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  1. I've entered the home stretch on this one. I got everything in primer and ready for paint. Unfortunately, the primer went down a bit heavier than I intended and softened some of the finer details...oh well. A small spray can of Tamiya or Mr. Surfacer is quite expensive around here (and usually out of stock), so I sometimes get by with grey primer from the hardware store. This is a case where I regret that decision a bit. Maybe switching to the Mr. Surfacer for airbrush would be a better way to go. The problem is, my wife is very sensitive to solvent vapors, so I'd have to move the compressor outside for that. The primer revealed that the upper arm armour needed a bit of work, so I sanded it back and attached these wrap-around plastic card bits to enclose the mechanics. After all the fretting over a color scheme, I just went with a simple grey green with some yellow markings. The green is a mix of hellblau and hellgrün acrylics from Mission Model Paint. For this model, I tried painting the chips with a brush for the first time (rather than my usual go-to hairspray method). I'm a bit crap at it, so it looks cartoonish to my eyes, but I think the further weathering steps will tone it down a bit. These calipers made a very convenient handle for this during painting. I'm getting close to finishing. A bit more weathering, then assembly. I imagine that final assembly will be difficult because the limb connections are just ball joints. I will have to rig a way to hold the parts in position while the glue sets up. Also the figure needs to be painted, so I expect I'll be watching some figure painting videos on Youtube in the near future. Thanks again for any interest. P.
  2. I’m not sure what’s it’s purpose is other than I’d like to keep it a bit ambiguous / mysterious.
  3. Yes, that’s the kind of finish I’ve had in mind. I’ve been looking at a lot of WWII aircraft colors, particularly the paints for the interiors and the underside of the plane. I think a lot of the original Ma.K colors that Kow Yokohama chose were from WWII aircraft, as well…duck egg, middle stone, Grauviolet, etc. Thanks for posting
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to try and paint over these photos in Photoshop and I'll definitely try these out. As much as I like the idea of the JCB yellow (I think it suits this subject well), having just finished a model of a construction robot, I'm a bit reluctant to "do it again". I'll try mocking it up on the computer, in any case. It was my hope that the jerrycans wouldn't be too obvious. My thinking was they were a detail stamped into the sheet metal to give it some strength. I have a bit more work to do on the upper arm armour, anyway. I'll try blending the edge of the can in with some putty. Maybe that will slightly disguise its origins. Thanks for pointing that out.
  5. I've added more small details here and there and also got some primer down to both see where things are at and to use in photoshop to help work out a paint scheme. So here are some gratuitous primer pics to geek out on (if you like that sort of thing). I freely admit that I have NFI what colors to paint this. thanks again for any interest. Peter
  6. Wow, what a crazy-huge project. Are you looking to clear out your entire stores of detail parts? There are easier ways…for instance, you could send them to me. All kidding aside, this is the kind of project that I dream about…a wall of greebles. However, since a typical model kit is $$, I will have to continue to dream and live vicariously though your build. Will watch with great interest.
  7. Fantastic work. Looks ace, Pete. Really nice work blending all those shapes.
  8. Here it is mocked up. I'm digging the stance...
  9. Hey friends. I got some time in on this recently and made enough progress to be worth sharing. I formed the roll cage from some ⌀1.5mm acrylic rod. It bent reasonably easily with some gentle help from a heat gun. I bent the rod around a form cut from some thin MDF with the profile of the cage. The cross pieces were cut to length and the cage was gently squeezed by hand while the cement dried. I had been dreading this and I'm chuffed that it turned out as well as it did. if this hadn't worked out, I probably would have tried soldering some brass rod. I also have assembled the legs from an assortment of parts. The feet and lower leg are made from some Evergreen styrene and the armour is Gundam. The upper thighs were some unused bits from the Hasegawa Hitachi excavator. They were thin shells, so I filled them with epoxy putty and drilled the hole for the tube. The tube was capped with some 1:72 tank wheels and a polystyrene 1/2 pearl. The pearl will seat in a spherical depression in the flange on the main body. This should allow me some flexibility to pose the leg while the glue is drying. I'll need to improvise some sort of jig to support the body at the proper height while doing this. Hopefully, this will be able to stand up on its own . I'll probably pin it to a small base, in any case. I'll hopefully be adding some more mechanical details to legs, then onto finishing up the arms. At that point, I'll be on the home stretch. Thanks for looking in. Peter
  10. I finally finished this after leaving it about 98.6% of the way there. I added some caked mud and dust to the feet and built a simple base. If anyone is interested in the build process, here's a link:
  11. Just a brief note to say that I am still working on this despite the lack of posts. I have taken a brief hiatus to finish a couple of older models that were 98% of the way done before I got distracted with this (& others that have yet to be disclosed here ). I always seem to stop 3 feet short of the finish line...a bit pathological, maybe? Usually a model show or contest is needed (ie. a real deadline) for me to actually completely finish something. So, I’ve decided to participate in something with a mid-June deadline, largely to provide a bit of motivation so I can put these older pieces to rest (the Construction Mech & my Spaceship Crash Site DIO).
