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  1. Hi all, Probably a basic question but one I haven't found an answer for so far, so hopefully someone can help me. Ive been spraying 18 or so psi for my standard paint mixes of 50:50 paint to thinner. However, next step is to spray a 10:90 paint to thinner mix, so very highly diluted. Would I be right in saying I also need to reduce the psi at the same time? My reckoning is a thinner mix would just splatter if sprayed at too high a pressure. My primer is thicker and goes on at 30psi, so thats where my logic comes from. Thanks for any help or advice you can give. Simon
  2. Hi all, Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, however, I wanted to try my hand at a nascar model kit. However, I;m having a tough time finding them for sale in the UK. Does anyone know of a good source or could recommend some options? Many thanks, Simon
  3. I really havent been doing this long and am having frustration with lots of elements - however painting hasnt been one of them. I always prime (so far) with stynylrez primer - I got grey first then got black more recently. Even as someone who has never used an airbrush before, it goes on superbly. I then either use a 50/50 mix of vallejo air thinned with their own thinner, or tamiya acrylic again thinned to about the same ration with X20A. The thinning is something to play around with but surprisingly, the basic side of it is fairly straight forward. I might not be able to pull of any fancy techniques, however I can get a really nice basic paint job down. One thing I would say is I paint many very thin layers - probably allowing far less out of the airbrush than most do. It gives me a bit of control so that I dont overdo it. And the other thing to mention, almost every issue Ive had with airburshing so far has been solved by stripping the thing down and giving it a good solid clean. Good luck!
  4. hammett98


    HI all, Frustrating problem yesterday building my kit. I clamped two sections together using some pegs that I had (using some paper towel between the kit and the peg so as not to damage the paint), and when I removed them - a massive dent. Well, massive to me anyway. It only happened in the one place and Id used these pegs 6 or 7 times already without problem. Its really annoyed me as I was very happy with how the kit was working out until that point. So my questions is, what clamps do you use when gluing sections together. I know it sounds silly, but I want to use the actual ones someone else uses on here so I never have this happen again! Many Thanks, Simon
  5. thanks for your help guys and sharing your knowledge
  6. hammett98

    Varnish question

    Hi all, Quick question - I have a canopy from a sci-fi kit that needed some quite complex masking. I've done it and painted it but should I apply a matt coat over the top before removing the masks or do you guys typically varnish the clear section of canopy also? I intend to apply a gloss coat on the kit before applying the washes and then finish it all with a matt coat. Many Thanks, Simon
  7. Thanks so much for the input guys - @Tony Oliver love the finish on the felix!
  8. hammett98

    Priming question

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere - I couldnt find anything as most questions relate to using a primer or not. My question is, can you use a primer as a main top coat? The reason I ask is that I have a model car kit that Ive primed in stynylrez matt black and I like it so much on this particular kit that Id like to use it as the main colour. I was wondering about going over it with Tamiya and using their matt coat to get a really flat matt black but then with the primer looking so good I thought why? Also, when you guys do a lot of masking jobs, do you spray down a matt coat to protect the paint underneath to stop the tape pulling small bits up? Im imaging thats the solution but wondered if I was doing something else wrong. Many thanks for you help in advance, Simon
  9. Glad it wasnt just me - snapped both control columns and antennas from both kits (although was more flash than antenna). Managed to get the landing gear off though!
  10. Thanks for your comments - yeah digital photography is still a world that eludes me! Curious as to what the Canopy Challenge is though?
  11. Where to start.... Worked solidly on this kit for the past 2 days. Literally. Long list of disasters - paint rubbing off whilst decalling (which took me over 8 hours!), airbrush issues, snapped control sticks and antenna's from both kits (although antennas were more flash than anything else). Oh and the kits world decal sheet is printed incorrectly - the checker pattern is duplicate for the camo version but it should be mirrored. Spent ages trying to work out that one. Thankfully used the NMF decal but still means Im one short if I build the other version. Took me nearly a day to figure how to mask the spinner and it still doesnt look good. Anyone would think I wasn't having fun but actually I loved building this kit! I see loads of flaws in my work - bit annoyed that I had a really nice paint finish then seemed to constantly chip it, meaning I ended up with a pretty poor paint job. Really couldn't figure out painting leading and trailing edges either. Might have overdone the wash, but I was enjoying it! Found out watercolor pencils don't go over gloss....so that was a big part of weathering out the window! Considering this is my first kit, its 10x better than I thought I could do. I know its not a masterpiece but I'm quite pleased with the final result. Need a week or so though before starting the next! Thanks for any comments/tips etc.
  12. Landing Gear, engines and drop tanks. Thats what it came down. Im posting here as although I have to glue these last bits on I worked too hard to miss out on being part of the party!
  13. Just to prove I'm still in with a chance of getting this done on time! Have to touch up the grey along the sides, tony bit of olive too, finish the red on the spinner. Landing gear is done. Need to do the second part of the canopy. Need to do the stripes. Varnish, decals, varnish. Then sit back and bathe in glory!
  14. Wife went and booked a last minute holiday - have tried to do some priming and other bits before the off but looks like I'll have a lot to do when I get back! See you all in a week and really enjoying the amazing work everyones doing on this kit.
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