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  1. Cool, I look forward to seeing how it turns out
  2. Hi, that looks great so far. I eager to see how it all turns out. Pat
  3. Hi, Thanks for the info. I had heard of Black Bess before but had never seen arepresentation of how she looked.
  4. Hi, It looks like you have most the US and UK/Commonwealth types represented (as well as a captured plane in Japanese markings). Have you considered doing a Belgian, Finnish or a Dutch variant? (I've always wanted to try and do one in notional Polish markings to represent what the plane might have looked like if Brewster had been able to fulfill that order). Regards Pat PS. Also, out of curiosity, what is the story behind the version on the far left, front row, with what looks like extra exhaust ducts (?) around the engine cowling?
  5. Hi, That looks great. It's always fascinating to me to be able to see the insides of stuff.
  6. Hi, The build and diorama both look great
  7. Hi, I think that the color scheme may have varied a bit at different times during the Post War period, but here are two different color images of the ship. Pat Image PS. Sorry for my poor spelling. I'm from Virginia
  8. Wow, that is so tiny. You did a great job building and photographing it
  9. Hi, That could make for an interesting build or mini diorama. Pat
  10. Hi, Your pictures (and build) are incredible. Pat
  11. Hi, Your build is turning out nicely, and I am watching intently to see how it turns out, and for any tips or recommendations on building the kit. I have a copy of this kit and hope to make mine look more like the ship as she is now. Pat
  12. Hi, Your tank looks great. It has the look of something that "could have been" while also looking suitable for an "alternate reality" setting as well
  13. Hmm, now that you mention it, that thing does look like a gravy boat, and the things next to it, with all the circular openings kind of reminds me of those "utensil holders" you see at some buffet style restaurants. Pat
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