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  1. Nicely built and nice outdoors photoshoot!
  2. As a rule of thumb a curbside car is a closed model with fairly detailed interiors. No engine bay, transmission, or other openings. But out of the box comes out a great kit, so if it's your first car model i can tell you to go OOB and you will not be disappointed. Just try some photoetching for the harness.
  3. being a curbside kit i don't think that you can add a whole lot of visible details. That said maybe studio 27 does some type of detail up for radiators grills, disc brakes, hatches and harness. But I'm not sure
  4. Thanks mate. They are 2 different cars. Hasegawa is a Toyota 88C, Tamiya is a 88C-V, they differ in some things, like the front, a little on the front fenders and so on. And as Scott Garard said, Hasegawa is a curbside, Tamiya is a "Full" detail. The Tamiya kit is awesome and come together very easily.
  5. And another important thing: decals should be placed perfectly on an alrealdy glossy surface (no silvering, no bubbles..) and they have to be DRY. At least 2 days of drying time.
  6. I had no problems with TS13 over decals. You have to be very very gentle with the first 2/3 coats. Very light and misty coats, or you are going to damage paint and decals. After you cover well, you can go a little bit wet, but don't go for a full mirror finish with first hands, or you will end up ruining decals, paint and plastics. TS13 is very thin but a nice clear coat. It's not candy-like and gives a lot of automotive look to the finish. But you have to be careful.
  7. masking stickers are used to cover areas which are not going to be painted. When you have a multi color livery you have to start from the lighter colors and mask them to allow painting the darker ones. Example: if you have a white blue and red livery you have to paint white first, mask off the white areas, paint the red, mask off the white and red parts and finally paint blue.
  8. Hi Everyone, "New" kits annouced: https://tamiyablog.com/2019/04/some-upcoming-tamiya-static-kits/ It will be nice to see if the repress of the 787b will contain photo etched set. From what i have heard Dunlop markings for tires will be missing. Let's hope it's not silver plated like the Stratos turbo. For the AMG it seems a nice livery, and a semi gloss one, but i think they have to change rims to reproduce it.
  9. go to see my McLaren MP4/6 in ready for inspection section, i used TBD. They are good.
  10. thanks guys! I'll post some pictures of the tires to better give you the idea of the damage.
  11. Thank you Keith, what i photographed is the best side of the tires, but they are deformed, shrunk and cracked.
  12. yes i was a little impatient too and i rushed a little. But for the next 1/12 i will take my time. I hope to buy a Williams FW14b. I like 1/12 a lot!
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