you back. Jon
  24. Bit of a thread resurrection! Thanks all Well it was May 2017! (where do the years go?...) The red dots are automatic pressure relief doors...I'm not sure what that actually means... Cheers Jon
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