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  1. That would look great in real life too! Brilliant conversion, great skills!
  2. Superb builds, both of them. Top work!
  3. Wonderful build, superb detail. I have this in my stash, but am developing my skills on donor models before I attempt it!
  4. Really good looking model, congrats. Great finish on the colours/clear too. I only use acrylics so have never tried Zero, but agree that the Aqua Gloss Clear works really well. Superb job.
  5. What a gorgeous model. Love the attention to detail - awesome job, really well done.
  6. That's the Iwata stuff isn't it? So my Vallejo cleaner should be OK as I think it is pretty similar? I also use an IPA based home brew but I don't know how that will work with the Mr. Color - will test it and see.
  7. I've just bought some Mr Hobby Aqueous colours along with the aqueous thinner to experiment with - think I will order up some of the clear to try too. What did you clean your airbrush with afterwards?
  8. Just come across this - am thinking of buying this kit so thanks for posting. Nice clean build - nice interior details too.
  9. Absolutely brilliant - loved this, pure genius! Awesome attention to detail.
  10. Hi Jeff - lovely build. You really nailed the look on the wheel/tyre/brake assembly and I love the carbon on the diffuser. Top work!
  11. Hi Troy, Many thanks for putting all this info together, really appreciated. I have ordered some of the Vallejo retarder and will be ordering some of the Ferrari Red to test too. I also found out that the Revell Aqua Colour Mix I have is both a thinner and a retardant - it may be that I haven't been using enough of it in my mixing. I will be experimenting over the next couple of days and will let you know how I get on. Thanks again, Ant.
  12. Hi Troy, Thanks for replying. I hadn't thought about retarder for the gloss acrylic - something I will definitely try! Regarding the flow aid, I have found that it actually makes tip dry a less frequent issue but perhaps using the retarder instead would also reduce the chance of this happening whilst also slowing the paint dry time. Yes, the water I use is distilled. I had thought of going the 'matt, then gloss coat' route and have experimented with Pledge 'Revive It' and Alclad 2 Aqua Gloss. I have brushed these on - am too worried about messing up my airbrush to spray them. Both work well, but the Alclad is exceptional. Of course, this means finding an acrylic, water-based matt Ferrari Red - not something I have been able to do. Unfortunately even the Tamiya is too strong an odour for the other member of the household.... Best, Ant.
  13. Hi Nigel, Thanks for your input on this, very much appreciated. I did wonder if them being a Iwata distributor would mean that other makes would be regarded as inferior and it sounds like that is the case. As you and uncletommy said, it seems I have many more hours of YouTube watching ahead! Best, Ant.
  14. Hi Paul - sandy, grainy finish on my gloss coats. Spraying on a Ferrari 458, using no.34 Revell Aqua and the no.220 Humbrol Acrylics. For both I have tried thinning to the consistancy of semi-skimmed milk, using water, flow aid and Revell Aqua thinners. I have tried spraying at everything from 10 psi to 20psi and varying the distance from the model - no difference. So I am having to sand after each coat. However, spraying any matt paint results in a smooth finish. I am stumped.
  15. Hi there, I am a relative newbie who is (still) struggling with getting to grips with my H&S Evolution airbrush. I build cars and bikes and only shoot water-based acrylics due to my working environment. However, after much advice from numerous sources, experimentation and sanding (!), I am still experiencing the same issues as when I started. Does anyone know of any modelling airbrush courses available (once this lockdown is over!)? I am based in Surrey and have found one offered by Airbrush.com, based in West Sussex. This sounds ideal - but I wondered if anyone knew of any others? Any advice greatly received, thanks.
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