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  1. Finally got this painted up and weathered. Thanks to everyone who followed along and offered encouragement. I really appreciate it. This was painted with Mission Model acrylics and weathered with oils and enamels. There's a fine line between too much and way too much. Not sure where I landed. In any case, this was really fun to build. Thanks again for tuning in.
  2. Thanks, guys Weathering continues. Here's sneak preview. Hopefully, I'll be done by the weekend. For these, I basecoated with $3 hardware store spray paint, in this case Rustoleum Satin 'Expresso', which is a nice deep brown color, as you might imagine. Hairspray over that, then sprayed white acrylic. Masked with Tamiya tape, then sprayed the red and black. Let the paint dry long enough to clean my airbrush, then started chipping straight away. Again, the streaks are artifacts from the chipping process that I manipulated to look streaky rain marks. The rust is enamel
  3. I’m really loving these! I been seeing a lot of Japanese modelers bashing similar “single pilot/open cockpit” walkers on Twitter lately. You’ve definitely tapped into the zeitgeist. Your diorama/ base is looking great too and really going to put this over the top. Excellent work.
  4. A quick update. After much trepidation, I finally started painting. I have a ways to go, but so far I am encouraged. This is my first attempt at hairspray chipping and first time using Mission Model paint. So far I am loving both. The mission model paint is so much easier to work with than the Vallejo Model Air that I was using earlier. The mottled/distressed finish is just a result of redistributing the paint that was coming off during the chipping process. I love a free lunch. I haven't even started the weathering yet. This is just the base coat. I will be following
  5. Yes, I had read that the Venus suit was made from two of the very kit that I built. It’s really cool. Now that I’ve handled the parts, it’s really obvious where all bits came from.
  6. Thanks. I believe the Ayoshima kits are reissues using the same ‘83 tooling, with Mokoto Kobayashi art on the box. Here’s a link to the Hyper Dorvack document: http://www.zimmerit.moe/hyper-dorvack-document-makoto-kobayashi/ All in all, I would say get one if you find it really cheap (like 8 bucks at the charity shop cheap), But don’t spend any real money on them. For what I paid for this kit, I practically could have bought a Wave 1/20 Kit and had a much more pleasant time putting it together. spread the weird
  7. Thanks, Pete. Always appreciated! Yeah, a cattle prod. I thought making it really long might give him a wizard or sage like look, too. Which is a bit weird, I know. Since you'll be away, here are a couple more photos I just took, as I got a coat of primer on things. We're getting really close to the part where I don't work on it for a month, because I can't decide how I'll paint it...
  8. I was recently invited to participate in a group build over on Instagram. The subject is a series of model kits based on “Special Armored Battalion Dorvack” (an obscure 1983 anime series that ran for a year in Japan). I was completely unaware of the series and not particularly psyched to participate, as it was bit outside my interests and comfort zone. But refusing the invitation seemed impolite and it might be an opportunity to do something a bit different. Plus, in addition to the (boring to me) transformer type robots, the show featured armoured powersuits in the Ma.k vein. So I decided to
  9. Some may have noticed that I am a S L O W modeler, with some of my projects taking up to a year and a half to complete. One of the downsides to this is I don't get much practice painting, which I see as my biggest weakness. So when I finish a model and it's time to paint it, its been 1.5 yrs since my last attempt. Not a great way to make incremental improvement. This has been bothering me a bit, so I decided to try and intersperse my bigger projects with quicker, built-over-a-weekend type projects that are more spontaneous and get me trying out some different paint techniques more regular
  10. Thanks, Pete. Those are all great ideas. I am planning to add ladders and handles. I was waiting because they are delicate & I am not...I just recently broke the window on the other side. Now both side windows are missing. I guess it just became a hot summer day in flying truck land. I think adding more camera domes is a good idea. I’ll see what I can knock together.
  11. Alright. I finally got some bench time squeezed in on this guy. First up are the twin loudspeaker horns on the top. I 3D printed them in styrene. They looked really deformed and needed a ton of sanding and filling. They still look a bit catawampus, but I figure if I paint enough rust on them, everything will be okay (modelers mantra). The're glued to a rack made from some kit parts. I'm thinking of adding a couple of revolving beacons on either side. The front end of the craft was looking pretty barren. I thought it needed a bit of sci-fi tech to smarten it
  12. Sad news. I just read that legendary model maker Bill Pearson has passed away. Bill worked on ‘Alien’, ‘Flash Gordon’, ‘Outland’, 'Lost In Space', 'Battlefield Earth', 'Thunderbirds The Movie', 'Alien Vs Predator', 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', 'Casino Royale', 'Moon', 'Gravity', 'Prometheus', and many Sci-Fi TV shows like Dr.Who, Tenko, Blake's 7, Horizon, Squadron, Shackleton, Red Dwarf Series' 4, 8 9, 10 & 11, and Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct. Here's an interview with Bill about working on Alien and Flash Gordon:
  13. I was always told that you couldn’t make a silk purse of a sows ear, but you’ve proved them wrong. Great work.
  14. Just about done... Some small details to add, maybe another weathering pass and then bodge together some kind of display case. I'm pleased with how it came together. My only regret is allowing a few problems along the way grind me to a halt. Here's the original Ron Cobb drawing: Thanks for your patience and continued interest. I feel bad the build was so protracted. I have a couple model ideas I'm dying to get stared on. Watch this space... Peter
  15. Yes, my hand is feeling much better. Thanks! I’ve not worked on this since my last post except to start to plan out the paint job. Shameful. I have been working on the Nostromo Airlock a bit and should have a update soon. But truthfully the main reason is, some kits I had ordered from Japan for a future project finally arrived and I admit that I’ve been mucking around with them instead of focusing on all the outstanding stuff piled everywhere. ADHD is for real, man. My projects seem to start out with an explosion of enthusiasm that gradually tapers off the closer I get to
  16. Ok...it's been a while. Sorry 'bout that. I haven't been at the bench as often as I'd like. I’ve developed a bit of tendonitis in my hand from work and haven’t been able to put the hours in. The top round radar shroud (?) was made from two Tamiya Flakvierling 38 fenders glued together and a styrene disc to fill the hole in the center. It sits in the recess where a hatch was meant to go. I added a rolled steel texture to the lower half of the ship using Tamiya putty thinned with a bit of acetone. I also scribed some flame cut marks into the edges of the styr
  17. Great work, Pete. The spoons were a great idea. Curious to see how the drop tank looks. I still am anxious to try the MaK style myself, but first I’ve got a few things to finish. I often look to Japanese sci-fi modelers for inspiration and the technique of glueing lots of disparate bits together and then blending with putty is really cool and effective. yeah, 70s/80’s sci-fi paperback covers rule. I really dig Chris Foss. Also check out John Berkey and Peter Elson. While their names may not be immediately familiar, the paintings will be. Very Awesome.
  18. Thanks, Pete. Great idea. I’ll definitely give that a try.
  19. I haven't had time to model much lately, just an hour here and there. I finally got enough done to warrant sharing with you guys. There were also a few mishaps, so read on.... I realized that I had to paint the driver/pilot and detail the interior & get it sealed up before I could attach it to the rest of the model (something I've been avoiding). I did a quickie, good-enough paint job on the figure and got it closed up. I think the orange helps make him look less Modern Armour and more Guy From The Future. I got the windscreen and side windows glued in and tap
  20. Thanks, guys. yeah, Will, it’s very obviously a HEMTT cab. I’m not sure I can disguise it without loosing the very things about it that appealed to me in the first place. Hopefully, once painted, it won’t scream HEMTT quite as loudly.
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