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  1. I am working on same kit at the moment. Better watch out the cockpit platform fits in slots in fuselage perfectly. Otherwise it causes some extra work on top /nose.
  2. Thank you gents! You both saved my life!
  3. G'day Gentlemen! I am currently building a 1:48 Tamiya Mosquito. I purchased An Extradecal sheet and intended to build SEAC one (HR399) in Dark earth-dark green clothes. I have 2 issues to be solved. 1- What sort propellers used that bird? Wide or narrow one? ( forgive me for my ignorance I am sure they have proper brand names; rotol, curtiss etc) 2- Has HR399 carried with strips under wings? I will be pleased if some may enlight me. Best wishes from Turkey. The Flogger
  4. Thank you gents, I searched a bit more; seems like there were no diamond pattern wheel on RAF Fortress. I appreciate your kind responses. Wish all you a happy new year! Flggr
  5. Good evening Gents! Currently building an 1:72 Airfix Fortress mk III, 2016 mould nice one. I didnt like kit wheels and purchased Eduard resin set. But later I realised that on internet, they used radial pattern wheels or many pictures were blurry. So, It will be wrong if I use diamond pattern wheels on British fortress Mk.III? Thanks for reading. Flogger
  6. Esci 1:48 F-104N was my 1:48 kit. I was in Secondary school. It was 1989 or 1990. You took me to past. Great build by way!
  7. Well your birds are way away from my era but I envy your works Thanks...
  8. I had lost the part allows flap down. Bended the one lets flap flat. A small surgery.
  9. Thanks a lot,I am glad you liked. I bet your will be way better. I used Gunze black (which is semi gloss) and washed with gray oil paint. P-47M series arrived war scene lately and were not so worn. So I didnt weather it.
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