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  1. That looks great, I never knew this kit existed I was gonna ask if it's a new kit but it's the old Revell box. It looks great ans pretty big I saw these up close near Riga airport years ago big old beasts!
  2. Absolutely brilliant and easily the best scheme a Tornado was ever painted in.
  3. That's a great looking Harrier dirty just like they were on carrier operations. I use glue called Clearfix by humbrol it's specifically for clear parts I started using it a few years ago and haven't looked back it'll not fog up the clear parts like canopies and windows. I've never had an issue with it. You did a great job of fixing the issue as if not mentioned you'd never know you had to fix it.
  4. That's a great line up and great Tomcat. What's next? Mig 29 or SU-24 or more Tomcats?
  5. I came back for a second look and I've got to say the detail is outstanding resin has great detail but 3D printing takes it to the next level I imagine we'll see a lot more of it in the industry in the coming years. The packaging is first class as well I'd probably keep the box even after it's done. I am surprised by the size I assumed the Viggen would have been way bigger as my 32nd F-16 is slightly bigger than a 48th Flanker.
  6. Ah yes I've just realised the clue is in the title with the actual serial number of the aircraft lol.
  7. The tornado looked the best in the grey/green wrap around camo in my opinion looks great
  8. I read this is 3D printed and Resin I'm looking forward to seeing the contents and how good the detail is.
  9. I have to ask is this going to be an RN or RAF Phantom? I have to say I'd really like to do a project like this but if the set is going for as much as is mentioned above I've no chance lol.
  10. So I've been touching up areas as even though it's going to be crash landed I still prioritise a quality build as I don't like seam lines etc and try to fix as much as is possible before priming. Here I have a join which was like a trench so I filed it and used the melted plastic to fill.the gaps either side. Above is before and below is after. I will rescribe the detail that's been lost however I'm happy with how it's turned out here. The rescribed line will be much finer than what I had.Also last night I got started on the internal frame which will be under the canopy I'm thinking I might have to do something about the seatbelts if I do the crew crawling out of the aircraft as they're sitting perfectly neat. Progress is not too bad but I've a way yet. The majority of the aircraft is completed and I managed snap a gun barrel on the nose as well which was clever but I'm thinking there'll be replacements online somewhere like Hannants. So far so good I'm filling all the small gaps with the melted plastic as its so much better for sanding and instead of a brittle join you basically have the same material it's much better to work with.
  11. Thanks for the info there I think I've all I need for this one as the cockpit is finished however I'll post when I do the 111. I don't have the kit at this time so it'll be a while.yet. once I've this made I'll move the build to the dioramas section as that's what I'll be doing with this.
  12. Thanks very much I've already done the interior but it'll be handy for the 32nd HE-111 which will be my next Luftwaffe build I've seen a lot of 3D printed parts which look absolutely brilliant.
  13. Progress has been slow as I've been busy but got a bi t done here. I have the main body of the aircraft together now and have separated the control surfaces and drilled through to simulate damage. As you can see below the aircraft is massive and I'm going to have a struggle getting a base which will work for this. I need to get foam board I can sculpt in order to do the main crash site but I think with the amount of work left on this it'll be a while at least.
  14. Great looking model you've really nailed how to perfect a worn paint job this and your Phantom. What's next on your work bench?
  15. Trumpeter has a 1/24 Spitfire/109/Zero/Hurricane and Stuka if I'm remembering correctly but those would be from more than 10/15 years ago I've no idea about any issues with them but they're not new but a lot newer than the Airfix offering.
  16. For such an old and poor kit you made a great job of it. I wonder when we'll see a new tool 24th Spit? Nice finish on the gloss underside looks very good.
  17. I just realised my exceptional keyboard skills meant I didn't get the full description above. The photos just above the last Phantom photos are the Wessex cockpit. Thought it may be useful to someone out there along with the Buccaneer.
  18. I forgot I had these on here as well I've cockpit photos of the buccaneer, the wing mechanism of a Canberra PR9 and cockpit photos of a Wessex helicopter. I couldn't get any of the rear cockpit as I don't think I'm allowed to crawl onto the intakes. Here's the Canberra. Here's @Anthony in NZ think I missed these Phantom photos last time.
  19. Don't know how I missed this consider yourself another follower Anthony! Excellent work, I just hope HK Models follows through with a 32nd Royal Navy F-4.
  20. I forgot to mention the guide at the aviation society said that Airfix scanned their Buccaneer and Phantom for their 1/72 kits.
  21. Hahaha man well I was literally on my knees and crouching walking around under the Phantom getting photos. Quite brilliant to be able to be so up close with the beast it's still being worked on extensively as you can see in the photos as there's still lots of parts removed etc but it'll look great once finished. The guy today was telling me he had a hard time convincing an ex-RAF painter that the Royal Navy colours were better lol. Clearly a lot of work left I think the rear cockpit will have an ejection seat and both cockpits will be restored to normal. The front landing gear actually extends as it was designed to for launch from British carriers when they were operational I asked but the guy working on the Phantom left am hour before so maybe next time I'll get that. I didn't have time to reply properly earlier so apologies but I assume you're building a British Phantom? I hope HK Models actually release the British Phantom in 32nd scale as I've seen online.
  22. No worries man glad you like them. I noticed the artificial horizon is a bit off balance lol. They're getting the GR4 in late September.
  23. @Anthony in NZ I was there today and asked if I could get a few photos of the cockpit and landing gear so here goes I hope you like them. They're still working on the cockpit as you can see and I couldn't quite get any further into the cockpit but the tour guide told me feel free to take photos of the wheel wells so I took a few. these are the main landing gear. I hope these are useful to some of you guys I thought I might as well add them to this post as its already got a few replies.
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