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  1. You would need a new nose and new intakes. The B/C intakes are moulded into the fuselage on the Hasegawa kits, but they are seperate parts on the E/F kits. Jens
  2. Yes, that's the worst part about that kit for me. The never re-tooled it like they did with the G series. Jens
  3. Jens

    RF-4E Phantom

    Egypt also received some ex-USAF F-4Es. The story about Israeli short-nosed Phantoms are a hoax. Not one single piece of evidence has surfaced to just slightly justify the story. The stories about Iranian 'white tails' are more likely, even though I am still a bit sceptical about the operational use of those airframes. As for JASDF RF-4Es and RF-4EJs, the original camera-nose equipped Phantoms are designated RF-4E (later upgraded to RF-4E Kai), while the converted F-4EJs are designated RF-4EJ (also upgraded to Kai standard). All Japanese Phantoms have the hard wing. Jens
  4. Jens

    B-17F/G seat belts

    Thanks V-P. Jens
  5. Jens

    B-17F/G seat belts

    I have started working on one of my HK B-17Gs, but I have come to a halt with the pilot and co-pilot seats. The Eduard seat belt set has shoulder harness for the pilots whereas the HGW set doesn't (lap belts only). Which one is correct for a B-17G (and F)? TIA, Jens
  6. I did show my interest in the group build initially, but I will not be able to finish one of my un-started Hasegawa Scooters within three months. Jens
  7. It's just 71-0247 with an incorrectly applied serial number. Jens
  8. Well, I'm not too impressed by the pictures. The WDNS nose looks very odd, and the larger Danish belly tanks seem to be off in shape too. Jens
  9. Well, I'm not too impressed by the pictures. The WDNS nose looks very odd, and the larger Danish belly tanks seem to be off in shape too. Jens
  10. Paul, if I were you I would mask the edges of the circles you have already cut. If not, you will get a white line below the red all around the circumference. Jens
  11. You're welcome. As simple as it is when it comes to the dimensions of the roundels it's also a thing most decal designers fail to do correctly. Jens
  12. I sure do. A (wings): 300 mm A (fuselage): 350 mm The correct dimensions for the tail flag are as follow: Jens
  13. Do you have the dimensions for the roundels, Paul? Jens
  14. Paul, good to hear it's back on! How are you going to make the masks for the national markings? And will you mask and paint the aircraft code too? Jens
  15. Paul I would fix those national markings. They are way too large. Ruben from Lima November Decals has produced some very nice (and correct) generic Danish markings sheets in all three major scales. I would be worth using them on your build. Jens
  16. It probably will. The Eduard kits are off dimensionally. Especially the wing span makes it look off just by looking at it. If the 1/48th scale kit is anything like their 1/32nd scale kit we're in for a treat! Jens
  17. OP is right in assuming the barrel wasn't centered in the pod - it wasn't. I have clear pictures showing that. However, I was unable to find a clear view of the starboard side pod, but judging from one picture it could look like is was a mirror image of the port side. Jens
  18. Nice job! You forgot to attach the front parts of the nose inlets though. Jens
  19. Is this it? Jens
  20. It wouldn't be the same as I-LIOI, would it? Jens
  21. Yes, the upper one is correct for the Danish F-104s. I know Italy and Germany used the rounded one, but I am not sure about other users. Jens
  22. Beware that this is not the type of Mk. 7 seat used in the Danish Starfighters. Ours had headrests with straight sides instead of bulged. Jens
  23. I have only seen a couple of pictures showing 3rd TFW F-4s carrying ALQ-131, and none er clear enough to determine the colours. I safe bet, however, is olive green. You can see here how they were fitted in the Sparrow well: Jens
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