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  1. NoBarrelRolls

    F-14 Tomcat as AWACS

    Good question indeed Devilfish
  2. NoBarrelRolls

    F-14 Tomcat as AWACS

    Like Corsairfoxfouruncle said, an F-14 equipped with a rotodome would be hard to handle to say the least. And what about the weight? A regular F-14 couldn't land on a carrier with 6 AIM-54, I can't imagine how could land in this configuration.
  3. NoBarrelRolls

    F-14 Tomcat as AWACS

    The other day I stumble upon this picture of what it seems to be a proposal for a F-14 Tomcat as AWACS. It never got beyond being a scale model and it was known as XEF-142. Looks like this was going to be an AWACS with a considerable strike capability, judging by the two MERs carrying dumb bombs. If anyone has a spare E-2 Rotodome and an F-14 it could be a cool "kitbash" project.
  4. NoBarrelRolls

    Tornado 1:1 control stick

    Thank you for sharing @EagleAviation!
  5. NoBarrelRolls

    CH-54B in FIDAE 2018

    Hi this is my pic of N171AC operated by Erickson as firefighter. "Annie" started as a CH-54B "Tarhe" (s/n 64-090) in the US Army. When it was acquired by Eriksson it was redesigned as S-64F. I took this picture in the last FIDAE Air Show held last April in Santiago de Chile, Chile.
  6. NoBarrelRolls

    Summer in Cornwall

    Great pics Evalman, thank you for sharing!
  7. NoBarrelRolls

    Greetings from Argentina

    Deleted - Link