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  1. fet_thunderdome

    Tamiya Kawasaki H2R Trickstar

    I'mm not into bike building, but i HAD to stop here to say that maybe you are cheating using the real photos to show a build of a scale model. I have to report to Admin... Jokes apart you did an excellent job! Congrats mate
  2. fet_thunderdome

    Revell Ford GT Le Mans 2017 #67 1/24

    Yes! Thanks
  3. fet_thunderdome

    Revell Ford GT Le Mans 2017 #67 1/24

    Thanks guys! The red blue and white are paint areas. But the only masking you have to do is to separate white from blue because Revell did the smart move to make the red back a single separated piece, so you can conveniently paint it alone
  4. Apart from the wheels, which I used the hobby design M3 dtm wheel set, it's stock. A pretty nice kit and fun to build.
  5. the aoshima is way way better..
  6. i have built both the Fujimi GT-R long tail and the Aoshima Long Tail. I can tell you that the fujimi was not only terrible but wrong with many aspects. To begin with the fact that the long tail is a mix of kits from the long tail, the short tail and the road version. It has the long tail, the front nose from the short tail and the rear view mirrors in the cockpit taken from the road version. The race version obviously doesn't have any rear view mirror in the cockpit simply because it has no rear window. And the height from the ground is ridicously high. Higher than a fiat Panda.
  7. fet_thunderdome

    Tamiya Toyota TS050 Hybrid 1/24 scale

    here some other pics of the kit and the parts: https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Toyota_TS050_Hybrid_Gazoo_Racing__24_Hours_Le_Mans_2018_Tamiya_24349--product--12875.html
  8. fet_thunderdome

    Tamiya Porsche 956 Rothmans

    thanks mate! It's a pretty old kit (1985) so yes, it's tricky at times but it's still a Tamiya, so less tricky than any other modern kit by another brand
  9. fet_thunderdome

    Tamiya Porsche 956 Rothmans

    no please don't! models belong to the building table, not to stay inside a box!
  10. After the announcement of the RC and the mini 4wd versions of the TS050 which won the 2018 24hrs of Le Mans, comes the news i was waiting most: https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Toyota_TS050_Hybrid_Tamiya_24349--product--12875.html the pic is from the RC version but it is temporary. The release date should be April. A very good news for the race cars enthusiasts
  11. fet_thunderdome

    Tamiya Porsche 956 Rothmans

    I use to sand them with sandpaper and usually I give a hand of flat coat over tire markings but this time I didn't. I did it on the Mercedes C9 and the Toyota Minolta 88c-v which I posted here
  12. fet_thunderdome

    Tamiya Porsche 956 Rothmans

    Thanks guys! @Dave I used rothmans blue from zero paints @keefr22 I simply sanded them with a 320 sandpaper
  13. fet_thunderdome

    Tamiya Porsche 956 Rothmans

    Thanks, I'm glad you noticed!
  14. Here's my 956 build with shunko decals and scale Motorsport detail up set. My first attempt at super detailing the engine. The kit was the original 956 from 1985
  15. fet_thunderdome

    Decal Advice!

    and if needed, when decal is dry, i take a new blade and cut the decal