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  1. Hi i have always been curious as to what paint colours that they may have at a diy store that would match ? i know they can mix/match colours if buying bigger cans of paint but wonder if they do small sample size tins ? or have small sample tins for sale cheers jerry
  2. Hi interesting, i didn't notice those i think i have seen similar on boston/havoc/A-20 but not on a baltimore cheers jerry
  3. Hi might be something on this site https://www.seawings.co.uk/ cheers jerry
  4. brewerjerry

    The Weather,

    Hi ignoring heatwaves and forest fires here in bc canada todays grump is impatient drivers cheers jerry
  5. brewerjerry

    Need a Name

    hi after one i used to visit somewhere nr paris the frog and rosbiff cheers jerry
  6. Hi not sure if it has been posted before but a few interesting photos on this site captions to some photos are a bit suspect cheers jerry i.e. https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/lysander/turkish-b-24-lysander/
  7. Hi An interesting ipms canada 2002 thread well worth a read it mentions aircaft painted on board https://www.ipmscanada.com/2002/01/02/malta-aircraft-colour-discussion-take-two/ cheers jerry
  8. Hi instead of non-specular blue, came into use in 1943 maybe you are thinking of Blue-Grey (FS 35189) but personally i follow dana bell's suggestions regarding US paint cheers jerry
  9. Hi getting the 500 errors occasionally and get issues posting replies to threads keeps getting stuck on 'saving ' on wifi or on cell data connections cheers jerry
  10. Hi What is the vedict on the old matchbox NF XXX no good as is or for donor parts ? cheers jerry
  11. Hi found a link to the hbm conversion on BM https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/62456-revell-hbm-172-avro-manchester-1a/ cheers jerry
  12. Hi on that well know auction site there is usually someone selling a resin manchester conversion think it might be a forum member ? cheers jerry
  13. Hi Apologies slightly more thread drift, if anyone knows the serial and codes for this. I have had no success so far in finding it the sharkmouth whirlwind ads/2019/05/Westland-Whirlwind-16-e1558654501107.jpg?ssl=1
  14. Hi cannons were drum feed, there are nice photos in tbe page i linked in a thread above cheers jerry
  15. Hi From the reports from R-R they did R-R tested P6967 and improved the performance, the results gained 1,100ft in ceiling height, and 10mph gain in top speed , a/c sent to RAE , but changes not acted on and a/c restored to original config the production whirlwinds thus unfortunately remained with the same poor performance issues photo of a/c on forum here showing the carb intake mod https://www.key.aero/article/skywriters-aeroplane-february-2021 cheers jerry
  16. Hi I was planning a scratchbuild of the cannons link to a nice photo reference page https://www.destinationsjourney.com/historical-military-photographs/westland-whirlwind/ thread drift On the performance issue the theory at the time in 1940/1 ...... the R-R reports show that poor installation at westlands was an issue they modified one at R-R to give more power, but the solution arrived to late for the whirlwind in 1941 and the aircraft was restored to standard fit in the photos it shows minor external changes cheers jerry
  17. Hi Luckily for me i have been increasing the stash pre retirement anticipating having to live on a pension trouble is i have a stash for the next two lives cheers jerry
  18. Hi Ross you seen this thread ? cheers jerry
  19. Hi I have in the stash for a future retirement build project a Do-217M using an italeri 217K and a 217N the left over parts making a 217 J ? if i remember rightly cheers jerry
  20. Hi 217 M was apparently under powered due to the DB engines being used, due to the non availability of BMW engines cheers jerry
  21. Hi So cowlings are correct but engines to small if i read this right ? cheers jerry
  22. Hi Saw this in the news, amazing, he also had lots of other stuff pity he had no luftwaffe aircraft stashed away hopefully someone takes some paint chips cheers jerry
  23. nope the ww2 fighter 1st prototype 2nd prototype 25 Sqn long nose prototype 263 in brown/green 263 in grey/green 137 in grey/ green usn/usaaf P6994 civilian westland hack PR version built that never left the factory captured luftwaffe wreck in hangar cheers jerry
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