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  1. Max the Cat

    Centurion Shot Kal 1973 1\35 AFV

    Love it, love it, love it! I've recently ordered Ace model's Centurion Mk 3 and Dragon's new release Centurion. Both in 1/72. Hope mine turn out as nice as yours did.
  2. Hi people. I'm looking at doing a Serbian T-34 as used in the early to mid 1990s conflict. It appears the Serbian army had a standard (almost a pale olive) green that was applied to some but not all of their vehicles including their T-34s. (Or is it just really faded 4BO on their T-34s?) Does this green have a name? If so what have you folks used as a mix for it on your models? I mainly use Tamiya, Gunze, and Vallejo paints. I also see Serbian T-34s often had a turret mounted machine gun. In most photos it is easy to make out that it is a Dshk. However in some of the less clear photos the machine gun also appears to be a Browning. Were these .50cal or .30cal? Has anyone got any closeup photos of how these machine guns were mounted on the turret too please? A pic of a model would do just fine. Thankyou.
  3. Max the Cat

    Hi from Brazil

    Welcome from New Zealand Marcus!
  4. Max the Cat

    Hello fellow modellers!

    I'm Nick from New Zealand. I model armour in both 1/72 and 1/48th scales. I also model aircraft in 1/144 and 1/72 scales. I like my models small! Ok, I do also build aircraft in 1/48th and armour in 1/35 from time to time, mainly from kits I've been given as gifts. It'd be rude not to build em huh! Plus the ocassional 1/24 car. I don't model any particular era, just whatever takes my fancy. I do however, have a soft spot for anything Russian! My modelling ideas usually come about from reading about a particular vehicle in a book/magazine etc, or seeing it in a Youtube video. Then the inspiration kicks in! I've been building models (first kit I ever built was the Academy Tomahawk) since I was 6 years old erm... over 30 years ago now.