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  1. Hi great thread Something i knew nothing about That is what i like about this site, i am forever learning cheers jerry
  2. Hi Well Mae West was in her 40's in WW2, so i personally wouldnt rule it out the actress but i know if the first word on my aircraft was my surname I wouldn't want 'lady' painted after it you would never live it down on the ship cheers jerry
  3. Hi maybe after an actress ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claire_Luce cheers jerry
  4. Hi i was raised on clotted cream, fish n chips and pasty hope to visit devon & UK again, one day when this virus stuff is over, and trace my family history around all the corners of devon and walk the moors again just noticed your BM user name, if you are interested in the aircraft, i have a partial AP manual on my 'puter just PM me your email cheers jerry
  5. Hi there have been copies have been at rafm for some time now they have copies of the movement cards and crash record cards https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/default/archive-collection/aircraft-records.aspx cheers jerry
  6. Hi I have often seen aircraft record cards mentioned as being at the national archives by book authors, but whenever i asked they new about them and i never found any any reference/file numbers for the NA very welcome if anyone found any otherwise my suggestion would be a request to the RAFM archive section they hold copies of the aircraft movement cards that are held by the RAF AHB ( no longer accessible through them ) this site sometimes sells copies of the movement cards they used in producing the books they sell, not sure if ghey have vengeance serials but maybe worth a search https://www.raf-in-combat.com cheers jerry
  7. Hi If you have time, a search of this website might bring the answer, i tried just using search term ' beaufighter' seems the sinking by 236Sqn might be more of a probable ? https://uboat.net/boats/u418.htm losses by date in 1943 https://uboat.net/fates/losses/1943.htm cheers jerry
  8. Hi ideal it will most likely mean aftermarket and maybe even the L6844 nose extension cheers jerry
  9. Hi They didn't initially on the first 'so many' aircraft it was a self sealing tank modification that came in around about the time of the BoB cheers jerry
  10. Hi Shhhh ...... dont tell everyone cheers jerry
  11. Hi Finally got a set of 1:32 lancaster nacelles x4 from a seller on 'that auction site' postie delivered them today trouble is i can't really recall what i was going to use them on, one of the problems of getting older. ( think one set was for a 1:32 mosquito conversion ) cheers jerry
  12. Hi interesting, i wonder then what they are ? as on page 3 on that linked thread , it is a quote straight from the luftwaffe loss returns with that data can't be aircraft fuselage codes as some are repeated (i.e. C-4 used twice ) cheers jerry
  13. Hi reality thread linked here list a JU-87 H lost with a unit moving up to normandy on d-day 44.06.06 SG 103 /Einsatz. St.Voves Notlandung infolge Bordwaffenbesch. Ju 87 H6 folgt 40 -/1/- details here :- http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showthread.php?t=20172 also this but it needs a translation https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.valka.cz/amp/14085-Lovci-Stuk cheers jerry
  14. Hi if you haven't seen it, this might be of interest http://www.211squadron.org/bristol_blenheim_i.html cheers jerry
  15. HI US camo on the box top of this kit release https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Curtiss-P-36G-Hawk-A-6-8.html#gallery_start https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Curtiss-P-36G-Hawk-A-6-8.html cheers jerry
  16. Hi I seem to remember reading somewhere that US groundcrew were more relaxed on regulations, and some wore basketball shoes or sneakers this may account for less wear on the US aircraft ? i know when as a civi i worked on some RN boats we had to wear plimpsol shoes so much for H&S in those days cheers jerry
  17. Hi For anyone doing tbe RCAF version ‘ first aircraft to land at abbotsford’ do some research as i think , from online photos of the actual aircraft to me the serial should be 8694 , an a/c from 13 Sqn rcaf, patricia bay, Vancouver island not 8654 as on the colour profiles, an aircraft with 15 FTS at alberta but i will be buying one or two hopefully cheers jerry
  18. Hi Can’t see it mentioned in ths thread, but the remains of a sea hornet was recovered from western canada and went to new zealand for restoration so there most likely is info there, as they say they have access to 6,000+ factory drawings http://warbirdsnews.com/aircraft-restoration/de-havilland-sea-hornet-airworthy-restoration-project.html cheers jery
  19. brewerjerry

    Strange D.520

    Hi similar photo here part way down page https://falkeeinsgreatplanes.blogspot.com/2010/02/dewoitine-d520-cockpit.html?m=1 cheers jerry
  20. Hi found a note i pretty certain that this info came from an old thread on BM, can’t remember which one AMO A.513 of 10/7/41 might imply a "Tropical Land scheme" of Dark Green and Mid stone but i must admit, this is/was not my area of research, i only made notes of odd things cheers jerry
  21. Hi One interesting memo i found at the pro, Kew many years ago, shows there was a time when there was a mix up and the dark earth was being repainted mid stone quote :- with reference to addendum 3 to dtd technical circular no 183 para 6(2) the use of mid stone is incorrectly stated this colour which was previously known as mid stone is used in place of dope, dark green, not dark earth, on airplanes operating in the middle east dated 11 dec 41 so for maybe a short time ? aircraft had dark green and mid stone camo painted on them until the error was corrected cheers jerry
  22. Hi Not the best effort by trumpeter, the instrument decal will make you laugh,( more suitable for a jet a/c ) as will the colour of the squadron code letter decals overall trumpeter missed the chance of a decent kit mine are relegated to future what if whirlwinds ( lanc engines on one & floats on the other ) but i understand if someone is not really interested in accuracy it is an ok kit cheers jerry
  23. Hi these links might be of interest cheers jerry https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/297798-Escudrilla-Azul-Forums https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/spaniards-in-russia-the-blue-squadron.29703/
  24. Hi thanks for posting, nice that a photo confirms similar to what bowyer used to write in his notes, i wish he had been able to take more notes now if only a photo turned up of that short stirling he saw in US markings ....... cheers jerry
  25. Hi Slightly O/T , but i have always thought about cross kitting a hawker hurricane IIc with a hawker henley Sort of a what if ground attack a/c , with cannon outer wings and merlin XX engine cheers jerry
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