  12. Very nice, Andy. I really like the approach of using a combination of printed and scratch built parts, rather than just printing the whole thing as a monolithic figure. Fusion 360 and the Mars are a potent combination indeed. It’s kind of miraculous that’s it’s in reach of the hobbyist for so little money. I really should fire mine up more than I do. I had originally intended to use it as a desktop greeble factory, but have yet to really explore that possibility.
  13. Looks great, Pete. It should be really fun to paint in the Star Wars style, with some jaunty chipped stripes. There’s a new company out of Lancashire, called Archive X that sells paints (acrylics & enamels) that are colour matched to the paints used on the original Star Wars studio models. For me, however, they are priced way outside of my budget. I’m glad to hear your feeling better
  14. I realized that the part that I had mounted to attach the legs to was too wide and was going to make for quite a bow legged stance. So I sawed it off and attached a thinner piece to help bring the legs closer together. There was a rectangular hole left behind, so I took the opportunity to glue some 1:72 tank tracks in place to suggest some mechanical detail within. I also scratched the leg attachment flanges. I tried to align them in-line with the shoulders. I also started to mock-up some arms. I like where this is going, but I'm not too happy with the hands themselves. These are from a early 80's Gunze Sangyo kit and they are fairly crude. I'd like them to be bigger and forming fists. The 1/100 Gundam fists that I have are too small to use here. I may have to scratch build them . I think the open frame forearm will be a good starting point for some mechanical details. I will need to get the legs sorted before I go too much further with the arms, since I'll need to know how far to separate them from the body to clear the legs. I've got a handful of pieces picked out for the legs, but still need to engineer how everything gets attached. until then, thanks for looking in. Peter
  15. Great work, Francis. You’re off to great start. I had this particular craft on my (long) list of things to build. I’m really looking forward to seeing your interpretation. I’ve also built a McQue inspired model:
  16. I’ve wanted to build a piloted Mech/Powersuit with the driver in an open roll cage for a while now. I recently picked up a set of Polish tank crew figures and decided to have a go. I don’t really have a clear design in mind, other than I’d like to have exaggerated, cartoon proportions, with large arms and shoulders and small legs. Kind of like Bluto from the Popeye cartoons. I started by building the seat out of some leftover polystyrene scraps. The joysticks and foot rest are Gundam parts. They’re kind of chunky and possibly scale-breakers, but I’m playing this one fast and loose. Next, I built up a frame to support the huge arms. This was printed in five parts and assembled around the chair. On either side of the pilots head , I drilled the mounting holes for the roll cage. This will (hopefully) be bent up from some acrylic rod. A bit hard to see, but the black textured piece behind the drivers head is from a video cassette. I also filled out the back with sheet styrene and started to add some kit part details. Under the seat, I’ve added a piece to attach the legs to. I’m happy so far, but slightly unsettled as I have no real plan. I will trust that the Spare-box Muse will lead me down the golden path to kitbash Elysium. that’s it for now. Thanks for looking in. Pete
  17. Funny you should mention that...I’m building a ship from Bye Bye Jupiter right now. I’ll start a thread soon.
  18. Looks great so far. I will be following with interest.
  19. Very interested to follow along. Martin Bower modeled a bunch of the Dan Dare ships years ago. There are some pictures here: Link
  20. Thanks, Pete! Shouldn't be too much longer now.
  21. Thanks for all the leads on some scale figures. Very helpful. I finally picked up some backpacker figures. They’re not 100% what I was looking for, but I’m getting anxious to finish. I have added some fine dirt. This was just dirt from pile at a job site near where I work. I grabbed a couple yogurt cups full and then later sifted it through a wire screen to get rid of rocks and plant debris. I applied some glue with a brush (Mod Podge matte) to the plaster. A nylon stocking was stretched over the yogurt cup and shook it over the model, salt shaker style. Only the finest powder made it through the stocking, so it looks reasonably in-scale. Here I’ve added some static grass (WWS brand). The applicator was made from an electric fly swatter from the junk shop (cheapness), using instructions gleaned from a thousand YouTube videos. There’s also a bit of weathering...some oil paint rain streaks and some dirt, dust and mud clumps. Next I’ll add some of the vine like vegetation hanging from the engines, as seen in the original sketch. Over & Out, Pete
  22. Peter Wyngarde would have approved.
  23. Looks like a fun project. I think it would be cool to add a few details to the suit, maybe some extra detail on the backpack or a new weapon. Then a small simple base to display it. Some of the glue damage could perhaps be expressed as battle damage or wear and tear once you get to the paint stage. Another thought is a derelict suit, rusted and with moss growing on it, maybe with a skeleton inside(?) Here’s what I mean by a small base (this is not my work, btw)
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