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  1. Glad it wasnt just me - snapped both control columns and antennas from both kits (although was more flash than antenna). Managed to get the landing gear off though!
  2. Thanks for your comments - yeah digital photography is still a world that eludes me! Curious as to what the Canopy Challenge is though?
  3. Where to start.... Worked solidly on this kit for the past 2 days. Literally. Long list of disasters - paint rubbing off whilst decalling (which took me over 8 hours!), airbrush issues, snapped control sticks and antenna's from both kits (although antennas were more flash than anything else). Oh and the kits world decal sheet is printed incorrectly - the checker pattern is duplicate for the camo version but it should be mirrored. Spent ages trying to work out that one. Thankfully used the NMF decal but still means Im one short if I build the other version. Took me nearly a day to figure how to mask the spinner and it still doesnt look good. Anyone would think I wasn't having fun but actually I loved building this kit! I see loads of flaws in my work - bit annoyed that I had a really nice paint finish then seemed to constantly chip it, meaning I ended up with a pretty poor paint job. Really couldn't figure out painting leading and trailing edges either. Might have overdone the wash, but I was enjoying it! Found out watercolor pencils don't go over gloss....so that was a big part of weathering out the window! Considering this is my first kit, its 10x better than I thought I could do. I know its not a masterpiece but I'm quite pleased with the final result. Need a week or so though before starting the next! Thanks for any comments/tips etc.
  4. Landing Gear, engines and drop tanks. Thats what it came down. Im posting here as although I have to glue these last bits on I worked too hard to miss out on being part of the party!
  5. Just to prove I'm still in with a chance of getting this done on time! Have to touch up the grey along the sides, tony bit of olive too, finish the red on the spinner. Landing gear is done. Need to do the second part of the canopy. Need to do the stripes. Varnish, decals, varnish. Then sit back and bathe in glory!
  6. Wife went and booked a last minute holiday - have tried to do some priming and other bits before the off but looks like I'll have a lot to do when I get back! See you all in a week and really enjoying the amazing work everyones doing on this kit.
  7. Definitely possible as I didn't stir at all....oops I'm going to test the matt on the trashed kit before using on this one until I get a better result. Kicking myself a little as before the varnish I was really pleased with it but I've re-painted the boxes and am painting the seat. Its just a case of if I should paint the floor again or not. Probably will... Oh well, got the wings together and painted the zinc cromate and aluminum on the wheel wells and got them nice and dirty last night (how having a dirty night in has changed as I've got older!)
  8. just discovered my phone camera takes better photos than my digital SLR... Excuse the blob on the floor - the result of the seat coming out. I also just snapped off the control stick. Genius. But I have a spare from the other kit that I trashed. So I just tried rubbing some of the glossiest areas with my finger and then a cotton bud. Seems to have partly worked although I'm sure there's probably a better way. Still I think I'm going to repaint the top surfaces of the radio boxes and I'm going to use the seat from my other kit. Tonight I'm on to wings!
  9. Hi all, So, after a bit of a break (it took a week for the new kit to arrive and the same amount of time for me to pick up all my toys I threw out of my pram after the photo etch incident!), I managed to get a full day of modelling in yesterday. 100% happy. Everything went really well. Until the varnish. The MATT varnish. Which is well..... not matt?! I've been searching around but I really dont like the finish. It looked superb after the dark wash and I already had my eyes on the prize, but the matt varnish has just gone on glossy. Everything was dry. Used light coats. So not sure why it happened but really want to find a fix. (Its not just slightly glossy - it comes with a warning not to look directly at for fear of permanent damage to your eyes!) First photo doesnt show it well although you can see the wet look of the cockpit floor and the instruments on the left hand side Here you can see the problem a bit more Thats not just a rubbish photo - that glare really is there. So the radio/battery boxes and the seat are the worse. I accidentally knocked the seat out so have easy access to it. Not sure if I should strip it down and re-do. Or if a bit of spirit would take some of the varnish off. Not sure if there's a product that could dull it up a bit (like a weathering pigment?). Please help!
  10. hammett98

    “RUN, RABBIT, ... RUN !”

    Hey Dennis - sorry to hear you had bad news and hope its nothing too serious. Keep on kicking bottom. Enjoying watching your build develop - looking forward to seeing more. Being new to all this, its the pictures you (and others) post that keeps me inspired and determined to keep doing my best. Especially on days like this when I literally called quits on my first kit and have had to order another!
  11. Thanks - think I probably took it on too early. I think I'd try again but only at 1/48. Cant even imagine 144! New kit ordered anyway and getting geared up for take 2!
  12. So I'm massively massively disappointed. I worked for literally ages on the PE seat belts last night and was forced to glue them down - as I said the "self adhesive" claim is just simply not true (also known as a massive lie). The bottom of the seat belt was bent up at a comical angle and despite applying pressure and all sorts it wouldn't bend back down. Then guess what happened this morning? Two of the belts fell off - so no PE in place and a nice glue mark on the seat. And you know what - it looked rubbish with the PE on anyway! The sidewalls literally look like stickers have been applied. As I said its comical. So, all the paint work that I did I actually like and think was looking pretty good. The green is dark but its interior green so its what I'm going with. Minus the PE it would look good. So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna mark this one up to experience and start again. I cant really rescue the base of the cockpit as I chopped off the side controls which is a shame as its looking good. I'll probably keep the instrument panel PE as I like that and lets face it, it will be super easy to remove. What I'll quite probably do is build the kit roughly and use it as a practice model for paints/techniques. I know I wasted a tenner on the PE and also a tenner on the kit but that's life I guess. Learnings from this 1) Eduard Zoom PE is not even slightly self adhesive 2) Tamiya Nato Green is NOT a color match for this kit 3) Don't chop off bits of your kit in preparation for PE unless your sure the PE will work in the first place! (probably only I didn't know that one!) If anyone wants to make me feel any better with suitable stories of modelling failures then it would be most welcome as I feel like right now!
  13. I can honestly say its killing me! I've moved on to some of the controls/levers and its feeling almost impossible. One of the pedals snapped, but that wasn't surprising as it needed bending and the join was next to nothing. I also really hate the green color. I've been pushing on although I might leave out some of the PE simply because it doesn't enhance the kit and its a lot of work with essentially no benefit. I think in hindsight I would have probably just used the radio/battery box and the instrument panel and seat belts but I already prepared all the surfaces so have no choice now. But hey, learning is part of the process so at least I know for next time! Oh yeah, the one massive lie with this PE kit? "Self adhesive"!!!