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  1. Good question indeed Devilfish
  2. Like Corsairfoxfouruncle said, an F-14 equipped with a rotodome would be hard to handle to say the least. And what about the weight? A regular F-14 couldn't land on a carrier with 6 AIM-54, I can't imagine how could land in this configuration.
  3. The other day I stumble upon this picture of what it seems to be a proposal for a F-14 Tomcat as AWACS. It never got beyond being a scale model and it was known as XEF-142. Looks like this was going to be an AWACS with a considerable strike capability, judging by the two MERs carrying dumb bombs. If anyone has a spare E-2 Rotodome and an F-14 it could be a cool "kitbash" project.
  4. Thank you for sharing @EagleAviation!
  5. Hi this is my pic of N171AC operated by Erickson as firefighter. "Annie" started as a CH-54B "Tarhe" (s/n 64-090) in the US Army. When it was acquired by Eriksson it was redesigned as S-64F. I took this picture in the last FIDAE Air Show held last April in Santiago de Chile, Chile.
  6. Great pics Evalman, thank you for sharing!
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