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  1. I've just completed a RLM 70/70/65 paint scheme on the Airfix Dornier using  Xtracrylic paints. I know the 70/71 tints didn't sgow much contrast, which is why I abandoned the Humbrol colours I used to use, but my word!  These acrylic tints are almost indistinguishable - if they are anything like correct it makes you wonder why rhe Germans bothered doing the camo ar all!

  2. l have an unopened Hasagawa RAF Mitchell III that I picked up from a friend's sale recently. What I really wanted was a US version that I  could do in natural metal finish. Does anyone know if this RAF boxing can be built as a US aircraft with just a decal sheet being needed, or are different parts required - in which case I'll try to sell/swap to get what I'm after (so I'd  rather not break into the packaging)?

  3. I couldn't follow the link in this conversation but I have a similar question on the Do17z. If the cockpit was rlm66 and elsewhere the aircraft interior was rlm 02, where does the demarcation fall - does cockpit mean the whole of the front end, including the gondola back to the start of the bomb bay? 

  4. Thanks for all this info. It changes my plans completely!  Now what to do with the Academy B24J given I've  just got a Hasegawa B24D and I've just not enough room for all three!

  5. The instructions for the Airfix Swift give, what I think, is an unlikely shade of blue for the seat harness. Looking at the various seats of aircraft to be found in museums has left me wondering when and where the strap material became blue as there seems to be lots of seat with kaki green or brown shades of harness. Any pointers on RAF harness colours?

  6. The fuse at least scales to 1/72 although the nosewheel bay requires lengthening a bit at the front according to plans  supplied by  Antti (thanks). I didn't have plans for the wing. The ones contained in Warpaint were clearly wrong ( but aligned well with the old Airfix kit). It was boxed as Italeri but was also identified as  being Bilek. I  think the Trumpeter one is much the same. The parts looked quite promising untill you started trying to put them together  

  7. Some pics of an Il28 I completed recently. Possibly the worst fit of parts I've ever encountered and persevered to completion! Even the panel lines on the 2 fuselage halves didn't line up needing a full rescribe. I added an Pavel interior up front. Still got there in the end with the help of you-all!spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

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