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  1. Awesome build! Watched the video as well. Instant LIKE.
  2. Thank you! This is actually my 2nd F1 Build. My previous was a Tamiya MP4/4.
  3. Excellent build. May I ask what paint did your use for the light blue?
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words! Currently building up my courage to start my next build. We dont get a lot of option parts/decals from where I'm from. Had to buy the decals online from a Korean Site. http://detailshop.co.kr/us/main/index.php Owner of the store is very helpful and accommodating. Emailed him numerous times. And yes, he can speak english.
  5. Absolutely beautiful car and perfect build! Awesome workmanship.
  6. Thanks! You have a great collection of builds. Love the Ford Fiesta and the Honda S600 in particular. Hoping to build a collection like yours as well. Thanks! Just had to build a Ferrari F1 kit since learning the Schumacher name will return in Formula One.
  7. Thanks! Got some nice tips on this forum on the doing the finish. Glad this forum is around for green horn builders like me.
  8. While doing this build, I found myself either humming or singing the Italian National Anthem and the Toreador song. I guess seeing the Ferrari Red (Rosso Corsa) and the Prancing Horse brings out the tifosi in most motorsport fans. The Ferrari F2001 was a highly successful Formula One car that the Ferrari team competed with for the 2001 Formula One season. This car gave Ferrari its 11th Constructor's Championship and Michael Schumacher's 4th Formula 1 Championship. 20 years ago, my brothers and I would be glued to the TV on Sunday evenings watching this car race. It was a really dominant car taking 10 wins (9 from Schumacher), 13 pole positions, 3 fastest laps and 197 points throughout its lifespan. As for the build, had a bit of a hard time with this one. Had to do a lot of touch ups and the Carbon Fiber Decals were such a pain. Was almost tempted to give it a weathered look to hide my errors, but I was eventually highly satisfied with the end look. TAMIYA Ferrari F2001 1/20 Scale. #ForzaMichael #tamiya #F2001 #scale120
  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone! When I finished this build and tried reading up more on the 917, I was surprised to find out this year marks 50 years since Porsche first won its Le Mans race with this car. Cool coincidence I thought. For the windows and wind shield, I just polished it with Tamiya compounds. Wasn't really satisfied with the finish since I could see some scratches. So for the headlights, I dipped the clear with Pledge Wipe&Shine (since we dont have Future in our country). Not sure if the application was correct since the PLedge we have is not a clear liquid; kinda like soap water. But I was satisfied with the result. Thank you! I used Zero Paints for the Gulf Blue and Mr Color 59 for the Orange (Tamiya LP 5 for the Black stroke on the orange livery). I then used Tamiya LP9 for the Clear Coat.
  10. This build was not perfect as I decided to paint the livery, rather than using the decals. I also had some fitting issues with it. But I'm definitely satisfied with the build, especially seeing the classic Gulf Blue on it. Fujimi Porsche 917K 1/24 Scale
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to learning a lot from this forum. Used some of Tamiya's LP paint for the chassis and Spray Can (TS 26) for the whites. Used Mr Color 171 for the Fluorescent Red and Mr. Color 46 for the Clear Coat. Haha! I wouldn't want to disappoint Ron Dennis! I'm from Quezon City, which is part of Metro Manila. Cotabato is in the southern part of our islands. Never been there but I heard really nice things about it. YEs, Filipinos love to smile...and sing!
  12. Thank you. Had fun shooting it as well. Part of the perks when completing a build. Thank you for the kind words.
  13. Haha! This hobby can drive people to insanity. But the rewards are gratifying. Thanks for the kind words!
  14. Thank you. I'm fairly new in this hobby. Still not at ease with building kits. I find myself always second guessing myself.
  15. A lot of firsts for this one. This is my first post, my first 1/20 scale, my first to use lacquer paint..... Glad to finish this build in time for Senna's birthday. A small tribute as a fan. Was worried about this build, given that it is an old and hard to find kit from where I'm from. So I took extra time and care with this. Nonetheless, it's still not a perfect build but I'm extremely satisfied with it.
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