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  1. Hi Bernd, Those are a big improvement. I know what you mean re aircraft scale so I will see what they look like. I also wonder if there is any company that makes a plastic (vacuum formed?) base that looks like the sea, which can be cut so the model can sit into it, then be painted etc. I see many modellers making their own from plaster but it requires alot of skill
  2. Thanks Bernd - great pictures. It is quite inspiring. I have never built a ship kit in the last 50 years; I have been listening to the On The Bench podcasts with interest as there is a subjective debate on decking ie use the wooden decks or a wash over the plastic detailing if moulded. I am going to work up to this level (I have an Airfix 1:600 kit to get my eye back in, but will then progress up to these. I also bought severat Trumpeter 1:350 aircraft sets to go with my Heller 1:400 Illustrious and Merit 1/350 Ark Royal. Its going to be quite a journey!
  3. Thanks Bernd - good to know it was money well spent. Your knowledge on this is quite something...I work on the basis, if it looks right, it will generally be OK
  4. Looking at the instructions download from Scalemates site, it seems the issue is with the sepeate flat component #121 ie I wonder if when the two seat version comes it will resolve itself I compared many versions this morning as I wanted to add an F-18E to my collection; Revells own 1/48 also looks good and has the hump modelled far better but the great increase in detail (engines, U/C etc) and the fact the aircraft can be modelled with wings folded (on 1:32 version) plus the price at 62 Euros made it a good option I will be interested to see what the AM solution is for the fuselage correction I am also hoping someone will do a set of Royal Maces decals for it in 1/32 Cheers
  5. Thanks. By coincidence, or the power of the Ebay cookie, I found the Tirpitz Platinum kit for £93 in a Sunday sale incl free postage. I also tagged on KGV (Tamiya) and Bismarck (Revell). Recommendations on a good PE bender welcomed. Cheers
  6. Fabulous build Bernd. Since my father was on Victorious, I had been looking at buying a 1:350 of these two ships, but seeing your work and the big difference the additional parts make, has challenged me, not so much in the build but the cost. I would have thought for the price of the base Revell kit, at least the PE parts would be included I am also wondering if the Tamiya versions would be better value One question - what tool do you use for the PE bending? Looking forward to more pictures of your build Paul
  7. Thanks Ian, I have a watch for one of those Madsens out there so one will pop up one day... I read through your trials and tribulations; its good to have a challenge Good to hear the dust (sand) is settling; I worked in UAE for a short while - you definitely need something to keep one occupied out there... Cheers
  8. Hello Ian, Did you finish this model as I am just about to commence that kit and would be interested to see what it looked like and also what guns did you use eg kit guns or PE guns The box states it was fitted with 1x Maxim, 1x Lewis and 1x Madsen and I am wondering what aftermarket gouns could be availlable, Thanks for any info Regards Paul
  9. I heard about a Russian armoured loco last night on an OTB podcast, and one thing led to another and I found this on Scalemates - it would make for a great dio parked up on a DRG layout in the sidings ie just after the war. The scale sits halfway between HO 1:187 and OO 1:76 so ironically would look even more massive on an HO layout against the other locos On my list now...and determined to make it 'shuntable'
  10. Hi I just found this kit in a bookshop last weekend but the instructions were missing. I could muddle through but is there a pdf anywhere of these as that would really help Dim - What colour Tamiya paint did you use overall? And I love your treatment of the rust / joints on the floats - superb
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