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  1. Thanks - think I probably took it on too early. I think I'd try again but only at 1/48. Cant even imagine 144! New kit ordered anyway and getting geared up for take 2!
  2. So I'm massively massively disappointed. I worked for literally ages on the PE seat belts last night and was forced to glue them down - as I said the "self adhesive" claim is just simply not true (also known as a massive lie). The bottom of the seat belt was bent up at a comical angle and despite applying pressure and all sorts it wouldn't bend back down. Then guess what happened this morning? Two of the belts fell off - so no PE in place and a nice glue mark on the seat. And you know what - it looked rubbish with the PE on anyway! The sidewalls literally look like stickers have been applied. As I said its comical. So, all the paint work that I did I actually like and think was looking pretty good. The green is dark but its interior green so its what I'm going with. Minus the PE it would look good. So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna mark this one up to experience and start again. I cant really rescue the base of the cockpit as I chopped off the side controls which is a shame as its looking good. I'll probably keep the instrument panel PE as I like that and lets face it, it will be super easy to remove. What I'll quite probably do is build the kit roughly and use it as a practice model for paints/techniques. I know I wasted a tenner on the PE and also a tenner on the kit but that's life I guess. Learnings from this 1) Eduard Zoom PE is not even slightly self adhesive 2) Tamiya Nato Green is NOT a color match for this kit 3) Don't chop off bits of your kit in preparation for PE unless your sure the PE will work in the first place! (probably only I didn't know that one!) If anyone wants to make me feel any better with suitable stories of modelling failures then it would be most welcome as I feel like right now!
  3. I can honestly say its killing me! I've moved on to some of the controls/levers and its feeling almost impossible. One of the pedals snapped, but that wasn't surprising as it needed bending and the join was next to nothing. I also really hate the green color. I've been pushing on although I might leave out some of the PE simply because it doesn't enhance the kit and its a lot of work with essentially no benefit. I think in hindsight I would have probably just used the radio/battery box and the instrument panel and seat belts but I already prepared all the surfaces so have no choice now. But hey, learning is part of the process so at least I know for next time! Oh yeah, the one massive lie with this PE kit? "Self adhesive"!!!
  4. So my paint arrived! And one of them was still the wrong one! I can categorically confirm without any doubt that XF-67 Nato Green is NOT a colour match for the Eduard PE set for this kit (despite the online resource that assured me it was!) Its not even close. Its actually less a match than what I have. So I've gone back to the vallejo interior green. I know it wont match but 1) I have it 2) I could spend a long time looking for a match, spend a fortune and still not get there. So firstly, the instrument panel is almost complete. Everything painted by hand with a brush that had a single hair. Oh, actually its just PE! (I feel its a little like cheating?! Except its a crazy job getting it in place. Plus "self adhesive" is a little stretching the truth by those guys!) Cockpit sidewalls got a coat of black and then a base coat of interior green. I've been playing with my airbrush to try and create depth - not sure if I succeeded but its only my first attempt. Probably a bit heavier one side than the other but when both sides of the fuselage are together its not noticeable. Excuse the rough looking area which will be filled by PE. Finally just the seat and cockpit assembly ready for a bit of brush painting which hopefully I will do tomorrow. also please forgive my really awful photos - having a real tough time getting them lit to actually show the detail.
  5. Hi Mark, Would you share your technique for producing the cockpit floor? Ive seen it done at 1/48 scale with oil paint and then hairspray between layers. Also seen it with vallejo chipping compound but yours looks spot on. Also at 1/72 to get wood grain looks really impressive. Many Thanks Simon
  6. So, the patience thing lasted a few hours... Decided that I would try and assemble some of the larger PE bits that needed to go together (I guess sort of sub assemblies) Firstly, this is all new for me and frustratingly there seems very few pictures or details online from other people that have used this PE kit. So I thought I would show the parts being assembled in stages as reference for any one else who takes this task on. I literally managed 2 sections before my eyes have gone blurry! The pictures are crazy as I had to take them through a 5x loupe that I use for coin collecting. The first shows the two instrument panel sections together - essentially the main section with the dials and then the top section with the cutouts for those dials. Positioning this was an experience! The second is I believe a trim wheel on one of the control panels. As I say I wanted to do more but my eyes wont let me! Those 2 smaller trim wheels that are part 23 and go on the 2 circles on the right of Part 41are less than 1mm across I get the feeling you guys will all have finished and I'll still be working on the cockpit!
  7. Seems everyone has got off to a flying start (pun intended!). Meanwhile all I've managed to do is hack and slash my way through several bits in the cockpit in preparation for later PE. Easier than I thought for the most part although finding it a real challenge to sand the sidewalls due to the curve and not wanting to unintentionally damage the other details. A bit more to go but almost there. The one really annoying thing though is that I ordered some paint from ebay and it arrived this morning. Except its not what I ordered! Guess I'm going to have to give that "patience" thing another go!
  8. Wow that is looking really nice. Did you brush paint?
  9. I'm not sure if you ever have one of "those" moments - normally happens to me about this time of night (almost midnight) So I'm just researching some colors, looking at wheels and weathering techniques. Planning my build. Want the canopy open to show off the PE. Check. Wheels up as I think mustangs look awesome in flight. Check. Not painting the pilot cos I don't have the paints and definitely don't have the skill. Check. Simon, you're a genius. Oh wait....
  10. hammett98

    6 Different Mustangs

    Hi there, 6 kits when I can barely manage 1...... I bought the Eduard SS451 set for my version, although as you say the detail is actually really good and Airfix have done a good job. Compared to my P-40 which has an almost bare cockpit I was a bit regretful getting the P-51 PE however bought it at the same time as the kit before seeing it. Never used PE before so this is a first for me but the PE looks good. My only concern is that as its painted I'm going to struggle to match the interior green. I think the full PE kit is 73 451 but was like £18 or so. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your builds
  11. hammett98

    “RUN, RABBIT, ... RUN !”

    Ahhhhh.... I'm calling a definite unfair advantage here!
  12. Yeah you are right - the kits world sheet does show 691 without the fin strake, It also shows only 6 kill markings which would be correct for when Weaver started flying this one. Interestingly the decals have the option for the full 8 kill markings (not shown on the instructions) and that ties up with this photo which also shows the fin strake. I think some of the guys did some great research on that other thread and the suggestion is the fillet was added sometime between June and September 1944. Looking forward to seeing your NMF version - hopefully will give it a try myself one day.
  13. hammett98

    Greetings from Alberta, Canada, , Britmodeller!

    Thats right I remember that one! Downstairs near the entrance to Galaxyland. Got a beautiful DeLorean model from them
  14. hammett98

    “RUN, RABBIT, ... RUN !”

    Really looking forward to this one