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  1. Thanks for that, at least I get to rip the tanks off while its still in primer and not find out till after I'd finished!
  2. Was that the Chinese aircraft that didn't carry tip tanks or did no bombers carry them - or did the Soviet IL28s carry them? Still on the Soviet Beagles were the natural metal or painted silver, all the photos seem to show a distinct lack of tonal variation across the airframe?
  3. Stressy

    IL 28 Beagle

    Thanks very much☺
  4. Stressy

    IL 28 Beagle

    Can anyone tell me if the bomb-bay in the Italari IL28 Beagle is in the right place? I'm wondering if its too far back or perhaps the underfuselage radome too far forward with a too short nosewheel gear bay?
  5. Some pics of my 1/72 Whirlwind. Its the original, poly bag, Bliek kit in rather hard and brittle plastic. I gave it a cockpit using an Airwaves etch tub and instrument panel and scratch built everything else under the canopy, some wingtip and landing lights from clear sprue and scribed panel lines ( need to improve my skills in that respect). Anyway thanks for looking.
  6. Thanks for your help. Checking again my reference does list ocean grey, I just missed it. But thanks for the explanation of mixed grey.
  7. I'm building the Bliek moulding of the Whirlwind and plan on doing the grey-green with grey undersides scheme. Looking at the relevant Warpaint it identifies the greys as 'mixed grey' and 'ocean grey' neither of which appear in my reference of RAF camo and marking orders for WW2. Can anybody shed some light on this for me?
  8. I'm looking in my stash at the old Airfix kit of the HP Hampden. I built one as a kid, I'm now 59! What are the alternatives in 1/72 and how do they compare?
  9. This is my 1/72 Fujimi Phantom dating from the 1990s, but built earlier this year at about the time the new Airfix version became available. The fit of parts was quite good and probably would have been regarded as good when it was released. I would have liked to fit the extended nose leg but it didn't seem to be correct given the absence of crew and dropped flaps.
  10. It's 1/72 and was hard work in general! The resin cockpit was too tight and the canopy could have been meant for a different model; I carved away quite a bit of the front or the fuselage to let the windscreen drop down into the fuselage, I also changed the curve of the rear edge of the canopy as it goes the wrong way when compared to the real thing. The top of the wing roots were packed out to reduce the dihedral. Once I'd got most things sorted a bottle of thinners dropped off a shelf onto it and split the fuselage glue joint along the belly as well as knocking a tailplane off - but that was
  11. Whoops the link to the photo didn't work then... Looks like I still can't crack the routine.
  12. My latest build. The Special Hobby Sea Hornet F20. More than a bit of perseverance was need to get to the end of the job!
  13. Stressy

    Hi folks

    Well I've taken the plunge at last - been watching for a while! I started making kits in the 60s but you would struggle to call it modelling. I make aircraft and armour late 30s to mid 70s. I've got a bit better over the years but each build seems to go on for ever - cheap at least. The next big step for me will be posting a photo!
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