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  1. That is brilliantly original with an amazing back story and build! BRAVO!
  2. Wowsers! That is coming along nicely, really out there with regards to the front. You will have to do a double take to ID the van from up front, really cool!
  3. That is awesome at that scale!! A huge thumbs up from me!
  4. Hi Jeroen, Thanks, all the interior shots are in the WIP commentary. Thanks, Gavin nearly finished 2 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr
  5. It's ALIVE!! Finally this monster build, combining the 1/24 Revell Audi R8 with the 1/24 Revell VW Samba Bus to create a sleeper..... ala, R8 Samba "Sleepah", is over! I have tried new things, rust, seriously modding a car kit & scratch building seat belts. There are faults, but overall I am more than satisfied with my efforts at a mega car mod. side 2 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr side by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr top by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr front quart by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr Rear quart by Gavin Snowdo
  6. I'm glad you like that. I was struggling to figure out a way to show off the V8 in a practical way - exposed it would be too noisy and dangerous in a real world application. Then it dawned on me to blend the R8 engine hatch into the cutout back section of the Samba. In the end it served two purposes: It neatened up and beautified the cutout rear portion of the Samba and it gave the V8 nestled in the rear a "practical" home. A jewelry box in a sense.
  7. Glorious!! Fantastic work, the straps, the tool kit......superb! Thank you for sharing!
  8. Well, the end is nigh.... nearly finished 1 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr nearly finished 2 by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr It has its faults, but as a first super mod like this, I am quite happy with the results. Thanks for looking!
  9. I decided that she needed some seat belts, probably a racing seat with a five point safety harness would be a whole lot safer, but definitely not in keeping with the old style bench seat. So, it's gotta be old school lap belts. Seat belts fitted by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  10. Whats there not to like, it's a Bentley Blower!! I'm liking all the detail work that is going into this monster, absolutely magnificent!
  11. 959!! The ultimate Porsche in my books! Great piece of building!
  12. Nice!! Crisp build, thanks for sharing!
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