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  1. I still have to build the AMG C-Class from 1994 driven by Ludwig, and I complete the D2 series.
  2. Here's the CLK GTR completed. One of the best cars ever, in my opinion. The kit is hard but rewarding in the long run.
  3. Thanks guys! That's Tamiya ts54 over ts29 base.
  4. This was the legendary 2 strokes monster driven to victory by Mick Doohan. A pretty hard kit but a rewarding one.
  5. Here's the 2003 Honda RC211V which Rossi led to victory. The kit is awesome with some additional details like the clutch, gas cables and some other minor things from top studio.
  6. Nice finish but if I could add to enhance an already good build would be: 1 push the wheels inside the wells, now they are out of the body 2 put Michelin decals on tires Good job
  7. A very good and clean build. You should really be proud.
  8. 2 strokes 4 cylinders a wonderful kit. Totally loved and enjoyed it
  9. Don't worry, there's no problem! It's nice to have a conversation
  10. thanks and nice work on the kawa. The F1 tractor shares the same driver name and the same scale!
  11. Thanks, the kit is awesome and fun. I liked Tamiya bikes a lot and I am actually working on a Suzuki XR89 (Kenny Roberts) and Honda RC211V 2003 (Rossi or Hayden, still havent decided). The good things about bikes is the fact that almost all details you do are visibile
  12. Here's my first motorbike kit, I enjoyed it a lot. Decals are from blue stuff.
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