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  1. Thanks, Pete. Great idea. I’ll definitely give that a try.
  2. I haven't had time to model much lately, just an hour here and there. I finally got enough done to warrant sharing with you guys. There were also a few mishaps, so read on.... I realized that I had to paint the driver/pilot and detail the interior & get it sealed up before I could attach it to the rest of the model (something I've been avoiding). I did a quickie, good-enough paint job on the figure and got it closed up. I think the orange helps make him look less Modern Armour and more Guy From The Future. I got the windscreen and side windows glued in and tap
  3. Thanks, guys. yeah, Will, it’s very obviously a HEMTT cab. I’m not sure I can disguise it without loosing the very things about it that appealed to me in the first place. Hopefully, once painted, it won’t scream HEMTT quite as loudly.
  4. I've had some time this week, so here's a few updates... The bottom half has been built up. I also did some plastic surgery on the front end and lowered the placement of the cab. I really didn't like how high it was sitting before. The cab is just held together with tape at the moment, so I can paint the interior. Here I'm starting to plan out engine compartment details. Everything is just temporarily stuck in place with some double-sided tape. I've also started to add some Meng brand bolt heads.
  5. Yes, that’s the video that did it for me, too.
  6. Thanks everybody. I really appreciate the nice comments. I've recently made some progress on this, so here's a quick update... I finally found a suitable figure for the pilot. The 1/24 Fujimi figure was way too big. This resin figure is 1:35 and looks much more in scale. So yeah, the vehicle is now officially 1:35 scale. I think with the right paint job, he can be made to look a bit more 'futuristic'. With that sorted, I added some panels to the sides, added a few greebles on top and started to fill out the front.
  7. Glad to hear it!. Yeah, definitely get some, it's cheap, re-usable and very forgiving. There are a bunch of youtube videos showing how to use it as well.
  8. Thanks for the nice comment. The problem is that I tend to work in short bursts, followed by extended periods of inactivity, where I'm planning how I'll tackle the next problem. So a project can drag on forever. My last model took something like 19 months. It can be hard to sustain interest without getting distracted by ideas for 100 other models I'd like to build.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I think that would work great. I actually did find a large sheet of frosted translucent plastic at a local craft shop. It’s about 60cm square (and about .15mm thick) and was only a couple dollars.
  10. So I've made a few attempts to scratch build the hydraulic greebles seen in the recesses of the doors (presumably some sort of locking mechanism), but I haven't been happy with the results. I decided to model it on the computer and 3D print them. My printer can't output the fine detail needed here, so I found someone on Etsy with a SLA printer. The price for three was a bit more than I was willing to spend, so I just ordered one and decided to come up with some way reproduce it. (yeah, I'm a cheap skate) I found a pretty cool product that I think is worth sharing here. Apologies i
  11. Quick update. I've got the ceiling and the beginnings of some lighting. Cheap strip LEDs from China via Ebay. I went for warm white (70's film stock vibes) rather than the cool, which tends to have a blueish cast. Got everything wired in series. They're bright as hell, I also bought an LED dimmer from the same seller, but it doesn't seem to do anything . Here everything's just barely balanced, no glue I need to find a suitable diffuser material for the LEDs. I have some meant for
  12. Thanks. Yes, that sketch is Ian's. I believe it's from his book, "Robots, Space Dudes, Flying Ships, Etc."
  13. Thanks! There might be. I haven't really looked into it. Part of me is reluctant to add figures because once added they become the focal point.
  14. Thanks, man. Considering that outside of this forum, no ones probably ever going to see this model, I should probably dial it back a few clicks.
  15. wow...will be following with interest. Great start!
  16. Unfortunately, I was just working from a single vantage point sketch and I arbitrarily chose the size that I wanted the final model to be. As a result, it’s a weird scale (~1:15 if I had to guess). So there really aren’t any figures commercially available that I know of. I’ve since become aware of the Neca figures of Lambert, Dallas, & Kane in their compression suits. These look great, but they’re 7.5” tall. I really don’t have the space to display a diorama that big. Maybe I’ll try my hand at sculpting something...
  17. Home today because my cars in the repair shop, I turned my attention to the airlock floor grate. This one cost me 2D6 sanity points, but I'm really happy how it turned out (not to mention chromosome damage from the cement fumes). Rather than take the easy way out and throw down some Evergreen strips, I decided to try to shoot for Ron Cobb's vision seen above. To cut these to the same length with a 45 chamfer at each end, I modified an Xacto mitre box by adding a stop and a small clamp to hold the piece being cut. Then it was a
  18. Looks fantastic. You’re a force of nature (with a very deep spares box). Can’t wait to see it come together once you hit it with some primer.
  19. Thanks for the input. Yeah, I’m a bit torn as to which view. I do like your reversible idea, but I would like to finish this in my lifetime! Also, that front wall will be hiding a lot of sins, having it removable will force me to confront them.
  20. I've decided that building this as a sort of shadow box would be a pretty cool way of displaying it. Ten or so years ago I was in Chicago for a wedding and had the good fortune of seeing the Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. They were really impressive and I'd love to get some of that vibe here. So for this display, I'd like to have it lit and be able to peer into the room through an opening. The question is: Should the front of the box represent an interior view of the room, or a view from outside the ship? Both are cool and have their merits. Here's a screen
  21. Thanks everyone. I think this ones going to be really fun. Pete-thanks for the rust tip. Your Hovertank looks ace! I’ve been interested in M.a.K for a while, but a bit leery about falling down that rabbit hole.
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