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  1. Absolutely bang on, I saw the half-track build and loved it. It was indeed those little details like the luger for example that made it special for me.
  2. Thanks! I see where you're coming from and I agree that from an artistic point of view, the freedom of not having any images is an advantage. For me though, the research part is really fun and makes the model I'm building so much more interesting, knowing what it might have gone through, where it was etc... I guess I like these limitations I impose on my projects in a sense. Glad you enjoyed hearing of the research, even if it's not so much your thing!
  3. Hey Gorby, I totally agree with you on that one. Should be a pretty quick build, Getting started on it in a week or so when I'm home from holidays. Glad to hear you're interested
  4. That’s good to know! Thanks, I’ll give it a go next time.
  5. Hello there, Next in line to be built is the Hanomag SS-100 from Tamiya in 48th scale which is destined for an italian airfield diorama (more on that in the diorama section of the forum). I would say the SS-100 is a relatively little known cog in the German war machine. The Opel Blitz and the Kubelwagen are generally the first non-tank vehicles that come to mind. This said I have now spent about a week on and off doing research on this vehicle and I quite enjoyed discovering it. So much so that I'm really excited to start building this thing! (I know right? A tractor??) The first thing to do was to pick which decals to use. I like to try and be ultra accurate when it comes to which exact vehicle I'm going to depict so I went with the SS-100 license number "WL-593735" because it was the only one I could find an actual image of on the internet. After I found this image the investigation began. Where? When? First of all I tried to go by the clothing of the soldiers. Their hats are M43 model caps introduced to the Lufwaffe in September 1943 (Lufwaffe was already known to me thanks to the W-L in the licence plate). This gave me a minimum date to start with then the fact that it looks hot in the image (Sleeves rolled up) would point to the summer of 1944 or 1945. Their uniforms (correct me if I'm wrong) look to be German Luftwaffe Mediterranean Theater uniform (Luftlotte 2). I wanted to find units within Luftlotte 2 which might have used the SS-100. A flak-brigade seemed a good guess, It would have been towing the 88mm Flak canon. This and more research on Flak Units in Italy 1944 eventually led me to the conclusion that "WL-593735" might have been a part of: Schwere Flak-Abt. 485, Flak-Regiment 105, 3. Flak-Brigade, Luftlotte 2 Location: Bologna airfield, Northern Italy, September 1944 This will be a pretty OOB build + maybe I'm going to scratch-build an ammo carrier conversion to put on the back of the Hanomag. This would have been an addition made to Hanomags towing the 88mm guns like mine. Cheers and would love to hear what you think, Jack
  6. Thank you very much Hairtrigger, It's definitely a technique I'm going to attempt going forward. Cheers!
  7. Thank you Scimitar. I’m mostly into building armour models (ww2 especially but not opposed to the odd modern vehicle) and ww2 fighter planes. I build almost exclusively the new Tamiya kits for the moment, have enjoyed the few ones I’ve built so far.
  8. Hey Sairou, First of all I really appreciate you taking the time to critique it the way you did! I’m glad you found it was at least a decent first go at weathering. I will definitely try to use the oil dot filter at some point soon. Although there is something scary I find with the oil paints compared to the streaking grimes and the like ( from AK or AMMO). How would the results differ do you think? Concerning the wooden elements I totally agree with you, they kind of don’t blend in right. I’m definitely going to try and do things a bit differently next time. Thanks again for the help, Jack
  9. Hello all, Just signed up today and I’m looking forward to posting more and more of my stuff as I make it. Love seeing all your creations, it’s really inspiring for a newbie like me. Cheers and see you out there on the forums! Jack
  10. That’s a great model Chris, I bet you enjoyed weathering aaaaalll those grooves on the wings! Cheers
  11. Hello there! About to start a new project here and I thought I would share every step with you. I have the intention of building all the new Tamiya kits that come out and I finding a way to integrate them into a (hopefully) cool diorama. The first kit in line is the Tamiya 1/48 SS-100 German Heavy Tractor. The build of that kit will be available soon on the thread for military vehicles. I made the decision that this diorama would take place at the Bologna airfield in 1944 because it is possible that the particular SS-100 I'm going to build was stationed there along with the recon Me109's of NAGr.11. So I had a SS-100 from a Flak unit and an me 109, now how to integrate them into an appealing diorama. Well, here is what I came up with so far, tell me what you think of it. Pretty packed scene, have to see if it's too much in the end or not. I'd be glad to recieve any criticism from any of you and will post future updates here once the diorama gets going. In the meantime I'll be giving regular updates on the German Tractor build on the other thread. Kind regards, Jack
  12. That is one lovely model. Never seen a Hurri from the Irish air Corps before, but unusual is often what attracts the eye! (ît did mine anyway ) Cheers and thanks for sharing! Jack
  13. Hey guys, This is my first of hopefully many posts and builds on this forum. I'm relatively new to modelling having only two proper model kit builds to my name. This is my latest one - The 1/35 Panther D from Tamiya. I had never weathered a model before so this was a really fun build and I feel I learned a lot. You can probably tell I went pretty heavy on the rust and that (not very realistic for a Panther in Kursk I know...) I wanted to put it up here so you gents could take a look at it and maybe tell me what to improve for next models, I'm sure there is loads of things that could have been done better. But at the end of the day it's all a learning curve isn't it. By the way, please excuse the quality (rather lack of it) of the pictures, the next ones will be better. The last image is just a base I threw it on for a school project (didn't invest much time into I hated having to model for school purposes) My next project is a rather big one, diorama of Bologna airfield 1944, Italy. I won't give all the details here but If you're interested the first post will be up in the diorama section as well as one in the "other vehicles" section (first build is the 1/48 SS-100 from Tamiya) in the coming days. I'd appreciate it if you could help me out by telling me how it's going what I'm doing well, not so well etc... Kind regards, Jack
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