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  1. Great work, Pete. It really looks fantastic.
  2. Hey Pete, here’s a couple pictures of a Fledermaus that I had grabbed off Twitter because I thought it was an interesting paint job. Maybe you’ll find them useful. I can’t wait to see what you cook up this time.
  3. Great job, Will. Those concrete blocks look extremely realistic. Are they made from plaster?
  4. Thanks everyone! I will be making a small base. It would be nice to scatter some debris around. I was thinking maybe some broken concrete and rusted scrap metal among the weeds. At 1/35 scale there’s no shortage of oil drums and other accessories available, but I don’t want it to get too crowded.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I’m almost done. A couple more bits to glue on and a final weathering pass. I might build a small base for this as it’s a bit vulnerable as is. thanks for the tips about spraying orange paint. As least I know it’s not my ineptitude.
  6. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. I managed to get everything base coated and chipped. The chips are out of scale in some cases, but overall I’m pleased. I had a really hard time getting the orange laid down with any opacity. I had this problem before with another brands of orange and I’m starting to think orange acrylic might be one of those problem colors. In both cases, Vallejo Model Air, and now Mission Models orange spray very thin with poor coverage. My experience with Mission paint up until now has been very positive. In any case, I’m going to let everything sit for a few days
  7. Have you thought about printing with polystyrene filament? It prints beautifully and is really easy to sand. It can be glued using standard modeling cements, so you can easily detail prints with kit parts or Evergreen shapes. I just posted a thread about printing with polystyrene:
  8. I just realized this new 3D printing section was here and I thought it might be helpful to share a bit about the ways that I use it in my work. I recently got back into model making (~2017) after not having done it since childhood. My focus is scratch building science fiction subject matter. I have a resin printer and a FDM style printer, both relatively inexpensive, that have become an important part of my work flow. Here's my souped-up Tevo Tarantula: FDM ( fused deposition modeling) style printers seem to be going out of favor with t
  9. Looks amazing. Really nice work. How do you attach the booms? Is there some kind of internal structure or do they just glue directly to the car body? I’m also looking forward to see what you come up with for the engine.
  10. This is a project I’ve been quietly working on (and off) in the background over the past year. It’s a sort of chance meeting on an operating table between a sewing machine and an umbrella, or in this case, between a 1:35 scale Hitachi Zaxis excavator and a couple of Gundam kits. It’s based on a model that I saw on a Japanese social media site a couple of years ago by a modeler called “Surume0407”. You can see his work here: <https://twoucan.com/profile/surume0407> I really liked it and wanted to try to make my own version, but while the use of the Ha
  11. Thanks. The main ship hull was printed with polystyrene filament and probably took around 6hrs or so. It’s about 13 cm in diameter. The engines were printed on a resin printer. I was able to print them in pairs and if I recall took about 4-5 hrs. per go. thanks, those are good suggestions about the figures. I have seen some solders with mine detectors. I’m not above modifying the figures. I think my main goal is to have a bit of humor, since the whole scene will be rather cartoonish. Peter
  12. The inspiration for this vignette came from this sketch by concept artist, Guy Warley. I originally planned to have the figures to be backpackers or maybe having a picnic, unaware they were sitting upon the site of an ancient extraterrestrial ruin. Then I could call the piece, “Picnic at the Ruins of ARK Polaris”, or some such. I also thought it would be funny to have one of the figures have a metal detector, but I’ve been unable, as yet, to find an HO scale detectorist figure. The ship hull was printed in polystyrene. I made the ship a bit more organic th
  13. Looking forward to this one. I’ve always really liked the Falke. I believe the car used on Kow’s original was a Toyota S800. Not sure if that kit is still in production.* I saw a cool variant some time ago using Shawnee Flying Bananas for the booms. I’d like to give that a try one day. It looked pretty crazy. Nice start, Pete. Will be following along. *it is. Fujimi makes one.
  14. Finally got this painted up and weathered. Thanks to everyone who followed along and offered encouragement. I really appreciate it. This was painted with Mission Model acrylics and weathered with oils and enamels. There's a fine line between too much and way too much. Not sure where I landed. In any case, this was really fun to build. Thanks again for tuning in.
  15. Thanks, guys Weathering continues. Here's sneak preview. Hopefully, I'll be done by the weekend. For these, I basecoated with $3 hardware store spray paint, in this case Rustoleum Satin 'Expresso', which is a nice deep brown color, as you might imagine. Hairspray over that, then sprayed white acrylic. Masked with Tamiya tape, then sprayed the red and black. Let the paint dry long enough to clean my airbrush, then started chipping straight away. Again, the streaks are artifacts from the chipping process that I manipulated to look streaky rain marks. The rust is enamel
  16. I’m really loving these! I been seeing a lot of Japanese modelers bashing similar “single pilot/open cockpit” walkers on Twitter lately. You’ve definitely tapped into the zeitgeist. Your diorama/ base is looking great too and really going to put this over the top. Excellent work.
  17. A quick update. After much trepidation, I finally started painting. I have a ways to go, but so far I am encouraged. This is my first attempt at hairspray chipping and first time using Mission Model paint. So far I am loving both. The mission model paint is so much easier to work with than the Vallejo Model Air that I was using earlier. The mottled/distressed finish is just a result of redistributing the paint that was coming off during the chipping process. I love a free lunch. I haven't even started the weathering yet. This is just the base coat. I will be following
  18. Yes, I had read that the Venus suit was made from two of the very kit that I built. It’s really cool. Now that I’ve handled the parts, it’s really obvious where all bits came from.
  19. Thanks. I believe the Ayoshima kits are reissues using the same ‘83 tooling, with Mokoto Kobayashi art on the box. Here’s a link to the Hyper Dorvack document: http://www.zimmerit.moe/hyper-dorvack-document-makoto-kobayashi/ All in all, I would say get one if you find it really cheap (like 8 bucks at the charity shop cheap), But don’t spend any real money on them. For what I paid for this kit, I practically could have bought a Wave 1/20 Kit and had a much more pleasant time putting it together. spread the weird
  20. Thanks, Pete. Always appreciated! Yeah, a cattle prod. I thought making it really long might give him a wizard or sage like look, too. Which is a bit weird, I know. Since you'll be away, here are a couple more photos I just took, as I got a coat of primer on things. We're getting really close to the part where I don't work on it for a month, because I can't decide how I'll paint it...
  21. I was recently invited to participate in a group build over on Instagram. The subject is a series of model kits based on “Special Armored Battalion Dorvack” (an obscure 1983 anime series that ran for a year in Japan). I was completely unaware of the series and not particularly psyched to participate, as it was bit outside my interests and comfort zone. But refusing the invitation seemed impolite and it might be an opportunity to do something a bit different. Plus, in addition to the (boring to me) transformer type robots, the show featured armoured powersuits in the Ma.k vein. So I decided to
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