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  1. Any photos of Curtiss Wright CW-22 when used by BVAF 1941-42? All i found was a photo of all silver plane later in use with USAAF as a hack in India.
  2. Build it. BTW AIMS produces resin conversion with decals (3 options) for Do-217N2/R22 with deeper fuselage piece, nose, behind cockpit turret replacement piece and instrument panel. Unfortunatly no parachute tail is included (all 3 of decal options) Extratech produced (probably now by Brengun label) detail set for N and a general detail set (flaps, U/C doors).
  3. As said work in progress. I numbered sources and added them into the text. I also added markings & camouflage part at the end. I asked a colegue who speaks Hungarian to translate tactical technical info on the instruction. i will post them when i get them
  4. I have a question/request about RENAULT R-35 supension comparison of RPM and First to Fight in 1/72. I have a number of RPM kits (8) in stash as result of preorder before their suspension problems became known. Now there is an aftermarket suspension for FtF kit available but i don't know if it will fit RPM kits. Does anyone have both RPM and FtF kits and could do quick test for me by dryfiting FtF suspension to RPM and report results? Aftermarket suspension for FtF (some other interesting stuff here): https://syndikateco.wixsite.com/my-site-1/product-pag
  5. Another bit of info this Polish company produces flexible plastic mottle masks: https://syndikateco.wixsite.com/my-site-1
  6. If you are interested, i compiled a short history of Ca.135bis U use in Hungarian service any additional info or correction for improving the article appreciated.
  7. OK here it goes. Compilation of various sources (at the bottom) liberal use of google translate etc. As said this is work in progress and i'm still unshure about couple of details. Help with further details, problems and corrections would be apreciated. If you use it please credit me and the sources. Links with pics and drawings from Parts catalogue are at the bottom. Caproni Ca.135bis U in Hungarian service compiled by Marko Tisovic Agreement between Caproni and Kingdom of Hungary for export of 32 Ca.135 aircraft was signed on 19th of June 19
  8. UMMM No. I got my on model show at Hungarian Mosonmagyaróvár (Moson model show 2019) from a guy selling his stash. I tried but couldn't find their page. They have a lot of interesting stuff (1/48 Ju-86K-2 etc) Here is Scalemates on it: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/planes-resin-caproni-ca-135bis-u--1317820
  9. I'm in need of some hungarian air force expert help here. I have a couple of question RE hungarian Air force second deployment to the eastern front (june-november 1942). I was doing some research on use of Caproni Ca.135bis U by Hungarians on the eastern front and trying to expand my knowledge on the topic a bit. Might just post my attempt here when i make sense of the mess. I'm trying to deciphre info on use of this rather obscure aircraft. Problem: I have a bit of conflicting information regarding Hunagarian air force organisation during fighting in the SSSR in 1942.
  10. Considering they did new mould for Vulcan we can still hope. I would be a customer for new Hampden, Manchester and early bubble canopied Canberra. And while ae are at wishlists an early sharkfinned B-17C/D would also be nice. I know about Planet Models Manchester problems and i'm trying to gather the courage to start it. I was pondering that and i even started to consider an option of sacrificing one Lanc to the Gods of scale modelling BTW RE Canberra, i will need to get a few belts for my belt sander for HPM Canberra
  11. Just found this. Looks like light colors on wheel spats and their struts Source http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Arts/Art9794.htm
  12. Seems that Blackbird now carries it in their own catalogue. I would be tempted if not already having Planet model (CMK) kit in my stash. Hope they will reissue their Do-24K conversion
  13. Looking at the photos it is interesting how many variations of camo there is on hungarian Ca.135's. From bigger more spaced larger blotches to really dense small blotches where light base color almost doesn't show and some camos that seem the base is green and blotches are with yellow and brown. Camouflaged prop is interesting detail which i haven't noticed before (too focused on the plane colors). It seems that Caproni was producing planes in hope RA will take them on but they didn't. So i will basicly presume Italian camo with yellow base and green and brown blotches (full s
  14. Another great photo library: http://www.avia-info.hu/talalat.php?Ujtipus=356
  15. Thank you. After hours of surfing a site of which language i don't know: 3 color scheme???
  16. I'm familiar with these. Color profile on PlanesResin 1/72 kit (ex Cunarmodel) gives option 2 of lt.green-dk.green. BTW Italian scheme seems 3 color (yellow, green and brown) which brings 3rd option into equasion as this type was not in use in Italian use. I'm kind of weary of older books even from countries that used the planes as i got burned by older russian books or decal sets (Travers) that gave profiles in colours that we now know were false (example of brown on early war 2 tone camos).
  17. I have a question in regard of hungarian Caproni Ca.135 camo in early war years (arrow insignia period). Capronis and reggianes seem to have had original italian camouflage. While interpreting Reggiane camo seems no problem as they were also built for RA (and there is multitude of photos around), Capronis were built for export only (Peru, Spain and Hungary) and are more tricky IMHO. At least to me it seems that there is a bit of a problem interpreting the colors. From what i gather most profiles and recolored photos interpret the camo as one of the following 1. sand yellow (Gia
  18. Can anyone identify this vehicle and /or Shermann III? Need help with markings. I managed to get (thanks Hannants) Echelon Fine Decals set D726018 for "Scamell Pioneer and Sherman" in anticipation of IBG Scammel TRMU in one true scale. They themselves wrote on their micro instructions which are size of a postage stamp: "The most incomplete marking set for the Sherman & Scamemell aficionados... Oh what a heck, eh?" https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/D726018?result-token=hozYi OK this is obviously R100 artillery tractor and not TRMU (curved corner abov
  19. What airfield vehicles were used by Hungarian air force on Eastern front? Refullers, cranes, tractors, bomb cars/carts, staff cars Google obviously doesn't like me. I'm thinking of making dioramas in 1/72 with Reggiane 2000, Cr.42, He-70K, Ju-86, Ca.135 in early war (arrow insignia) period.
  20. Thanks Jure. It helps
  21. Corrected now. I just watched it and saw the same with possible strike mission markings on the LH side of the nose (one can only see white "D" on the nose and not s/n) and small wings with "A" for A flight below the nose guncamera which looks like small teeth from the distance or on bad quality photo.
  22. Interesting documentary about strikes on Idrija (Slovenia) by 16Sqn SAAF:
  23. Sweet. Up until now i got: A - NV430 A white, 08.02 1945 hit by light FLAK during attack on rail transport at Šmarje (Slo), AC ditched pilot Cpt Weddell, navigator Lt De Jager D - KV115 D white, name PAMELAMAX on the nose G - LZ487 K - LZ336 K white, name on the nose ????? W - LZ375 21.08.1944 colided with building of power station Zadvarje (Cro) pilot Lt. Russell KIA, navigator Lt. Stansbury KIA Z - NV139 Z red spinners red http://saafww2pilots.yolasite.com/rusty-russell.php
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