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Max Komendantov

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  1. Max Komendantov

    Pe-8 "Orange Cow" 1\72 Amodel

    Work on the project ANT-42 (Pe-8) began on September 29, 1934. It is unlikely that the Pe-8 developers saw the technical documentation on the B-17. Thanks for the comments and a very interesting discussion!
  2. Pe-8 Polar Aviation - aircraft support polar stations "North Pole-3" and "North Pole-4". Used to deliver aviation fuel.
  3. Max Komendantov

    Pe-8LL 1\72 Zvezda

    Thank! The aircraft was used as a flying laboratory for testing high-altitude characteristics of an ASH-82FN engine.
  4. Max Komendantov

    Pe-8LL 1\72 Zvezda

    Art, however, like a hobby, - requires sacrifice Как то так...
  5. Max Komendantov

    Pe-8LL 1\72 Zvezda

    Thank. I build about 20-25 models per year.
  6. Max Komendantov

    Pe-8LL 1\72 Zvezda

    Flying laboratory, converted from a Pe-8 heavy bomber.
  7. Matchbox and Italeri - 1\72, models built a few years ago.
  8. Great job! I want myself such a model! Very like. Восхитительно!
  9. Max Komendantov

    B-25J 1\72 Hasegawa

    Former USSR Air Force bomber, re-equipped for flights in the northern regions.
  10. Max Komendantov

    Tupolev R-3 AirKits 1\72

    https://propjet.ucoz.ru/forum/14-165-1 Contact the user by the name of KAJUK
  11. Soviet long-range bomber design V. Yermolaev, who took as a basis the work of R.L. Bartini.
  12. Soviet transport aircraft, altered from the R-6 bomber. This the aircraft with the number H-28 was used in the Polar aviation, crashed near the Yenisei River, in August 1936.
  13. Transport aircraft providing. Used in the Polar aviation from 1945 to 1948.
  14. Postwar Fieseler Fi 156 Storch, who served in the Moscow Aviation Department of the Polar Aviation Administration.